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  1. 1. ‘Goddess Worshipper – Venus Cuckoldress’
    ‘This is a free speech positive blog aimed at empowering women and exploring the glamour and eroticism of the interracial cuckolding lifestyle. PLEASE BE SURE TO …’

    2. ‘Jane Cuckoldress’
    ‘My First Time with Anal Sex. While this blog is primarily about cuckolding, I have many other sexual interests that I want to write about. Hope you enjoy …’

    4. ‘cuckoldress features cuckold and interracial stories and …’
    Cuckoldress features cuckold blog, hotwife stories, celebrity cuckolds plus Cuckoldress advice column and cuckolding history.’

    5. ‘About – Cuckoldress Musings –’
    ‘I”m a passionate queen of spades Cuckoldress living with my Cuck in the Houston, Texas area. I named this blog “Cuckoldress Musings” because I am constantly …’

    6. ‘BLOG – The Cuckoldress | Exploring cuckolding’
    ‘Jun 21, 2022 — Teasing My Cuckold Husband. What is a bull? A fine physical specimen, part of the trifecta in a cuckolding relationship, but what about …’

    7. ‘Category: Blogs’
    ‘Maria is a beautiful cuckoldress who epitomizes the loving cuckold marriage lifestyle. Read More · LBHOTWIFEHUBBY”s Cuckold Marriage. by lbhotwifehubby | May 9, …’

    8. ‘Cuckold Blog’
    ‘Cuckold Blog. Cuckold Blog, Cuckold Couples Seeking Sex. The real life stories of cuckolds and their hot wives adventures … Cucks · FUQQT · Cuck personals …’

    9. ‘Becca’s Cuckold Blog’
    ‘Visit my cuckold blog for naughty short stories, sensual captioned images, jerk off instructions, true confessions from cucks, my favorite videos, and more.’

    10. ‘About The Cuckoldress – brought to you by LDW Group’
    ‘My Other Blogs. I have a main blog: where I blog about a variety of my favorite fantasies and fetishes, and also a specialty blog that …’

    11. ‘A Cuckold Story; How I Became A Cuckoldress’
    ‘Sep 2, 2009 — Hi there and welcome to my cuckold story blog, firstly I”d like to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about myself.’

    12. ‘User Profile: Cuckoldress’
    ‘I do meet real time once I feel you are worth my time by proving you are not like all the other wannabes, just here to cause me more headaches and wasted time.’

    13. ‘» Cuckoldress Raven Hot Wife Blog – hotwife and cuckold …’
    ‘Dec 1, 2005 — What got me into cuckolding? That”s easy and hard to answer. First, if you define cuckolding in terms of being in a relationship and cheating, …’

    ‘Natasha: South East, United Kingdom: I”m a dominant hotwife, with a submissive cuckold husband. My husband and I have always had a loving BDSM relationship.’

    15. ‘Cuckoldress blogs’
    Cuckoldress blogs – free nudes, naked, photos, Onlyfans cuckoldress Official page.’

    16. ‘ Advice Blog | Guides for wifesharer, cuckold …’
    ‘In this erotic blog, we have gathered stories, guides and exciting information for the Hotwife and her Cuckold, Wifesharer or Bull.’

    17. ‘Blog’
    ‘This was as close as a tint Dick beta cuckold deserved to get to Her Perfect Alpha Pussy. She would fuck only real men, we”ll endowed Alpha Men and I would …’

    18. ‘The hierarchies in cuckold triangle relationships’
    ‘In this cuckolding blog guide, you”ll learn the hierarchies in cuckold triangle relationships between the cuckold, the hotwife and bull.’

    19. ‘First cuckolding humiliation – Mistress Scarlet’s Blog’
    ‘Dec 16, 2021 — I asked a regular commenter on this blog to give me an account of how his fantasy of being a cuckold was made into reality by his wonderful, …’

    20. ‘Blog – My Femdom Rules’
    ‘The MyFemdomRules Cuckold Blog for couples in cuckold marriages, men locked in chastity, and female led relationships (FLRs)’

    21. ‘Modern Cuckoldress – Tumblr Blog Gallery’
    ‘My dream is to someday find a beautiful, sexy, seductive FemDomme woman who will dominate me and cuckold me. This blog is about an exploration of the type …’

    22. ‘cuckold Archives – Miss Brat Perversions Blog’
    ‘Your Wife and Her BBC Bull · bbc, cuckold. Posted on August 30, 2022. hotwife and bbc · Disrespectful Cuckoldress · cuckold. Posted on January 12, 2022. hotwife …’

    23. ‘The Life Journey of Venus Cuckoldress – Lifestylers Magazine’
    ‘Oct 25, 2021 — First came the Venus Cuckoldress Blog and then came the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast which has quickly become one of the most popular podcasts in …’

    24. ‘Cuckin | The Cuckold & HotWife Stories & Advice Blog’
    ‘The only blog cuckolds and wifelovers need! Filled with the deepest Cuckold & HotWife stories, texts, gifs, guides and confessions.’

