Education to a Cuckold 2

Education to a Cuckold: How Can a Woman Raise Her Life Partner to Be a Cuckold?




Guide to Raising Your Husband to Be a Cuckold

If you are a woman and you are reading this right now, you will have already dealt with the issue of “sex with strangers” or “cuckolding”. Most men naturally react with jealousy, suspicion and lack of understanding when a woman expresses such desires or fantasies. They do not accept a competitor!


Education to a Cuckold
Education to a Cuckold

Sex with strangers is one of the most popular sexual fantasies among women. Many ladies wonder how they can persuade their man to open up to this topic, at least in their fantasies. Since men are drive-driven, it is not sooo difficult for women to “educate” the man in their minds to become a cuckold.

How a woman can educate her life partner to a cuckold, you will learn in this guide. We give you tips and tricks to implement your plan. Do you have experiences and opinions on the topic of male education? Please take some time and write us via the comment field below this post.

Sex With Strangers Ghosts Around in Almost Every Head

All cuckold couples go through the first step: one of the two has to take the first step and say “it”. The topic of “sex with strangers” must first be carefully explored in a kind of salami tactic.…


Very common gangbang fantasy with Hotwife and 2 Bulls

You can assume that your man has depraved fantasies that he has never told you before. In all likelihood, they are also gangbang fantasies.

Especially when it comes to a cock massage, men are very talkative. Over the next few weeks, first find out what makes him horny.

Tell your man just before one of his orgasms that you have also already thought about swinger clubs. Then let him cum directly. In the following days, try to carefully turn the conversation more and more in the direction of “partner swapping”. Motivate him to talk more, but always delay his orgasm a bit.

If you have managed to arouse his interest in having sex together outside of marriage, you can create a common fantasy world for yourselves. In this fantasy world, you can cuckold your husband through fantasy alone, without ever having sex with another man. It can be almost as erotic for both of you as it is afterwards in realization.


Education to a Cuckold
Education to a Cuckold


Step 1: Inform Yourself and Learn a Lot About Cuckolding

If your man responds positively to partner swapping, you should first understand the psychological reasons and the role of the penis in cuckolding.

Find out what makes men want to become a cuckold in our other guide texts. Listen to what excites you so much about this topic. Educate yourself and research this topic on Google and read some books about cuckolding or hotwife topics.

Hotwife: Masturbation and learning while watching porn

There are many books on Amazon, you can find eBooks on the internet, and there are even audio books. Watch porn movies and porn photos. Learn, masturbate and watch what makes you horny.

Have a discussion with your husband about male competition. Educate him about women’s biological desire to mate with multiple partners. Tell him that the desire to have sex with strange men is a completely natural process and draw parallels with the animal world.

Claim that most women have dirty sex in fantasy and they secretly masturbate or even cheat because of it.

But blame the sexual desire on the pussies! Surely you can’t help it that your pussy has such dirty thoughts, right? These conversations are a huge kick for your future cuckold.

At first you will be surprised how fast your man will respond to your fantasies. He will be ready to “share” you in fantasy with strangers after only a few weeks. At first you should allow him to have sex with women.

When you create this fantasy world, you can bring in anything you like. The key is to bring in as many components as possible as often as possible, so that your cuckold will feel more and more desire to fulfill your fantasies.


Stage 2: Gently Turn Your Husband Into a Cuckold Through “Rules”

Once you’ve managed to sow the first partner-swapping fantasies in your heads, you should swiftly make sure that your husband knows that you cuckold him. Otherwise he will slip too much into swinger or wifesharing fantasies!

Emphasize that your sexual relationship will change and that you will not tolerate certain behaviors of your husband from now on. You should define rules for this. Write them down and tell your man that he has to follow them from now on. Optimal rules for prospective cuckolds are:

  • From now on, masturbate together more often.
  • You or your consent are the only ones to cum. For example, during sex, blowjob, or penis massage with oil.
  • You impose a strict ban on jerking off for 3 or 4 days
  • Porn is watched together from now on.
  • The content of the porn will often include cuckold, wifesharing and BBC movies.
  • You buy vibrators and dildos with which he must satisfy you to orgasm.
  • Sperm will always be rubbed on your skin and left to dry from now on.
  • Kleenex, tissues and toilet paper are forbidden from now on!
  • From now on both sleep without panties and underpants.
  • From now on you will be trained to ruin the male orgasm.
  • He has to lick your pussy more often when you attack it!
  • He must practice licking you to orgasm.


Slowly get husband accustomed to creampies


Your husband will enthusiastically promise you the “blue of heaven”.

Don’t go too far at the beginning by threatening him with punishment. Rather deprive him more and more often the orgasm.

Teach him more and more that he has to work for orgasms and that your new main goal is to ruin orgasms.

No longer accept that drops of desire, precum, and sperm are disposed of in trash cans or toilets after ejaculation, but celebrate the creampie with tender stroking and first, discreet sperm games on your skin.

