I read this one cuckold story, which wasn’t that bad. The husband seemed to be okay as his life slowly changed and he was becoming a cuckold husband. But the author changed the wife once she got from her husband what she wanted; approval to fuck other men. The author, of course, had them living happily ever after. But while it was never the wife’s intent to control, humiliate, and verbally abuse her husband, I saw it coming in his future.

After reading the author’s story, I asked for approval to write a version from the husband’s point of view. I didn’t get a response. So, I just wrote my own story and did not steal any ideas or character names. I did like the writing style, which I used for mine.

I’d like to thank Folding for editing my story and adding his comments.


“I looked to Mark for his approval, and he never said no, he never said stop, and he never gave me any indication that he was unhappy. Mark was enjoying himself like I was. We were both so happy and Mark was going to be my cuckold husband. All I could think about was fucking Trey.”


They both had fun during their Freshman and Sophomore years of college. They experimented and tried new things. But by their Junior year, Kelly and Mark had met, started dating, and became exclusive.

Mark was a little shy, he had been with other girls and was not a virgin by any means, but he wasn’t into anything wild or kinky. He had no interest in threesomes, even if the opportunity had never arisen.



Kelly, well, Kelly was a little on the wild side and tried many things in college. Straight sex, yes. Lesbian sex, yes. Threesome, yes, of those she had a few. She enjoyed exploring her sexuality. Maybe that was what was missing in her life.

Mark and Kelly never discussed their sex life and what they did before they started dating. Mark had no interest in any details. But Kelly would have liked to have shared her experiences if Mark had said yes.

Family and friends were envious of Mark and Kelly’s relationship. They did think that Mark may give in a little too often and without putting up much of a fight, but to the outsider looking in, their marriage was perfect.

If they had disagreements, which was rare, Mark would always be the one to concede. So, life was good between Kelly and Mark, or was it?

Kelly and Mark had been happily married for five years, but suddenly something was different. Kelly didn’t seem happy any longer, she constantly looked depressed.

It all began four months ago. “Kelly, are you okay? You look so unhappy,” Mark asked.

“No, I’m fine, Mark; maybe just a little tired.” Mark took the back of his hand and placed it on Kelly’s forehead to see if she had a fever. Then he placed his lips against her forehead and gently kissed her. “You don’t feel warm,” he said.

But Kelly’s depression, for lack of a better word, continued. Kelly felt that something was missing in her life, she just didn’t know what. ‘What’s wrong with me? I’m married to a great man, and I love him with all my heart. I have a great family and friends and enjoy my job. So why am I unhappy?’

Kelly went to see her doctor, but they found nothing wrong, and her doctor was hesitant to prescribe an antidepressant medication.

“Kelly, would you like to go out to dinner or the club tonight? It may cheer you up,” Mark suggested.

“Yes, I think that might be a good idea,” Kelly responded.



Kelly wore a nice skirt that Mark loved to see her in. She didn’t show too much cleavage, those partying, pick-up-a-guy days were long past gone. Mark wore jeans and a golf shirt that showed his broad chest and muscles that Kelly loved to hold onto.

As the evening progressed, Kelly noticed that guys were checking her out, even with her husband the big man that he was, standing by her side. She looked at Mark, knowing that he must see this too, but he said nothing to them. This is something new, Kelly thought. ‘Does Mark like to see guys looking at me?’

That evening Kelly and Mark enjoyed sex like never before. Mark asks, “What was that? You were like an animal Kelly.”

“Mark don’t kid yourself. You fucked me harder than ever before.”

Kelly and Mark went out the next Saturday night, and it was the same. A few guys would flirt with Kelly and buy her a drink or two.

“Thank you for the drink, but I have to get back to my husband,” Kelly would say.

Once back at their house, Mark and Kelly would have mind-blowing sex. ‘I don’t like that those guys keep hitting on Kelly or that Kelly flirts back, but she seems much happier. So, she flirts a little. Maybe I can deal with that. She comes home with me, not them, and the sex has been incredible,’ Mark thought to himself.

Kelly is not naive. She heard of alternative lifestyles. She just never thought it would be something Mark would be into. She searched on her computer one evening for alternative lifestyles. ‘What would Mark be into?’ Kelly thought to herself as she did a Google Search: My husband likes to watch me flirt with other men.

Google’s return was, Swinging, Hotwife, and Cuckold.

