Real Wives Cuckold Stories 2

Real Wives Cuckold Stories 2.   My wife (27f) and I (27m) decide to invite a friend over.


Little backstory, my wife and I have been together for 8 years since our freshman year of college.

She had only been with one guy before me and said their sexual experiences ended with him finishing before even getting inside her. About 2 years ago she mentioned how sometimes she wished she had the opportunity to go through a “slut phase in college “ and I told her just because we’re married doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun. Long story short after lots of talks we decided to try to have a 3some so she could experience some new things and explore being a “slut”.

We ended decided one of my friends who we knew could keep a secret and had always been very kind and complimentary towards her. We invited him over for drinks and my wife, after quite a few herself, started dropping some hints to him. Leaving a hand on his knee, being very touchy feely, at one point she reached over him to grab the remote for the tv and made sure to feel for his cock in his pants as she went by.

We had a full plan of suggesting playing a game of strip poker or something to get everything started but watching her flirt and feel him up already had me going, so I end up just coming out and telling him our situation, and asking if he would be interested in helping. Very quickly he agrees to it and we all move to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom we immediately strip naked, my friend ends up being very hung (about 9.5 compared to my 5.5) and my wife immediately goes to work blowing him. I was standing there stroking myself watch her blow him. He was standing next to the bed while she was laying across it. He began to grab her hair and slowly began to fuck her face.

I was nearly in trance watching when I heard him say, what are you waiting for, go start eating her pussy. I was kinda shocked at how turned on I was by friend who was now ordering me around on what to do as he face fucked my wife but I immediately obeyed and crawled between her legs on the bed.

She was the wettest I’ve ever seen or felt. After about 5 or so minutes , I hear his voice again asking if she wants to feel him inside her. Without even taking his cock out of her mouth I hear her muffle yes. As I get out from between her legs, he’s already read to take my spot. I go to try to take his place for her to blow me , but as I get there he’s starting to slide into her.

She immediately starts gasping and groaning on his cock. My cock that was about to go in her mouth gets pushed by her hand away from her. I watch as I see her trying to take all of it. Every other noise out of her was her groaning fuck. Clearly realizing she’s not going to be able to blow me, I go back to stroking myself. Again, as if in a trance, I’m interrupted by my friends voice asking if I like seeing my wife get fucked.

I surprised myself even when I said yes. He then tells me to kiss her while he’s fucking her from behind.

I lean down to kiss her, as we’re about to touch lips he pulls her hair back. I get back face to face with her and we begin making out. Sloppy kissing, tongue going down each others throats. She’s moaning into my mouth as he’s fucking her. In between her moans and his grunts, I hear him asking if I taste his cock. I hadn’t even thought how 3 minutes prior, he was fucking her face. Before I have time to respond he lets out an oh fuck, pulls his cock out and shoots across her back.

He cleaned himself and thanked us, and apologized about being a little quick, it had been awhile. He asked if we wanted to stay while we finish eachother off but we said he was good. He thanked us again and said he would love to do it again.

We could not believe how dominant and forceful he was, going from talking about what movies we liked to a “3”some that was all him, to him asking how his cock tasted. We couldn’t believe even more how much we both liked it. We definitely took him up on his offer and he did not disappoint. I know this is a very long post but if there’s interest in the follow up meetings I can post another part in the future .

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cuckold porn videos

I cucked my Muslim husband with a black man

hi everybody, this is my first post so I hope you enjoy. We are a young Muslim married couple and we’re both eachother first. We are strong Muslims, we both only had eachother and dress modestly. I wear the hijab and don’t wear tight or revealing clothing. Our marriage started of amazing, we got on so well and learned so many new things about eachother both normally and sexually. This was until one day my husband shocked me with a weird request..


One day in bed he began to talk about how we both never experienced anything else or anyone else. I told him well that’s our religion and I’m glad we kept ourselves closed until marriage which is how it should be. He began pressing me with questions and asking if I was ever curious about trying different men or a man. I was weirded out but told him no and that he was the only man I loved. He kept at this for a while until one day he just spit it out. He said he wanted to really see me with a black man and see how different I am.

How I’d enjoy another man’s bigger or better cock. I was disgusted and even slapped him to think about such a thing. I told him it was not religious and that we were married. Was he bored of me already?