The submissive-dominant alternation on your part will create an extremely interesting dynamic. Make sure that he feels more and more sexually submissive.

Completely automatically you will increasingly be the more sexually dominant partner in your relationship. But don’t be afraid: you will not lose your beloved partner mentally.

As soon as you manage to cuckold him several times, he will focus more on the relationship and become extremely aware of your needs.



Stage 3: Train Your Rules & Sanction Violations

Now it’s time to tighten the reins! The rules you created will be tightened and from now on punished with the “sugar loaf and whip” principle. This does not mean that you should bully him around. Cuckolds are not wimps or losers! Tighten your rules for example like this:

  • You decide from now on if, when and where to ejaculate.
  • Secret ejaculation is strictly forbidden from now on!
  • Cum bans are imposed for 5, 7 or 14 days.
  • Creampies are always licked clean after sex!
  • Porn increasingly includes lots of cock, bisex and creampie licking clean.
  • He must endure nipple torture as punishment. (Wax, clamps, weights)
  • Penis bondage is practiced more often.
  • BDSM is practiced more often.
  • Orgasm is always ruined 1 — 2 times before from now on.
  • Pussy is now thoroughly licked out and licked off very often.
  • Used sex toys are now always licked clean.
  • Prostate games are announced.

Sex will be frequent and alternating again even after many years of marriage. Your sexual horizons will now rapidly expand. You will also have to masturbate more and more often now.

Cuckolding your husband can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done!

He will satisfy every sexual desire you have and be happy to do anything you want in or out of the bedroom.

And of course, despite punishments, he will love you unconditionally. These praise and punishment measures will provide an incredible jolt in your sexuality

Orgasm ruining as an educational measure

Education to a Cuckold

Education to a Cuckold

Stage 4: Your Cuckold Has Accepted His Role

Nothing will excite your cuckold more than simply hearing you call him a cuckold. It may seem strange, but it’s intoxicating for him to hear you say it, showing your acceptance of his reality.

The more you call him “my horny cuckold”, “cucki”, “lick slave” or “pleasure slave”, the better. And it doesn’t just have to be in the bedroom. Hearing you refer to him as a cuckold in a normal everyday conversation will thrill him to no end.

He will realize that ruined orgasms are more to aim for, and real orgasms are to be saved. He will have a greatly increased libido due to your orgasm control.

Due to the permanent training to clean up the pussy after insemination, he loves to lick your creampie clean. First fantasies for foreign sperm arise and also the readiness for prostate orgasms opens up.

Stage 5: Hotwife / Cuckold Dressing Room

Cuckold couple enjoy their BBC together
Cuckold couple enjoy their BBC together

Your cuckold will see you as a hotwife or cuckoldress by now. You turn him on super, so live this role. Go on a shopping spree and buy yourself some new sexy clothes and lingerie. Or even better, take your cuckold with you and let him buy the stuff for you!

Dress provocatively and sexy wherever you can. Not only during the day, but also at night. Throw away the sweatpants and sweatshirts and start wearing sexy nightwear or lingerie at night. To turn your fantasies of fucking strange men into reality, you should build up some stamina. You can go to the gym or do sports at home.

Remember, you want to send a signal to your husband that you have changed. Once you start looking like a hotwife, you will become one. And when you do, not only your husband will notice, but other men will too. And the result will be that your sexual confidence will increase.

Step 6: The Anklet

Do you really want to give your cuckold the rest? Buy and wear an anklet. What it is For the initiated, an anklet on the right ankle has become the universal sign of the hotwife. It can also mean that the woman is in a cuckold relationship.

There are a variety of pendants. They are called Hotwife Anklets, BBC Anklets, Queen Of Spade Anklets or Hotwife Charms.

It shows availability for sex with other men and encourages these men to approach her even when she is with her husband.

You can wear an anklet when you go out with your girlfriends. Because not every woman who wears an anklet is aware of its significance, you can also tell anyone who asks that it is just jewelry.

But your husband, knowing the meaning, will probably start masturbating after you leave the house for an evening with your girlfriends!

Stage 7: Constant Sext-Ing and Triggering With Dildos, Photos and Porn

Cuckolds love to be teased and sexually triggered, especially through text messages. Be creative and send text messages about how wet you are, or that you are just thinking about a cute guy, or a gangbang with BBC bulls.

Whether you’re out with your girlfriends or he’s away on business, the imagination of his hotwife is extremely fueled by short, sexy text messages. Just be creative. It means agony and ecstasy in one for the cuckold.

A photo of your wet pussy or soaked panties will drive your husband crazy!

His Small Penis

All men put their penis in the center of attention. If your cuckold has a small or average sized penis, you may still be satisfied. You might even get satisfied by his “little one” — But you should keep this little secret to yourself.

Hotwife orgasm by big BBC cock
Hotwife orgasm by big BBC cock

A hot button is for a cuck when you start reminding him that he has a small penis.

If you haven’t said such things in the past, it will probably make him intensely aware that you now accept that you need bigger penises. This uncertainty is a great aphrodisiac for a cuckold.