Kelly continued her search to understand more about a hotwife and if that could be what Mark was into. It says, “A hotwife is a term used widely in the non-monogamous community and pertains to a specific type of sexual behavior. Hotwife is a term that is used in swinger communities to refer to a wife, or girlfriend, who is allowed to have intimate relationships with others.”

‘I don’t know, is Mark really into that?’ Kelly read on, “In a traditional hotwife scenario, the wife is encouraged by her husband to go out and sleep with other men. Often, this relationship can also open the door to cuckolding. Some husbands may enjoy watching their wives whereas others would rather just hear their wives tell them of their sexual encounters.”

Kelly was torn but found this interesting. ‘Would Mark actually like to watch?’ She went on to read more about cuckolding. “cuckolding” entails a man watching his girlfriend or wife have sex with another man, sometimes referred to as a Bull. The cuckold may choose not to watch but rather listen from outside the room or he may be “forced” to either listen outside the room or must watch, as the bull and wife would be the ones to decide.”



‘Oh, I don’t know. Would Mark be into something like this, or would I?’

Kelly continued to read, “Pushing the limits and doing things that are outside of the norm can add an element of arousal, increasing the turn-on.”

“The arousal that comes from being submissive to your girlfriend or wife and being humiliated is one of the reasons guys are into cuckolding. For this reason, the Bull is typically more “masculine” than the cuck; they might be in better physical shape and often have a bigger penis. Often, the cuck will be verbally humiliated and called names, and made fun of due to their “small dick.”

Kelly did not like the element of humiliation and verbal abuse at all. She could never do that to Mark. And based on Mark’s size, height, and dick size for that matter, he would be better qualified to be a “Bull” than a “Cuck.” But Kelly still believes that Mark enjoyed watching her being hit on and flirting with other men.

Kelly found herself masturbating as she read on. The more Kelly read, the more she thought to herself, ‘Maybe this is what Mark wants!’ Kelly was excited as she searched to see if there were stories from other wives who had a cuckold husband, ‘Where do I begin? Do I just say to Mark, I want you to be my cuck and watch me get fucked?’

Then Kelly read an article on Reddit, “I wanted to make my husband my cuck.” As she read more, she felt aroused and brought herself to orgasm.

Kelly couldn’t stop reading, she saw the similarities between Mark and the husband in the article. Mark always gave in to Kelly just like the husband in the article. Mark was strong and assertive at work, but a teddy bear at home, just like the husband in the article. She was sure Mark was a cuck, but he just hadn’t realized it yet. Kelly was now confident, and she had a plan.

Mark came home from work and sat with Kelly as they ate dinner. “Mark, I thought it would be fun to try something different tonight.”

“Like what,” Mark asked.

“Come up to bed after you clean the table and dishes. I have a few videos that I want us to watch.”

“What kind of videos,” Mark asked with a smile on his face.

“Mark, I just want you to have an open mind, and let’s have a little fun, okay.”

“Okay, I’ll clean up and come to bed when I’m done.”

“Kelly, I better not see some guy getting fucked up the ass by his wife with a dildo.”

“Not yet. I’m saving that one for a special occasion,” Kelly said as they both laughed.

Mark entered the bedroom, “Mark, undress,” Kelly said, “get on the bed and lay on your back. I’m going to start the video so you can watch some hot girl on the screen, and I am going to do the same as she is doing to her husband. I’ll turn the volume down, so it’s just my voice you’ll hear.”

“And what are you going to be talking about?” Mark asked.

“Stop asking questions and lie down,” Kelly pleaded.

“Fine; now what,” Mark asked with a confused expression on his face.

Kelly responded, “I’m going to open the door and walk into the bedroom….

“Why, you’re already here,” Mark said.

“Mark, please just play along.”

“Fine, go on. What do I do?” Mark asked.

“I’m going to walk into the bedroom,” Kelly explained, “and I want you to watch the video and be jerking off when I come in and I will do the rest. You’ll see, it’ll be hot, and you are going to love it.”

So, Kelly stepped out and then walked back into the bedroom with her top off, just like the hotwife had done on the screen just moments before.

“Mark, let me do that for you.” As Kelly moved Mark’s hands and started jerking him off. “Mark, I went out with the girls tonight. There were a lot of guys hitting on us and buying us drinks. You don’t mind that we talked to them and accepted drinks from them?

I found one cute guy that I liked. Mark, look how hard you’re getting. Would you like me to suck that for you? I will later, first I want to tell you about my night. I was so hot dancing with this man. I wish you were there, but you weren’t.”

