Cucked My Wife with her Mom 2024

Cucked My Wife with her Mom



A couple years ago when I was in my late 30’s. I was really into fitness. I spent 2-3 hours daily lifting weights and running on the treadmill at a local fitness club.

I already had a great physique from years of sports in schools. When I started trying to get fit again, it didn’t take long before I was ripped.

When I would take off my shirt girls and guys would stare. My chest had great definition and my arms were 18”. Many of my wife’s friends would always tell here how lucky she was to sleep with me.

Also they would say, I wish my husband looked like that. One evening I was upstairs taking a shower and nobody was home. After my shower I looked into my underwear drawer and I didn’t have any in the drawer.

Knowing my wife was doing laundry the day before, I decided to run downstairs to get my underwear. The laundry room is next to the kitchen. I go downstairs and walk into the kitchen naked.

I open the fridge and grab a water bottle and as I close the door and turn I am caught off guard. There sitting at the kitchen table is my mother in-law. I froze not knowing what to say.

She was looking down at my junk, smiled and said, I thought it would be bigger. I was embarrassed turning red. She said, it’s o.k., you’re the best thing I’ve seen in years. I asked where my wife was.

Cucked My Wife
Cucked My Wife

She said she was on her way home and she dropped in for a visit. She said she rang the doorbell and know one answered so she let herself in. I told her I didn’t hear her and ran down to get underwear.

The whole time we were talking, she kept eyeing my junk. Feeling uncomfortable, I stepped behind the island. She surprised me by saying, if you weren’t married to my daughter, I would be on my knees already with a laugh.

Didn’t know how to respond so I said o.k. About that time my wife walked in carrying groceries. She say me first and said can you help me. As she walked into the kitchen she noticed her mom.

My wife is a very pretty woman and so is her mom. They are about the same height but her mom had a few extra pounds but still in good shape for her age of 55. My wife has a B cup with very perky tits with tall nipples.

Cucked My Wife
Cucked My Wife

Her mom was probably a C cup and I often wondered what her nipples were like. My wife stunned to see her mom with me standing there naked. She said, what kinda hanky panky is going on here. Before I could explain, her mom says, I’m trying to seduce your husband.

I quickly explained and excused myself. Once dressed I told her I was running to Lowe’s and be back soon and left. When I returned her mom was gone. I asked my wife, did your mom say anything more about our incident.

She said she was impressed and asked if she could borrow you for a night jokingly. Later that evening my wife wanted to fool around so we went to bed. We started kissing and fondling one another.

My cock was hard and she was very wet. She asked me to get on and fuck her. As I was fucking her we began kissing again. She had her legs wrapped around me pulling me deeper. I sensed she was more worked up than normal. She then asked out of the blue, would you fuck my mom.

Surprised I hesitated, then replied. She is a nice looking woman. She asked to switch because she prefers the top. Once she started to ride me, she then ordered me to suck her nipples. I loved those long eraser nipples.

As I sucked and chewed them, she looked down into my eyes and said. I wouldn’t mind sharing you with my mom. This really made my dick throb sending me to the verge of orgasm. I usually make her cum before I do but I’m getting close so I say stop you’re going to make me cum.

She picked up her pace riding me harder. That was it, I exploded. My dick head was very swollen and sensitive. She was still riding hard. I grabbed her hips and tried to stop her due to my sensitivity. She wouldn’t have it and continued.

My Girlfriend Cucked
My Girlfriend Cucked

After a minute or so my sensitivity had ceased and I could fill myself getting hard again. She continued until she started screaming out having her orgasm and making me cum for a second time. We collapsed in silence. Then I asked if she was extra horny thinking about me fucking her mom.

My Girlfriend Cucked
My Girlfriend Cucked

To my surprise she said yes. I then asked if she would actually allow me to fuck her mom. Again, surprised she said she would. She said for what ever reason, she wouldn’t be jealous. She then said her dad had a dead dick and her mom needed a good fuck.

After that night we would roll play about me fucking her mom. She really got off on it. A few months go by with us talking about how we would plan it. I told her it really makes me horny talking about it but I’m not sure if I could. My wife began begging me to do it but I was still reluctant.

After all the talk and begging I caved and told her I’ll do it. My wife’s plan was to do a repeat of our first incident, this time giving her the chance to act on it. She had called her mom asking her to come by for a visit. I was to run the shower and come down after she enters naked again.

But this time be semi erect and get closer to her. I watched the front window from upstairs and when she arrived I started the shower. The whole time I was stroking myself and pretty worked up. I hear the doorbell a couple times before I hear her enter.

After a couple minutes I turn off the shower and go downstairs. This time she is standing in the kitchen when I walked in. She turned and said oh my. I smiled and she smiled also. She then said it looks like you’re a grower. I then asked if she liked it. She replied yes, it’s much bigger than Walt’s. I walked closer and my dick is sticking outward. She asked where was her daughter.

I told her she got a last minute call and had to run to work. We were standing close looking into her eyes. She couldn’t stop looking down at my dick. I told her we had time.

She looked at me and said, boy I want it bad but I don’t want to hurt my daughter. I replied that she’ll never know and I really want her as well. She stood there looking down and eventually reached out and wrapped her hand around my dick. I leaned in and we began kissing. She started stroking me and I began squeezing her tits. She started to get hot and heavy with her breathing.

I asked if she would like to go to the spare bedroom. She didn’t say anything but led me to the bedroom still holding my dick. When we got next to the bed she turned and pushed me down on it. She then said I’m going to hell but I can’t help myself. She dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock.

Cucked My Wife
Cucked My Wife

Once she had me fully hard, she removed her clothing. She looked like my wife at an older age. She climbed on lowering her wet pussy onto my hard cock. She felt tight gripping my cock with her tight pussy.

We began kissing and then she ordered me to suck her nipples. It felt like sex with my wife with bigger titts and a different face. This woman fucked me like it was the last time she would have sex. When we finally orgasmed she quickly got up because she wanted to leave before her daughter came home. I kissed her bye and she left. My wife came home afterwards asking if we had sex I told her we did. Her mom could not resist.

My wife took me upstairs and wanted me to fuck her quickly. I told her it was like fucking her. I told her her mom rode me just like she does. She asked to switch and she fucked me hard like mom. Later at a family gathering her mom told me thanks for the fun evening once we were alone.

I told her anytime she needs a little something, give me a call. She replied there will be no next time. Two months later I get a call.


Cucked My Wife
Cucked My Wife