    25. ‘What It Takes To Be A Cuckoldress – SimplySxy’
    ‘Dec 20, 2018 — Venus is a cuckoldress living and working in Vancouver, BC Canada who enjoys writing in her blog and contributing to the Keys and Anklets …’

    26. ‘Anyone know of any extreme/real cuckold blogs?’
    ‘Anyone know of any extreme/real cuckold blogs? … I have a feeling some of the popular lifestyle podcasts are paid by lifestyle sites. I could be …’

    27. ‘Why I’m A Cuckoldress’
    ‘Jul 26, 2021 — A recent study found 58% of men and about a third of women are interested in this dynamic. Here is my take: …’

    28. ‘Yes. I Cuckold My Husband: My Perspective’
    ‘Oct 14, 2022 — This blog is intended to be a followup to my popular “What is the appeal of a hotwife relationship”. While it should read just fine as a …’

    29. ‘Cuckolding Lifestyle’
    ‘… to the lifestyle but very enthusiastic. We both love helping curious couples to understand all of this. View my complete profile. Powered by Blogger.’

    30. ‘It’s Not Cheating: Venus Cuckoldress & Nookie Compare & …’
    ‘Jun 18, 2020 — The Venus Cuckoldress Blog was launched in 2015 and features Venus”s stories and experiences of dating, cuckolding, and becoming a Queen of …’

    31. ‘Cuckold Wife Blogs’
    ‘Cuckold wife blogs. Explore tons of XXX videos with sex scenes in 2023 on xHamster!’

    32. ‘Do you, as a ‘cuckoldress’ or ‘hotwife’, like your husband to …’
    ‘May 4, 2019 — You can read my amazing story about how i become a cuckoldress on my blog. I also share a lot of interracial cuckolding vids on my onlyfans. 95.’

    33. ‘Confessions of a Cuckoldress | Following the journey from …’
    ‘Oct 2, 2013 — … cuckolding blogs around. I”m not seeking fuck buddies, casual … This blog will be written by me from the perspective of the cuckoldress …’

    34. ‘Lilly Sparks – Enjoy the Post-F*** Glow With AfterGlow’
    ‘Oct 14, 2023 — … Blog – Join my … Welcome to the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast – a place to learn all things cuckolding …’

    35. ‘The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast’
    ‘… Blog – Join my Cuckolding is Love Community on The MON App – Join the Helpful Cuck Tier – https …’

    36. ‘Cuckoldress Blog – Telegraph’
    ‘Mar 9, 2021 — Мы найдём много записей по вашему вкусу и соберём из них целую ленту — просто войдите в свой аккаунт. A place to discuss the hotwife and cuckold …’

    38. ‘Submissive Cuckoldress Blog | BDSM Fetish’
    ‘BONDAGESEX-XXX.COM ”submissive cuckoldress blog” Search 2023, bdsm fetish.’

    39. ‘Cuckold & Hotwife Blog – Want Her to Cheat’
    ‘Horny hotwives, curious cuckold couples, stags & vixen wives… Read sensual stories & in-depth articles for our strange, kinky lifestyle.’

    40. ’17 ways to cuck your man – the ultimate list – Listen’
    ‘Listen now to 17 ways to cuck your man – the ultimate list from The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast on Chartable … It all started years ago with a blog entry on …’

    42. ‘Cuckold’
    ‘Magnetic Partners blog post. Psychology Today. Cuckolding can also be mixed with other non-monogamous relationship arrangements with which it has …’

    43. ‘Beyond Monogamy with Cuckoldress Crystal Welch’
    Blog · Labs · Business · Brand Assets. Legal. Terms · Privacy · Content policies · Twitter GitHub. © 2023 Listen Notes, Inc. Listen Notes® is a registered …’

    44. ‘Cuckold Training Essentials – Adultsmart Lifestyle Blog’
    ‘Jul 24, 2015 — Cuckolding is specifically described as a male partner becoming aroused and stimulated by the idea or act of his wife (or partner) enjoying sex …’

    45. ‘The Politics of Cuckolding’
    ‘The Politics of Cuckolding. Why are conservative men more interested in sharing their wives? Posted July 23, 2018 | Reviewed by Gary Drevitch.’

    46. ‘Amateur Interracial Porn – Free Video Wives Sex Pics’
    ‘Cuckold hubby watchs and films wife getting her first BBC. This beautiful blonde sucked and fucked this big black cock with great pleasure.’