‘What the fuck is going on here,’ Mark thought to himself but was enjoying it.

“I knew you wouldn’t mind, so I took this man out back of the bar and got on my knees and sucked his dick.” Kelly noticed how Mark’s dick was reacting to her story as she went on to tell him that she fucked him and how big he was, and that she had never felt so dirty. “Mark, I would love to do it again.” Kelly then started to deepthroat Mark, and she took him out of her mouth as he erupted like a volcano.

“Damn, Mark, you have never come that hard before. We need to do this again,” Kelly said, “but next time, I want you to reclaim me. Would you like that?”

“So did you like my story,” Kelly asked, “It was hot hearing me tell you about having sex with another man, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was hot, Kelly, but just having you jerk me off and deepthroat me was incredible.”

“But you never came like that before, Mark.”

‘I had to agree. Listening to Kelly was like she was reading some erotic story while jerking me off. Who wouldn’t get excited about that?’ Mark thought to himself.

Kelly continued to role-play similar fantasies and share more videos she found online. As a joke, she even played one of a woman with a strap fucking a man up the ass. They both agreed that they did not like that.

Kelly also played girl or girl, and threesome videos, some two girls and one guy. To Kelly’s surprise, Mark was not that interested.

Kelly would also slip in a cuckold video every so often. One man would be fucking a wife while the husband sat in a chair. Mark didn’t look disgusted and never asked to turn it off. He was indifferent. ‘Kelly gets so turned on watching these cuckold videos. Hey to each their own. All I know is Kelly is happy again and the sex is incredible.’ Mark thought to himself.

‘Mark was more excited with the hotwife and cuckold videos rather than videos of two girls and a guy,’ she thought to herself. ‘Damn, I never would have expected this.’

“Mark, I like roleplaying and having sex, don’t you? Sex between us has always been great, but these past few months, it’s been incredible, don’t you agree?”

“I can’t lie, Kelly, it has been different.” But was Mark really enjoying it?

“Good because I want to try something different,” Kelly said.

“What more is there to try, Kelly?”

“Mark, I want to actually go to a bar and flirt with a guy and then come home and tell you about it.”

“Kelly, we’re having fun, but no. What if the guy takes it the wrong way and tries to have sex with you? Who will be there to protect you?”

‘I don’t know where this is going, but I don’t like it. Fantasy and roleplay are one thing, but I would rather keep it between just us.’ Mark thought to himself.

‘I can’t believe Mark didn’t say no. He was only worried about my safety.’ Kelly was getting excited with the idea of doing it for real.

Kelly loved roleplaying. ‘How much better the real thing would be,’ she thought to herself.

Mark finally gave in after seeing how happy it made Kelly. ‘She had been so happy lately, no more depression.’ Mark thought to himself. Mark couldn’t say no and let her slump back into her depression again.

“Fine, Kelly, but only if I can keep an eye on you. We can take two cars so you can feel like you’re alone. I will leave you to it, but it better not go too far.”

Kelly thought to herself, ‘Those articles I read said that some husbands liked to watch. Is that why Mark said, “But only if I can keep an eye on you.”

“Thank you, Mark. It’s going to be so much fun.” Mark wasn’t as happy as Kelly was, but he tried his best to hide his real feelings.

It was Friday evening, and Kelly was wearing more revealing clothing. ‘She must have gone shopping,” Mark thought to himself, “Your skirt’s much shorter and tighter, and when you bend over, I can see right down her your shirt. Kelly, I’m not sure about your clothes, they are tight and revealing.”

“I know,” Kelly responded,” the guys in the bar are sure to be checking me out.”

Kelly made her way to the bar while Mark sat at a table and ordered a beer. ‘This is stupid. Why am I here doing this?’ Mark thought to himself.

Kelly was having a fun time and Mark was just watching. Mark was practically losing control. Kelly was talking and dancing with different men. She was accepting drinks while hanging out at the bar. There were only a few guys that were getting a little close to inappropriate, but Kelly never let it go too far. Then Kelly met Trey.

Trey was a handsome, tall Black man, taller than Mark, but not as broad. Trey knew how to talk to a woman and Kelly was enjoying his company. Mark was not.

This went on for a few weeks and each time, Trey was there.

