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Real Wives Cuckold Stories.


My wife was the center of a 23 guy bukkake on a trip to Mexico with an old sorority friend and her sugary daddy.

I didn’t hear from my wife until late in the afternoon the next day. She had been fucked by both guys all night. She said they didn’t necessarily have the biggest dicks and never ate her out, but they used her like a cheap whore in a way she had never been used. She slept in their room everynight of the trip and they fucked her senseless.

While I never got anything from in the room, they definitely were handsier with her in public and Emily made sure to show me plenty of that. But anyway, that’s not what this is about, this story is of how my wife got bukkaked on her last night of the trip.

“Emily said she had a surprise for me for my last night!” My wife said while we were on the phone that afternoon. She had no idea what it was, but said she was excited. We talked for a little more before she said goodbye. After dinner that night she said that she would talk to me later and would let me know what the surprise was when she found out. Then radio silence. That is until I received a video from Emily.

The camera was on my wife. “Go on, tell your cuck husband what I just told you.” Emily said to my wife.

My wife giggled, “I just agreed to be in the center of a bukkake tonight baby!!” She yells out, “They’re going to cover me in so much cum, I’m so excited.” And with that the video ended.

My wife, whose face I never really cum on because she doesn’t like it, is about to be covered in cum by men I’ve never even met….

I was immediately so fucking horny that I jerked off right then and there. Everything went silent for another hour or so. Then I received a pocture from Emily. It was a pile of phones on a bed, “don’t worry, we make sure nobody can record any of this!”

“Well thanks, I appreciate that.” I responded. Then she responds for what would be the last time that night. It was a picture of my wife getting ready and said, “she’ll be covered in cum soon ;)”

And that was it. The last I heard from Emily or my wife for the rest of the night. I think I came like 3 more times. I was so fucking horny, up for hours watching bukkake vids trying to imagine them as my wife. It was never really something I particularly watched before that night, but my god now it’s one of my biggest kinks.

Real Wives Cuckold Stories
Real Wives Cuckold Stories

The rest of this is the details as described to me from my wife…

Everyone was partying in their suite. She said it was probably 20 or so guys, some of which she had never even met, and then the 2 other women, Emily, and my wife. My wife admitted that the thought of being came on by men she had never even talked to was a surprising turn on for her…

Emily had told my wife she had to ask her something and that was when the video was sent to me. After the video, my wife said Emily brought her into a room with her and her sugar daddy and they started going over what she consented to. My wife said it was incredible how official it all was and that they even had her sign a consent form.

Once she had signed the form, Emily’s sugar daddy told Emily to get my wife ready and to be out in 30 minutes, and with that he left the room. Emily and my wife picked out a red lingerie bodysuit and a beige pair of heels for my wife to wear. My wife said Emily pulled out the leash and collar that she put on her a few nights before and laughed, saying that well obviously that was going to be involved! Emily pulled out a pair of non perscription glasses from her bag. She handed them to my wife and said they were the same ones she wore last year when she was in the middle of the bukkake.

“Was it fun?” My wife asked. “You’ll see” Emily responded with a giggle.

My wife said that as Emily walked her towards the door, she heard cheers from the main room of the suite. Emily looked at her and said “Ready?”, my wife nodded, and Emily said “good cause that’s our queue”

As Emily opened the door my wife said the room erupted in cheers. She immediately noticed that the furniture had been rearranged and there was a mattress laying in the middle of the room on the floor. All the men were spread out around the room, some closer to the mattress than others.

Emily led her around the room as man after man copped a feel of her as she walked by. After the pageantry was over, my wife said she was led to the center of the room. Emily stripped her naked and motioned for her to lay down. Emily’s sugar daddy began to explain the “groundrules” so to speak that my wife agreed to and insisted that if anyone broke those rules they would never be invited back again.

As he did so, the two guys my wife had been sleeping with all week tied her hands up to the corner of the mattress, one of the things my wife had consented to. From here on out, everything was a blur for her. The two men she had been with all week were the only two allowed to fuck her, everyone else was only allowed to put their cocks near her and let her decide from there. So they were the first to get things started, one of them taking my wife’s mouth as the other started to.

She said it seemed like most people were hesitant to come forward, but there was an older man she hadnt met who came forward and started groping her tits almost instantly while stroking his cock. She said the guy she was giving head to pulled out and came on her face first, then the older man came shortly after that.

Next thing she knew, she was surrounded by men jerking off over her. To help the process, the two other women kneeled near my wife’s head and started to give head to anyone that wanted it. Everything quickly became a blur. The women were intentionally giving sloppy head so their spit would fall on my wife’s face, adding to the mess that was already starting to form. She was embarrassed to admit that she completely gave in and started begging to suck cock at which point she was obviously met with plenty of suitors. From there she said she just kind of blacked out in ecstasy.

She had cocks smacked on her cum covered face and everytime she pulled her mouth off a cock, another quickly took its place. She said within a few minutes she had so much cum across her glasses that she couldnt see a thing. After a little while, my wife felt someone rubbing their fingers across her face and push them into her mouth, forcing her to swallow the cum that covered her face. After a couple wipes the fingers wiped off the glasses to reveal Emily looking down at her with a smile on her face. Then more cock came down to my wifes mouth and she continued to give head.

My wife said it continued for god only knows how long before they finally gave a 5 minute warning. With that they untied my wife and lifted her to her knees. She kneeled in the middle of so many dicks all jerking off over her face catching cumshot after cumshot until it was all over. Then to my wifes surprise, Emily kneeled down next to my wife and proceeded to passionately tongue kiss her and lick the cum up off of my wife’s tits and face before eventually telling her to go shower….

Emily sent me a picture the next morning of a stack of cash… “23 guys for $200 each and your wife didn’t take a dime of it”

We met a guy with a massive dick

Real Wives Cuckold Stories
Real Wives Cuckold Stories

I have been cucked whole march even she hasnt fucked anyone, yet. We found a guy with massive long thick cock who we have only met on a coffee yet. Of course we have chatted a lot on group chat aswell.

He likes to show his dick to us in our group chat and I can tell my girl likes it, even she has not liked dick pics that much before. I guess big dicks does interest in different way.

When we met on a coffee he flirted with her on coffee table me sitting opposite side wearing chastity cage. He seemed nice and talked to me aswell. I have accepted her to come to our bedroom and satisfy my girl with his huge cock in future.

After we met her over a week ago I have not been allowed to cum at all. Once I have had permission to put my dick in her pussy and I almost cum from the thought him inside of her. Meanwhile she taunted me she needs bigger dick.

I have also been allowed to move my dick on her lubed pussy, but only outside on the lips. Feels so good, but humiliating knowing that she waits for his bigger dick before I get to enjoy with her.

Cant wait to know how it feels to see her enjoy his huge cock while I wear chastity and lick her ass and his balls.

Real Wives Cuckold Stories
Real Wives Cuckold Stories