No offense intended, but you could even kindly explain to your man that he can’t keep up with “real men” down there, but that it’s not bad and won’t change your love and affection for him.

At the same time, whenever you see a big dick in videos, magazines or on the internet — don’t be shy to tell your cuckold. If he hears you say something like “Oh my God, that dick is huge”, “Look honey, his dick is so much bigger than yours”, that’s music to your cuckold’s ears. If you don’t believe it, check out his stiff cock. Hard dicks don’t lie.

The Dildo Competitor

All the above written will excite your husband a lot. But to take it to the next level, he needs (and wants) competition. If you’re not ready to take that next step — at least not yet — consider an imaginary friend.

Hotwifes love thick dildos
Hotwifes love thick dildos

In the cuckold world, the boyfriend is often referred to as a bull. You invent/create an imaginary boyfriend by buying a good dildo.

It should be significantly larger than your husband’s penis and preferably brown or black. Realistic looking dildos are perfect because they represent a competitor for your cuckold.

Your Favorite Dildo: Lover or Friend?

You should call your new toy a “lover” or a “friend”, or better yet you should give it a name. Call it “Nico” or whatever you like.

Compare your boyfriend’s dick to your husband’s. It’s one thing when HE does it, but it has a completely different effect when YOU do it. Don’t rush yourself in the process, “play” with your boyfriend.

Let your cuckold watch you hold and work your boyfriend’s cock. Rub it between your breasts. Give him a long, slow blowjob. The image of your lips or hand around another cock, with the wedding ring visible, is a very powerful image.

Thick dildos also fit easily inside any woman and stimulate areas where the normal penis can’t reach.When you decide it’s time to be fucked by your boyfriend, take your time and enjoy a hard dildo fuck in front of him. Make long, slow and deep thrusts at the beginning.Your cuckold will love watching the show. If he usually comes quickly, it will turn him on to watch you for a longer time. If you are capable of it, then climax or have multiple climaxes. A vibrator on the clitoris is very helpful to come to orgasm. This will give the kick in it. Just satisfy yourself and have fun.Surprise your cuckold in the evening spontaneously and often get your boyfriend out from under the pillow and say something like: “Honey, I really need Nico’s cock now! You don’t mind, do you?” When you’re done, make sure to describe the experience with glee. “The feeling of being taken so deep is incredible,” or “Oh my God, he’s reaching places in me that you’re just not capable of reaching and it feels amazing.”

Incredibly violent orgasms are guaranteed with XXL dildos

After your boyfriend has satisfied you and you would still like to have sex with your cuckold, challenge him. “I really want your sweet penis now, but can you keep up with Nico’s big cock?”

Be prepared for him to fuck you with an intensity and ecstasy you’ve rarely experienced. Just be creative, play with his mind and you’ll make him endlessly horny and float him to cuckold heaven.

Another playful story is possibly sending your cuckold a text that says something like, “I’m thinking about Nico and I’m so wet” or if he’s on a business trip, send him a text message that says something like, “I forgot how big Nico was”.

This implies that you just got spoiled by your stud boyfriend. Your cuckold will probably cum on himself!

Have Cuckold Pictures Collected on the Internet

An extremely effective way to condition your man’s brain is to look at porn photos. This does not mean porn videos. Erotic pictures, small animations or collages (called captions) stimulate the imagination enormously. Your man will inevitably engage with the “snapshot” of the photo.

Every now and then give your partner the task to collect e.g. 30 very horny cuckold photos or big black cock images and show them to you. Let him also collect pegging, orgasm ruin, cumfood, creampie, and creampie cleanup photos to keep him busy with pussy cleanup after sex and oral cum contact.

Praise him for the great photos and masturbate in front of them in his presence!!! You can thus control his sexual development noticeably and highly effectively.


After a few months you have done it! Your man will develop fantasies to share you with strange men! And more and more you will feel the desire to let your fantasies become “deeds”. When it is so far, your gut feeling will tell you.

Stay on the ball and don’t let up to trigger him permanently with porn, sex photos, dirty talks, pussy juice and cum. Practice ruining his orgasm with him and teach him to swallow his own cum. Live and love the fantasies!

Conclusion: Create a Shared Cuckold Fantasy World

In reality, cuckolding is not for every man, but an incredible number of men get excited about the fantasy of making their wives available to other men for sex.

Cuckold watches his happy wife fucking her bull.
Happy wife, happy life! Cuckold watches his completely happy wife fucking her bull.

To “educate” a classic husband to become a cuckold requires good communication, a strong relationship, a certain dominance.

But especially the willingness to throw overboard the previous boring routine vanilla sex life and replace it with a much more erotic, intense and exciting relationship.

There are many couples who live out their cuckold thoughts only in fantasy. Creating a fantasy world is a safe middle ground that allows the couple — to live this lifestyle without complicating their everyday life.

If you want to take it a step further together, get inspired in our Cuckold Guide.

Education to a Cuckold
Education to a Cuckold