My name is Pete, I am five-foot-nine-inches tall, and weigh about one-ninety. I am pretty much the average guy, (well almost average). I am married to Alana, my beautiful hotwife.

Alana is five-foot-eight-inches tall, weighs one-hundred and thirty-five pounds. She has a gorgeous body with firm thirty-six-inch C-cup tits. Her ass is still tight, in fact, her ass is so muscular, her cheeks are concave. Coming from that perfect ass, are her long, sexy legs, and between them, before she becomes aroused, is her cute, tight little slit.

Alana is very conservative, her girlfriends call her Princess Di because she carriers herself like royalty. She is way out of my league. She had been a virgin when we met, and she had given me her virginity. Only occasionally, can I manage to give her an orgasm while fucking.

Here is some background on us, and how we got started fulfilling our desires.

When we had been married about a year, Alana, was seduced by, and had an affair with an older, experienced player, who had a huge cock. We separated, and she spent the next five weeks fucking him every chance she got. He was really good at fucking her, and could give her multiple orgasms with each fucking.

She learned that he was not a good guy! and she wanted to get back together with me, which we did. But she also learned that she really liked fucking men who had lots of stamina, who could last, and who had a big cock. None of those attributes matched me, but she really did love me. After we got back together, my desire to watch her being fucked by a sexually superior man grew, to the point of being very overpowering for me.

Alana told me that while we were separated, she also fucked a new friend of hers, a neighbor in her apartment complex. She said he was a nice guy, who had just gotten divorced. She felt sorry for him, so she gave him a mercy-fuck, and it was horrible. He had a very small dick. Alana held up her index finger and wiggled it–his dick was a micro-penis, she barely felt him inside her; he dirty-talked the whole time, and because he didn’t give her any pleasure, he seemed to last way too long.

After we moved to Arizona, we decided that Alana should pick up a stranger in a hotel bar, so that I could watch her. She dressed very sexy, met a man, and she explained to him about our relationship. He said he had fucked other hotwives, and he enjoyed fucking women in front of their husbands. The three of us went up to our room. They gave each other very intense orgasms. I masturbated, as I watched them. Then he got dressed, he kissed Alana, gave her his card, and said, “In case you need more in the future,” and then he left.

About a year later, my best friend, Tom, moved to Arizona. Tom is the horniest woman chaser I had ever known. He stopped by to visit us, on his move to his new home about four hours away. Before I had ever met Alana, she and Tom had got together at a party and had made out. When Alana and I had been separated, Tom had told me he had always wanted to fuck her.

That evening that Tom showed up in Arizona, with my blessing he and Alana hooked up, and they spent the whole weekend fucking and learning every detail of each other’s body. Tom became my wife’s lover for the next two years. He would drive the four hours, from his house to ours, once a month, or so, and then he and Alana would spend the weekend fucking.

Every time Tom would leave, Alana and I would fuck like newlyweds until he returned. Tom got married, and he and his bride moved to another state. We didn’t see him again for almost ten years.


Amatuer wife first time with BBC
Amatuer wife first time with BBC

Alana and I had two children, a boy and a girl. We were busy, and had no adventures, for the next nine years, and it seemed our sex life had slowed a lot, and became more of a duty, and quite vanilla. Alana, at thirty-four, exercised and walked every day, keeping her body in great shape, and she still attracted a lot of attention from men, although she didn’t seem to care. I did not want to let our marriage fade into the blahs; I needed to do something.

A few months later, I took the children to Oregon to stay with their grandparents for two weeks, while I went on a hunting trip with friends. I learned Tom had gotten divorced, a year before. I called him and asked if he would like to go and visit Alana for a couple of weeks. He was happy to accept the invitation.

When I returned home, a couple weeks later, Alana told me that it was the most amazing two weeks of her life. She and Tom had fucked three or four times every day, and she had more orgasms than she thought were possible sometimes, having orgasms, one right after another while they fucked.

Alana’s libido was back; we fucked everyday, sometimes twice. She, again, became a dynamo in bed. If we weren’t fucking, she was sucking my dick, or she would sit on my face, so I could make her climax. She was flirting with men again, and wearing tighter, more revealing clothes. I loved the revived Alana.

