“Come on Pom, Tom’s my best friend.”

My husband Jace pleaded.

“Be nice to him. Please.”

It was an unusual situation from what I understand. Usually married men are not asked to be the best man at a wedding, but Jace was the de facto leader of his friend group, and when Hank asked him to be his best man, he really couldn’t decline.



That by itself was not so unusual, but Jace would be paired up with the maid of honor for the reception, so he asked me to be his friend Tom’s “date” for everything.

Tom is single, and flew back into town just for the wedding, so he didn’t have a date lined up. Jace thought it was the perfect solution to both Tom and me not having anyone to go with.

I had agreed, as we are young but not childish enough to be jealous over each of us going with someone else out of necessity, but I told him I would just listen to the band. Jace only wanted me to loosen up and have fun. It’s not that I’m a prude or anything, it’s just I told him I was going to be good.

I’m from Thailand and had only been in the US for 2 years. I barely knew anyone outside Jace’s immediately friend group. I’d never even met Tom before. He had been deployed overseas when Jace and I got married, so Jace knew I would probably be quiet and keep to myself.

“I’m just saying have some drinks, do some dancing and have some fun.” Jace tried to reinforce his wish for me to have a nice night.

“OK, I will try.” I promised.



I took my bath then started to get dressed. I had selected a blue dress to wear.

“Is that what you are wearing?” Jace asked me. “It literally covers you from your neck to your ankles. Look, Tom’s a big flirt, yes. But he’s harmless. Why don’t you wear the green dress I like?”

The green dress he likes is a silk draped collar backless cami dress. It’s sexy. I can’t even wear a bra with it. I normally don’t have a problem dressing sexy for Jace, but I wasn’t going to be with Jace most of the time.

Still, I know what he was thinking. He likes showing off his “prize”, even if he was going to be busy with wedding stuff. He knew everyone would be aware I am his wife. Hard to be mad about that. Jace makes me feel beautiful.

So I put the blue dress back and got out the green dress. I put on pasties to hide my nipples and pantyhose to try and class it up a little. Jace was pleased, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Jace had to go with the wedding party early, so I took an uber to the venue later. When I got out of the car, a man approached me and asked if I am Pom. I guess being the one Thai woman in an otherwise mostly white crowd stands out, so he assumed it was me.

He introduced himself as Tom. Physically he was very similar to Jace. Tall and fit. Jace had been the quarterback in high school and Tom had been the receiver. It was remarkable how similar they looked. Yeah, he is a very handsome and charming guy.

Anyway, Tom escorted me in and we took our assigned seats. We chatted until the ceremony started. Tom had joined the Army out of high school as Jace went to college. He was now studying international finance using his army funds to pay for his college.

He is a pretty smart guy on top of everything else. He also had a way of disarming people. It was easy to relax around him and I did get more comfortable.

The ceremony went well. Jace was paired up with the maid of honor, Amanda. In a word, Amanda is all boobs. I mean huge compared to her thin waist. I chuckled to myself watching the guys, including Jace getting an eyeful every chance they could.



A limo took us to the reception. The wedding party was in one, so Tom and I rode in another with 2 other couples. It wasn’t that awkward being Tom’s “date”. He was just as Jace described him. Charming, flirtatious but fun. It’s not like I’d never dated anyone else before I met Jace, but I am no longer a single woman. Still, I could have a nice time without it getting inappropriate.

The reception had all the traditional events of an American wedding. Cutting the cake, first dance, etc. The entire wedding party danced and I watched Amanda pressing her boobs into Jace as they went. The smile on his face was saying he enjoyed it.

Then the champagne came out and the party started. I’d never tried champagne, but Tom appeared very quickly with a glass. I liked it a lot. A little sweet and very bubbly.

After that, Tom asked me to dance. Being 5 feet 2 inches tall and dancing with a guy 6 feet 4 inches has it’s challenges. Mostly, as I already knew from dancing with Jace, was the fact whether he knew it or not, Tom was rubbing his hard-on into my stomach as we danced.

It didn’t help that he kept brushing his hands over my ass. I tried to be a good sport about it, and looked around for Jace, but his eyes were locked on to Amanda’s tits, and not seeing anything anyone else was doing.

When we got back to the table, I tried to embarrass Tom a little by asking loudly enough for everyone at our table to hear, “Did you get a good feel of my butt Tom?”