We spoke about it for a while that night until I had enough and told him to stop. We fell asleep and then he continued the conversation in the morning. He said how he would be there to support me and it wouldn’t be cheating as he wanted it. He just wanted to see how I contrast with a black man and that he thinks I would love it. He began to convince me and I grew curious and I don’t know why but I just shouted yes at him. He smiled in excitement and immediately began looking to set it up.

Young wife wanted to get fucked by BBCs
Young wife wanted to get fucked by BBCs

A few days later he approached me and said he had been texting a man for a while and that if I was ready.

I nodded at him and I was extremely nervous. He mentioned he told the man everything and that he was wanted to meet the next night. he wanted to me to wear my usually modest clothes as well as my hijab.

I struggled to sleep just thinking about what was going to happen and eventually the next evening arrived.

I wore a beautiful abaya and a matching hijab and left with my husband. We drove to a hotel and finally met the man.

As he opened the door I was practically looking upwards to see him. He towered over me, was muscular and had a cunning smile too. I held onto my husbands hand tightly and he led us into the room. I sat on the bed and my husband sat on the chair beside it. The man then sat on the bed too but i kept a little distance still holding my husbands hand.

They spoke for a bit and eventually turned to look at me. The man looked me up and down and began to talk to me. He asked what an innocent girl like me was doing here and that if I actually wanted this. I just nodded in response and didn’t speak still tightly holding my husbands hand in nerves. he asked me to stand up with him and I looked at my husband before I did.

I was so nervous as he began to look at my body and fiddle with my abaya to try and see my body better. He said he loved how modest I was and that the hijab made me look so much better.

From then things took a little turn. He lifted my chin up to look at him and pushed my hand away from my husbands.

He looked me dead in the eyes as he asked me “do you know who is in control tonight?” I looked at my husband and he immediately pulled my face back to him. I spoke quietly and said “you” and then he smiled. He randomly pulled me in and kisssd me which made me scream a little. I was so scared and felt weirded out but my husband just watched and smiled. I tried to gain a little confidence and he pulled me into kiss again.

This time I tried to kiss back and he smiled when I did. He pulled me closer to him and told me to remove the out part of the abaya.

I took it off slowly and dropped it on the floor. Now he could just see a little more outline of my body then before and he reached out to touch me at the hips. it made me shake a little but I smiled at him and then he held my harder by the hips. He kissed me again and told me to get on my knees.

I looked at my husband before I did and he nodded in approval. The man sat down on the edge of the bed and I hesitantly dropped on my knees infront of him. He sat back and got comfortable and asked me to remove his pants for him. I was Nervous so I looked at my husbands eyes as I did.

Real Wives Cuckold Stories
Real Wives Cuckold Stories

At this point I froze and my jaw dropped. The biggest cock I’d ever seen shot out of his pants and just stood rock hard infront of my face. Something happened to me and I don’t know what but it was hard to belive it was real. He said that was the usual reaction and asked me how it made me feel. I gulped and didn’t respond but couldn’t take my eyes off it.
He then asked if it was bigger than my husbands and I couldn’t help but admit it made my husband look small.

He laughed and then caressed my head telling me to kiss it. My nerves came rushing back and I looked at my husband again, he smiled and nodded and so I very slowly bent down to kiss it. It was so big and thick and hard I couldn’t stop staring. He said if I liked it and at this point I knew I wanted it. It was so fucking huge compared to my husband and I couldn’t even think about anything else.

I rested my hands on his thighs as bent down to kiss it more. I kissed it multiple times all over and looked up at him giggling during the kisses. He smiled at me and caressed my head before telling me to stop and join him on the bed again. He stood up and began to remove my abaya without asking.

He dropped it and threw it towards my husband leaving me in just my underwear. He rubbed his hands over my body and looked me in the eyes while telling me how sexy my body is. I blushed and found it cute until he threw me onto the bed and climbed on top of me.

I don’t want to make the story too long so I’ll leave your minds to imagine the rest. All I’ll mention is we did it for hours and I struggled. Luckily my husband held my hand while it happened.

We actually returned home the next morning and I was happier than ever. I had the night of my life and my husband was also happy. He said he will keep me this happy more often and I’m excited to experience this again. I often still text the man we met and he’s awesome.

I or we would love to answer any questions you have.