Alana and I, after getting back together, after her affair, had become quite open with each other, discussing our sexual fantasies, desires, and needs. I knew the type of man she lusted after– tall, broad shouldered, powerful-looking, and powerful-acting men. I had told her that my greatest turn-on and thrill was watching her being pleasured, and reaching climax with other men.

One time I asked her if she had ever thought about being with a Black man. She told me no, she had never known or even talked to a Black man before. Even on TV, she had never seen a Black guy she thought was attractive. They kind of scared her, and she was afraid that in bed, they would be too aggressive and rough for her.

Alana, growing up, had horses, and she was, what I would call a horsey girl. She had always wanted to go to a big rodeo. On the spur of the moment, we decided we would go to a big rodeo, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When we tried to reserve a hotel room however, everything was full. Finally, we paid too much and got a suite at a fancy hotel. We were also lucky to get our airline tickets.

On Wednesday, we flew to Oregon with the kids, and dropped them off at Alana’s parents’ house, and we went to a hotel, close to the airport that night. On Thursday, we were heading to the Portland Airport, then to Seattle, then a flight to Sioux Falls.

I was up early, drinking coffee in the sitting area; when Alana finally came out of the bedroom, my dick got hard. She was wearing tight jeans, very tight, her fancy cowboy boots, a tight, thin, lightly embroidered cowgirl blouse and her cowboy hat. It looked like her body had been poured into her jeans, her ass looked incredible. She must have been wearing a sheer bra, as her tits were pushing her blouse taut, and her nipples formed really sexy bumps on top of them. She looked sexy enough to eat, right there.

“Damn! You look hot,” I said.”

She batted her eyes. “Do you think I will have a chance to ride a cowboy.”

“I don’t think you have a chance of keeping a cowboy out of your saddle.”

Going through the airports, there were a lot of men who must have gotten sore necks, turning to look at her ass, even some women were admiring her.

We had been late booking our airline tickets we had gotten first class, but not seated together. We don’t mind not sitting together, it gives us a chance to meet and get to know new people. We were both in the front row, I was in seat A, Alana in D.

When we walked on the plane, sitting in seat F, the window seat, next to Alana’s seat was a very handsome man, with a shaved head, who was maybe the biggest man I had ever seen, and he was Black…A


Alana looked at me, with a nervous look, and I just gave her a smile. After Alana sat down the man held out his hand to Alana, and said in a deep voice, “Hi, I’m Jerome.”

“Hi, I’m Alana.” As she she shook his huge hand.

Jerome, gave her a big smile and continued, “You look very nice, Alana, very nice. Are you headed for the rodeo in Sioux Falls.”

“How did you know I was going to Sioux Falls?” Alana asked, then realized how stupid she appeared. “Sheez, that’s dumb,” and they both laughed. The ice was broken.

The plane took off, and for the next three hours, l couldn’t really hear their conversation, only the occasional word. As they drank champagne, I did notice that the longer we flew, the more they were flirting, and the more familiar they became– touching each other’s arms, leaning into each other to speak into the other’s ear to hear better. They never took a break from talking and laughing together. At one point, Alana said something into his ear, he looked over at me, he smiled and nodded his head at me.

It was like I could read his mind, he was thinking– I’m going to fuck your wife. My thought was– I’m hoping you do, as I returned the nod.

I was happy Alana was seated by Jerome. I could tell he was good at seducing women. I had always admired men who could seduce women, especially married women, and get into their panties. There is a special thrill in seducing, and fucking another man’s woman.

When we landed, and we were in the terminal, Alana introduced me to Jerome and vice-versa. We shook hands, his hand was huge, the biggest I have ever shook with. As the three of us headed for the baggage claim, Alana said Jerome was staying at the same hotel as us, and had offered to give us a ride there.

When we collected our bags, we walked out the door and climbed into a limousine that was waiting for Jerome. My wife and Jerome had another glass of champagne, and I had my first; they seemed to giggle all the way to the hotel. At the hotel, the bell boys put our luggage on carts and delivered it to our rooms as we checked in. As we were splitting up to go to our rooms, we shook hands, and I thanked him for the ride.

Jerome said. “No problem, I will see you at dinner.” Then he grabbed my wife’s upper arms, pulled her to him, and gave her a lingering kiss on her cheek. “See you tonight.”

When we got to our room, my usually quiet wife was a chatterbox.