‘I looked at Mark when Trey and I were talking, Mark did not get up. Trey held my ass on the dancefloor, but Mark did nothing. He was okay with a little touching. Maybe Mark wants me to be his hotwife. He liked all the videos. He had even been okay roleplaying cuckold fantasies.’ Kelly thought.

Kelly and Mark had roleplayed cuckold fantasies just like they had the hotwife fantasy. Kelly would have a cuckold video playing while she would pleasure herself with a 9-inch dildo. Mark was a solid 7.5″ so Kelly needed something bigger, even if it did hurt at first. Kelly would tell Mark he could watch but not touch. She would tell Mark how good it felt and ask if he liked to watch.

“That’s good, Mark. You stroke your dick while Trey fucks me. You watch Mark, you can learn from Trey. Trey, show Mark how to fuck me. Mark, pay attention you can learn how to please me with that little dick of yours.”

‘Where did she come up with the name Trey?’ Mark thought to himself.

“You like to watch, don’t you, Mark? Let me hear you say it. Tell me, Mark, tell me how much you like to watch fuck me. Mark, don’t cum. You better not cum until Trey says you can,” Kelly said.

“Yes Kelly, I like to watch,” Mark tried to say with enthusiasm, but he couldn’t say get fucked by Trey.

Kelly would cum over and over while Mark could only watch. Then Kelly would say, “Mark, come reclaim your hotwife.”

“Fuck, Mark that feels so good. Fuck me harder, fuck me as Trey does.”

“Did you like that fantasy; my little cuck boy? Did it turn you on while Trey fucked me?

Did you like to reclaim me after Trey fucked me? would you like to watch me get fucked by a big black cock?”

“It was hot,” Mark replied hesitantly.

The hotwife and Cuckold roleplay went on for a few more weeks. ‘I can’t believe how turned-on Mark has gotten with the hotwife and Cuckold fantasies. I never thought he would be so into it. Mark has become so comfortable with Trey touching my ass at the bar and me touching his chest.’

Mark did fuck like an animal when they got home, Kelly was sure of that.

‘Would Mark enjoy watching Trey fuck me?’ The more Kelly thought about it, she knew it was what Mark wanted and she wanted it too.

Kelly’s mind was racing, ‘I love Mark, and if this is what he wants, I’m going to do it to him. I’m going to ask Trey to our home and let Mark watch Trey fuck me.’

The articles said that the Bull should be big and muscular. Trey was the only guy close to Mark’s size in the bar. ‘I love the feeling of Trey’s big cock rubbing against my stomach when we dance.’ Kelly wanted to see his cock and feel it in her mouth and pussy. She thought Mark would like that too.

‘Trey is a good-looking man, and he is close in size to Mark, he will be my Bull. This is what Mark wants and I want Mark to be happy.’ Kelly was so happy with herself and was fantasizing how incredible it would be to get fucked by Trey while Mark watched.

“Mark, I’ve been thinking, and when you come back from your business trip on Friday, I’m going to have a surprise for you. Don’t ask me what it is because I won’t tell you. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and Mark, no jerking off until you get back, or I’ll have to lock you in a cock cage.” Mark didn’t look happy. “I’m just kidding, Mark,” Kelly said.

Mark had not been happy the past few months. He was tired of his wife flirting with that man at the bar. The hotwife and cuckold roleplay was getting old too. He felt that Kelly was taking things too far. ‘I can’t believe she named her dildo Trey; I think she said that was the name of the Black guy at the bar. This whole fantasy thing is getting out of control.’ Mark thought to himself.

“Kelly, I need to talk to you when I get back from my trip too,” Mark said.

“Can we talk now,” Kelly asked.

“No,” Mark responded, “let’s wait until I get back.”

‘Mark wants to tell me that he wants me to bring a man home and watch me get fucked for real, I knew it. I can’t wait to surprise him Friday night.’

Kelly went to the bar while Mark was away. She saw Trey and told him what she wanted from him. Of course, Trey had no problem accepting.

“But one condition,” Trey said, “I want a little taste of what I’ll be getting Friday night.” Trey pulled Kelly close and started kissing her gently, licking her neck and nibbling on her earlobe. Kelly was getting turned on as she was stroking Trey’s cock over his pants. ‘Fuck will it even fit inside me. Mark is going to enjoy watching Trey fuck me and I know I’m going to enjoy being fucked by Trey too.’

“Why don’t we go out to my SUV, and we can practice a little,” Trey said.

“No Trey, this is about Mark and his fantasy, not mine. I won’t do anything without Mark by my side.”