My Wife Has A Dom 2023

My Wife Has A Dom.


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My wife and I have been involved in some kink through swinging. Cuckolding for some time but a few months ago.

She started playing solo with a Dominant, and has become his submissive. She goes and plays, and typically tells me about it afterwards.

Earlier this week she took a day off and went to his place for the day and then all night, it was her longest session with him so far. The next day she told me about it, and I’m relaying the highlights here. I always used to watch her with other partners, so this is very different for me and relaying it helps to keep it hot for me!

They have about 4 months experience together and have some established rules/customs and ways of doing things. To prep she has to shave her entire body, so she took a bath in the morning and then shaved in the shower. They weren’t going out so she just went over in sweatpants and a sweatshirt without underwear.

When she got to his house they greeted each other and then he had her strip naked and put her clothes and her phone in a basket by the door. (I have his number in case of emergency and of course she could go get her phone if needed, but the point is no distraction). This is part of the routine that happens every time.

He then led her to the living room for an inspection, where he checks how well she’s shaved, and has her spread herself open for him to see. It can sometimes be quick but this time was a long extended version where he did it standing, then with her in doggy position and then again on her back. Each time she had to present her ass and her spread lips.

Once he was finished there, they went to just hang out. They made coffee & breakfast together, and spent an hour or so just talking and relaxing. When they were all finished they went to the bedroom and had sex, just normal sex – they gave each other head and then they fucked and she orgasmed. Once they had that initial high, they went out to the living room for the first major thing they did.

He had her sit on the couch but with her legs pulled up so her feet were on the end of the couch and her pussy was exposed. He brought out a large collection of clothes pins and first put two directly on her nipples and then other ones on her areolas and all around her breasts. Then he moved down to her pussy and placed clips on her outer lips, on the insides of her legs surrounding her pussy and then finally on her inner lips & on her clitoris. He sat next to her and put on a show, and had her sit like that for what she said felt like forever.

She thought he was going to take them off at one point but he instead ran his hands over all the clips and shook them, making it incredibly painful for her. She said she just had to basically sit perfectly still to make sure she didn’t jostle them at all.

After a while longer, he finally did remove them – which she said hurt significantly more than putting them on did. He started with her breasts and when he took them off her inner thighs and then her inner lips, she was shaking from the pain of it.

He wrapped her up in a blanket and cuddled her for a while, they laid and watched the show and then eventually he had her go under the blanket and suck on his dick while he watched the show. She did it for like half an hour, slowly sucking him while he relaxed.

A little while later they got up and he brought her downstairs – he has a finished basement where one side has a couch and bed and the like, and the other side is a play room with lots of toys and a bunch of BDSM furniture that he’s made.

He started in the first room, taking her over his lap on the bed, spanking her ass with his hand. Then he brought her to the other room where he placed cuffs on her and had her lay down on a big massage table where he was able to clip the cuffs for both her arms and legs. He placed a bolster under her hips and then added a strap across her lower back as well.

He started spanking her with his hand again, and then soon switched to a wooden paddle. She said that at first it wasn’t too intense, he was warming her up. After a while though he switched to a leather belt, and had her take 20 hits. He then did the same with a leather strap, and finally with a cane. Between each one he would let her relax and he’d go to the front of the table and have her suck on his dick. She said the belt and the strap were both not awful, more thuddy and intense, but the cane was incredibly sharp pain and was hard to get through the 25 swats.

He unclipped her restraints & turned her over, and used a vibrator on her for a while and made her cum. She started sucking his dick again, and as he got close he pulled out of her mouth and came across the massage table – and then directed her to lick it up. He’s cum in her mouth and on her body before, but she said that task was incredibly humiliating for her but also very very hot to do.


My Wife Has A Dom
My Wife Has A Dom

After all of that they went back upstairs and took a long break. They made lunch, lounged about for a while, and then had vanilla sex again in the afternoon and took a nap.

In the early evening they got up and he brought her back downstairs. He made a chair that is essentially open underneath, so when she’s sitting in it he has access to her pussy and ass. So he had her sit on the chair, and he cuffed her wrists and ankles to it.

He put a hood on her so she couldn’t see and sound is at least muffled. He started out nice, vibe in a stand on her clit and used a dildo in her pussy. He generally edges her like that, and she loves it. It’s very very intense and he’s good at knowing when she’s close and slowing down.

After a bit he took the vibe off and used a bigger dildo in her vagina for a while, then an even larger one. They’ve been doing a bunch of that sort of play, but she said that even for her that one was very big and really stretched her.

He then went back to the smaller dildo and put it in her vagina on a stand, then started toying her ass. First he used a smaller dildo and then a larger one. The feeling of both of the dildos inside of her made her cum really hard, and he fucked her ass through her orgasming and continued after she finished as well. She said that was incredibly intense and she honestly was begging for more.

My Wife Has A Dom
My Wife Has A Dom

He slowed down on that and removed the dildo from her vagina, and he told her he was going to use a ball on her and that he was going to go for a long time. He told her to settle in and relax. She told me that because she said it’s incredibly hard to relax fully when she’s not sure what’s going to happen and she knows it’s going to hurt or be intense, but it’s worse if she doesn’t relax.

He ended up using anal beads that are very thick balls – he put the first in and she said that it felt like a full dildo going into her, and then he popped the second ball out. He slowly started pulling that one back out and then he’d push it back in, so he was fucking her ass with just that one ball. She said that feeling of the ball going in and out, closing and opening over and over was way worse than any dildo that had been used on her. She’s pretty good with anal including dildos at this point but that was a totally new experience.

He kept fucking her with the ball until he was going pretty fast with it. She said that she was basically trying not to scream while he did it, she was tensing up a lot and eventually she said her body just sort of gave up and she relaxed into the chair & he just kept fucking her with the ball until her hole was mostly staying open and not opening/closing each time.

He eventually calmed down and put the vibrator back on her and let her cum while he fingered her ass. After that he untied her from the chair, and took her upstairs to shower and recover.

They ordered food for dinner and relaxed together for a long while before having sex again and finally going to bed.

Thanks for reading! Hope to post more as she tells me new things!

My Wife Has A Dom
My Wife Has A Dom

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