“Isn’t Jerome a great guy.” Alana then proceeded to tell me everything she had learned about Jerome. “He is thirty-one years old, he is six-foot-seven-inches tall. He weighs three-hundred and thirty pounds, I don’t know if you noticed, but he is all muscle. Jerome played defensive tackle at Michigan State, then he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. He blew his knee out his first year, now he is a scout for the Seattle Seahawks.”

“What’s this about dinner?” I asked.

“Oh, Jerome offered to buy us dinner tonight. The restaurant is right next door.”

We took a short nap, then Alana went into the bathroom to get ready for dinner. I couldn’t believe how long she was in there– over an hour and a half– to get ready for dinner. She came out wearing only a pair of sexy pink panties. I wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her, but I wanted to leave her horny and wanting for her fantasy cowboy. She sat down at the mirror and started her makeup. I went into the bathroom, took a shower and cleaned up. When I came, out Alana was putting on a sweater-dress. It must have been new. I had never seen it before.

I was sitting on the bed, getting dressed, and she modeled her new dress for me. The dress was gray, it had a big, gold zipper that ran from her navel up to her neck, she was not wearing a bra, and the dress was zipped barely to the bottom of her tits. That dress did a great job of showing off her beautiful C-cup tits. Alana’s nipples were hard and showing, for anybody who looked. The dress hugged her body like a second skin, even showing off the indentations on her ass cheeks. It was also short, about mid-thigh, showing off her sexy legs. That dress was going to make men want it to slide up just a little, so that they could get a glimpse of her pink panties and that tight ass.

“You look so sexy, are you trying to seduce Jerome? I thought you weren’t interested in a Black guy. Besides he is really a huge guy, aren’t you nervous he might be too big?”

My wife looked at me, like she was thinking, “Jerome is so nice; he’s funny, good looking, and his size is intriguing,– I can’t imagine what that man might be packing. I’ve thought about it, and it does kind of scare me.Would it bother you if Jerome and I hooked-up?”

“Alana, I love you, and you can hook up with any man you want, as long as I can watch you.”

Alana came over to where I was sitting on the bed, and kissed me. I slipped my hand up and copped a feel of her left tit, and growled the growl of a horny man.

It was time to go. We went down to the lobby, out the door, turned left and toto the next-door restaurant. It was an older, classy, dinner club. Alana asked the maitre d’ for Jerome. He said that he was not there yet, but he would seat us. Alana followed the maitre d’, I followed Alana, and I believe every set of eyes in the place, followed her ass, as we made our way to our table.

On each side of the restaurant, there were booths that were one step up from the main floor, where the rest of the tables were. The way the room was designed, we could see every table in the place, except the other booths on our side, but that design meant that every table could also see us. At the far end of the room, there was a dance floor that customers at every table, could watch.

In just a few moments, we saw Jerome, coming towards us. We both stood up to greet him. He had to stop to visit several couples on the way to our table it seemed everyone in the restaurant knew him. When he reached us, he and I shook hands. Jerome told Alana how beautiful she looked, then he gripped my wife’s upper arms, and this time he kissed her on the lips,

And she kissed him back.

When he finally pulled away he looked her up and down, and said. “Damn, woman, you are sexy!!”

As we had drinks. Jerome kept us entertained with very funny stories about his football days and his recruiting work. He kept the drinks coming. We ordered dinner, and he ordered wine with our dinner. Every once in a while, he would comment on how hot Alana looked. She would smile coyly, and her face and chest would blush pink. When he would compliment my wife, I could feel my dick stir. I was so proud of my wife. I didn’t understand it, but it seemed Alana and I were under Jerome’s spell, and would go along with anything he wanted.

Just as we were finishing dinner, a small band began quietly playing music. They seemed to only be playing slower, romantic songs. Jerome ordered after-dinner drinks, then asked Alana to dance. When Jerome stood up, and as my wife scooted out of the booth, that caused her dress to slide up to her ass, completely exposing her wet panties to Jerome, and it seemed to every other eye in the place that was watching them, they all were.

It seemed to me that the three of us were the show for tonight, the players in the dinner show. Maybe they had seen the show starring Jerome before. The handsome, giant, Black man, and the new supporting actors– the beautiful, sexy, white woman, wearing that skin-tight dress, and the husband, who was being cuckolded. Whenever a new scene started, everyone got quiet and watched. Which is what everyone did, as Jerome walked my wife to the dance floor, and they kept watching them as they danced.