“Actually no, I didn’t.” he replied.

Then he wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed my ass with both hands.



Instead of embarrassing him, he played it off as a joke and everyone laughed with him. I sat down and drank another glass of champagne, trying to “lighten up” like Jace had told me to. It’s not the first time I’ve had my ass grabbed.

That was pretty much the rest of the reception. Drinking and dancing while trying to get Tom and the other guys to behave. They definitely noticed Tom taking liberties with me and were practically lining up to get a turn.

Eventually the bride and groom left. Jace and Amanda joined us at our table after that with yet more champagne.

I won’t lie, I was buzzed really good. I weigh only 42kg (93 pounds), so what was just a few glasses to Jace and Tom was a lot more to me. I gave up trying to keep Tom’s hands on my waist as we danced. I figured Jace could say something if he wanted and besides, the reception was almost over.



At the same time, I won’t lie either. I was a little light headed from the alcohol and having a sexy guy feeling me up isn’t the worst feeling in the world. I’m not going to dish out bullshit like I was shocked or horrified. Doesn’t mean I was going to let it go any further, but it wasn’t like it was unpleasant.

We all gathered back at the table, and I was really drunk. I thought it was over, but Amanda invited us to go back to her house for a nightcap. Next thing I know, we are in the limo with them and a case of champagne they “liberated” from the reception.

Tom sat next to me in the limo with his arm around me. Jace and Amanda sat across from us which was a little weird. I guess my “date” wasn’t over. Two other couples from our table were in the seats further up. Tom kept kissing my neck, then laughing with Jace and Amanda when I blushed like it was a game to them.

We got to Amanda’s house and sat in her living room. She put music on and Tom put a glass of champagne in my hand. The two other couples were dancing.

After a few minutes Jace and Amanda were dancing too. I hadn’t realized how drunk Jace was, but now I could see it as he swayed to the music. Jace was dancing but had the unsteady look of someone who was losing faith in gravity.

Tom waited until I finished my drink then pulled me up to dance too. Part of the culture in Thailand is we grow up singing and dancing, so yes. I can shake my ass pretty good. I had kept things fairly tame at the reception. I didn’t want to embarrass Jace and the music was pretty lame.

The music Amanda played was more contemporary than at the wedding reception so we danced less formally. Which basically meant Tom was grinding into me and groping me every chance he got, and I may have showed off my dancing skills a little.

The other guys noticed Tom groping me quite freely and they did the same when I danced with them. I was aware of it, but uninterested in stopping them. Honestly I wasn’t even aware who it was most of the time. My brain was foggy.

Things start getting blurry about that point. I remember bits and pieces but have longer and longer lapses in my memory as the night progressed. I remember drinking more and dancing a lot. I even danced with Amanda once. That certainly got the guys going.

But Tom took most of my dances. I remember him twirling me around then leaning me back, holding me up. And I remember him kissing me as he held me there. I don’t remember resisting. That’s the last thing I remember clearly.

Keep in mind, I’m telling this with the knowledge now of what happened. I can’t perfectly go back and tell the story from the point of view I had at that time, but I’ll do my best.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the “Hangover” movies, but that’s what I felt like. I woke up in a strange bed with the biggest hangover you can imagine. My head was POUNDING. I couldn’t focus to even think.



I was only capable of mentally tackling one task at a time. I had no idea where I was. Nothing looked familiar. I looked over, and Tom is in bed with me on one side, and this other guy Jeremy was behind me. Jeremy had one of my pasties stuck to his hair. Fuck!

I start checking myself out. First thing I notice is the taste in my mouth. I knew that taste. It was dick. I’d definitely been sucking cock. Next, I noticed that I was naked. Definitely a really bad sign. Finally, the worst news. I could feel that I had definitely had sex. A lot of sex, and I’d been creampied. The situation “down there” could only be described as a total mess. My pussy had been wrecked.

As soon as I moved to sit up, I realized my asshole was sore. I had been buttfucked too. Probably got a creampie there, but I wasn’t sure. The evidence looked pretty conclusive. I’d had sex with them both. There was still a huge wet spot on the bed and the room REEKED of sex.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” I said out loud. This was bad, and my head was still spinning. I staggered around the bedroom, looking for my clothes. They were no where to be found.

“Tom!” I shook him. “Wake up! Where’s my dress?”

He just mumbled gibberish and rolled over. He was no help.