    47. ‘Passiongoddess’s Blog | Cuckold , cuckoldress , goddess …’
    ‘Cuckold , cuckoldress , goddess , mistresses , hot wives , cheating , sex , small dick , average dick , huge penis ,’

    48. ‘Cuckoldstories – Herit-Us’
    ‘… posts on my private blog.cuckold. Separate tags with commas. More info in … Cuckoldress, the Cuckold + Hotwife duo, and the Pegging Mistress. Monique Mae …’

    49. ‘Benefits of Cuckold Lifestyle for Couples – Swingers Blog’
    ‘Dec 9, 2014 — Did you know that there are benefits of a cuckold relationship? Are you facing troubles in the bedroom? One of the major defects of facing …’

    50. ‘The Ultimate Cuckold Blog For Chastity Addicts – Page 2’
    ‘Apr 12, 2023 — The ultimate cuckold blog for your female led relationship! Get expert tips for exciting chastity games to spice up your FLR.’


    52. ‘The Cuckoldress Podcast | Anna Hardwood’
    ‘The Cuckoldress Podcast | Anna Hardwood · @Cuckoldress_A. Purpose: Cuckoldress Blog: TBA Podcast:’

    53. ‘Darkwanderer – Cuckold forums’
    ‘Sep 9, 2023 — Free Slut wife, Interracial, Cuckold Stories and Pics.’

    54. ‘Come Out You Cuckold Flag: History, Meaning & Use in …’
    ‘Sep 22, 2021 — Come Out You Cuckold: The History & Meaning Behind the Horatio Cary Cuckold Flag … Blog. All Rights Reserved.’

    55. ‘cuckold Archives – Mistress Sidonia’s Femdom Blog’
    E’Cuckold Slave Duties ~ Femdom Comic Strip · 21/02/2014. Cuckolded Slaves · 08/08/2012. Cuckolding Wives. All content Copyright Mistress Sidonia von Bork\”s Blog.’

    56. ‘True Cuckold Stories’
    ‘True Cuckold Stories. cuckold stories, cuckold wife, Cuckold Picture, Husband Watches, Cuckold Wives, cuckold … Wife Blog || Cuckold Videos ||. © 2004 Cuckold …’

    57. ’12 Cuckold Porn Sites. Tubes, Picture Sites And Blogs’
    ‘4. FREE. This is what Cuckold Video Clips looks like Cuckold Video Clips. One of the rare real cuckolding blogs arounds. Every now and then (usually between 3 …’

    58. ‘How Many Women Fantasize About Cuckolding?’
    ‘Oct 12, 2020 — I”ve written quite a bit about cuckolding on the blog, but most of my previous posts on this subject have focused on men because pretty much …’

    59. ‘NSFW Tumblr : cuckold-blog’
    ‘submm4use: A lot of cuckold blogs show creampie pictures with wives that have a big glob of cum dripping from a gaping hole or a nice spray of cum drops across …’

    60. ‘cuckold | Mistress Ayn Blog’
    ‘Tag Archives: cuckold. Trials and Tribulations of a chastity slave – Installment #34 – Cuckolding a collared, chaste, sissy slaveboy. Tuesday, 18 …’

    61. ‘Cuckold Blog – In an Adult Theater’
    ‘I posted this at the cuckold blog but I”ll post it here too. I took my wife to an adult book store that also had a theatre in it. We went in and she was finger …’

    62. ‘Becca Bellamy | Creating Cuckold Stories’
    ‘Becca”s Private Blog. $25. / month. Join. Show more. Access a Patreon-only Blog at filled with naughty cuckold content.’

    63. ‘Love, sex & chastity: Why cuckolding is perfect for you and …’
    ‘Aug 26, 2023 — … blog… Well, from time to time you probably fantasize about being a sissy cuckold;) Fantasies are, of course, good and all, but actually …’

    64. ‘Cuckold Lifestyle Porn Videos |’
    ‘Swinger-Blog XXX. 110K Views. 84%. My OnlyFans BBC QOS Cuckolding lifestyle. 2:03. My OnlyFans BBC QOS Cuckolding lifestyle · Vixen Curious. 92.5K Views. 91 …’

    65. ‘Cuckoldress Scarlet’
    ‘No information is available for this page.’

    66. ‘Tag Archives: cuckold’
    ‘Jul 16, 2020 — So there”s a love story about a Domme, her cuck and luxury tea. xo. Mistress T. PS: Want more interaction than my vids or blog offer? Join my …’

    67. ‘please contact me if you’d like me to remove a post owned …’
    ‘This stag & vixen/cuckold/wittol blog reflects my fantasies that include cuckolding, voyeurism, hotwife, slutwife, swinging, wife watching, sloppy seconds, …’

    69. ‘Cuckold: The Official Kink Dictionary – The Blog’
    ‘Apr 10, 2023 — The Definition: A Husband or boyfriend whose partner has sexual encounters with others, oftentimes with the husband”s knowledge and consent.’