It was so arousing to watch. Alana and Jerome dancing together. She seemed so small next to him as they held each other close, and their bodies seemed to fit together so perfectly, they seemed to exude intimacy and lust. As they danced, Alana had her arms around his neck, Jerome had his hands on my wife’s lower back. Pretty soon, Jerome’s left hand had slid down to rest on her ass, and when his right hand had disappeared between their bodies, I saw Alana pull her upper body away from his, for a few seconds, then move close again. I could see a small smile on her face, as she laid her head against his chest.

Everyone in the room was watching this intimate scene of seduction, including the band– they played the same song extra long. When the song finally ended, and the new couple pulled themselves from their embrace, everyone could see his hand leave her tit, as it came out of her dress. Jerome leaned down and kissed my wife she responded with her own– that kiss seemed to last a long time. Quite a few people looked at me and smirked. To me, it felt like everyone in the place was rooting for Jerome.

Under all eyes, they walked back to the table. Three things were very obvious– Alana’s dress was now unzipped, halfway to her navel; her nipples were very erect and pushing large bumps up from under her dress, and Jerome had a huge bulge in his pants. He didn’t hide or seem embarrassed by his erection, more like he was proud of the display of his trophy.

I stood up to let Alana sit down, but she scooted in on Jerome’s side, and didn’t scoot in very far. She stayed close to Jerome. Alana’s face and chest glowed with a pink blush, I could tell she was very aroused. She gave me a small smile, it seemed a smile of guilt. Alana excused herself, to go the ladies’ room. Jerome stood and let her out.

She came over to me, kissed my cheek, and said, “Thank you for this, I love you.”

When Jerome sat back down he smiled at me, and asked. “Are you okay?”


“Do you know where this is heading?”


“Are you okay with it?”

I looked at him.”Don’t hurt her, and when you’re through with her, please give her back.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t keep her, when I’m through fucking her, I will give her back.”

My dick was so hard it hurt.


Amatuer wife first time with BBC
Amatuer wife first time with BBC


When Alana came back, and as everyone watched, Jerome stood up. As they were standing there, Alana took his hand with her left hand and with her right she placed her wadded-up pink panties in his hand. Jerome brought the panties to his nose and inhaled her wonderful scent. I swear I heard a collective sigh from what had been the very quiet audience. My wife was in heat, and she didn’t care that the audience knew it. Jerome slipped her panties into his jacket pocket.

When they were again both sitting, Jerome had his right arm around her shoulders, she looked up at him, and he leaned over and they shared a kiss, a very passionate kiss, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. With no pretense at all, Jerome’s left hand reached inside her dress, fondling her tit, pinching and rolling her nipple. Alana’s hand moved under the table and found his huge bulge. I heard her moan into Jerome’s mouth. Her scent was strong. I could smell her, and I also knew he could smell her arousal.

Every person in the place was watching them.

I had been cuckolded before. When we had been married less than a year, Alana left me to be with a man, who fucked her better than I could. I was so humiliated, all of my friends and family knew she had met someone better, and that’s why we had split up. Then again, by the hotel adventure guy, and probably a hundred times, by my friend Tom– but those were in private.

This time it was in public, lots of people were watching me be cuckolded. My wife was being seduced by a Black man!!! I felt a huge, exciting, arousing, wave of humiliation, go over me– my dick was rock hard. Every person in the place knew, she was my wife, and they knew another man was taking her away from me. Maybe only for tonight, or maybe two. But they knew my wife belonged to another man until he was completely through fucking her, and only then, would he let me have her back. My hard-on would let everyone know, I wanted my wife to be fucked by a sexually-superior man.

Jerome, looked my wife in the eyes. “I think it’s time we went back to your room.” He did not ask me, but then, for the last hour, my opinion hadn’t mattered.

Jerome threw plenty of money on the table and stood up. My wife scooted out. This time, when her dress slid up, it exposed her smooth, bare pussy to the whole audience. Her inner thighs were shiny from her arousal, juice. The new couple held hands and started walking out– Jerome sporting a huge trophy tent in his pants; Alana’s dress had a very large wet spot, just below her ass where she had been sitting. I was hurrying to catch up, with a small, but intense bulge at my crotch. I heard quite a few giggles, as I walked out.