I crept semi-quietly and opened the door to the bedroom we were in. We were still at Amanda’s house. I walked down the hall, hoping to find the bathroom or my purse, but I found another bedroom. Jace was in bed with Amanda. Looks like they had done the same thing we had. At least I wasn’t alone in my colossal fuck up.

I woke Jace up, waiting as he moaned and groaned about his head hurting and them going through the same mental checklist I had gone through.

“Aww fuck babe.” He groaned. “I don’t remember how I got here. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok.” I replied. “I’m the same way. Babe, do know where my clothes are?”

“I don’t remember.” He said as he realized I was naked.

“They are in the living room.” Amanda said groggy. I guess I had woke her up too.

I left them there and went downstairs. My dress was crumpled on the floor with my heels, but my hose and panties were no where to be found. I wonder what the fuck happened. Was I naked in front of everyone?

I put my dress on and looked again for my panties. I heard Tom and Amanda talking upstairs, then a few minutes later, Tom joined me downstairs.

“Let’s go home and just forget last night ever happened.” He suggested.

“OK, but I can’t find my panties.” I admitted. “Did I get naked down here in front of everyone?”

“I remember Amanda taking her top off. Then yeah, you were topless too.” He tried to smile, triggering another visible headache for him.

“Fuck babe, I don’t remember any of that. I’m sorry I embarrassed you.” I told him sincerely.

“Apparently you didn’t embarrass me. I must have been into it too. Leave your panties. Let’s just go home.” He again suggested.

So he called an uber and we left. The ride was totally silent and awkward as hell. We got home and Tom suggested we get cleaned up and go back to bed.

“Babe, I’m so sorry.” I confessed. “It’s not that easy. I had sex with someone. I’m pretty sure it was Jeremy and Tom.”

Jace laughed just a little. “Honey, I think I had sex with Amanda. Neither of us meant to. It just happened. Let’s just forget last night ever happened. ”

“It’s not that simple.” I got really embarrassed. “I need a morning after pill from the pharmacy.”

Jace wasn’t happy. I could see it in his eyes, but he also acknowledged that he had probably done the same to Amanda. So he ran to the pharmacy as I showered.

Jace had questions. Questions I couldn’t answer. I just didn’t remember. I understood though. I couldn’t explain why I had let it all happen, but I knew exactly why Jace had been tempted by Amanda. She is sexy and was flirting hard with him. The alcohol disabled the rational part of his brain, and his primal instincts took control.

I didn’t hold it against him and I wasn’t jealous. I completely understood he didn’t consciously decide to fuck her, just like I didn’t consciously decide to sleep with Jerry and Tom.

Jace text Tom to find out what happened.

Tom replied. “Bro, how wild was last night? I am totally trashed today. BTW, I have your wife’s underwear and pantyhose.”

I told Jace to tell him to just give them to Amanda. Then I told Jace to find out what happened, if possible.

“No way!” Tom teased him. “They are my prizes now.”

“Pom was really drunk.” Tom told him. “You kept looking down Amanda’s top, not that she didn’t want you to. But Pom pretty much just dared Amanda to take off her top and just show them to you. So she just whipped them out and put your hands on her tits.”

“I don’t remember that.” Jace told him.

“Then Amanda untied Pom’s top, but her whole dress fell off. We all laughed and Pom started dancing in just her underwear. Next thing I know, you’ve got your face in Amanda’s boobs, so I thought we were partying. If that’s not what you meant, I’m sorry. I was pretty out of it myself.”

“Give me your phone.” I begged Jace. “I have to know.”

So I asked him the obvious question.

“Yes, we did. You, me and Jeremy.” He replied. “You came a lot. I thought you liked it. I’m sorry if I misunderstood. I thought you wanted to.”

I had one last embarrassing question.

“Did you fuck me bareback” I typed out.

“Yeah. Everywhere. We both did. Sorry.” He replied.

Then I deleted the message so Jace wouldn’t have it there to read over and over.

He looked at me to ask the unspoken question. I just shook my head in shame.

“Hey, neither of us meant to.” He reasoned. “We both got drunk and carried away. Let’s just forget about it. It was a mistake we made together. No reason for either one of us to be mad.”

The question now is, will we? Did I accidently open Pandora’s box? Or will it just fade away and become a funny story between just the two of us. I don’t know but I sure as hell am not going to bring it up ever again.