Wife’s Wild Night 2

Wife’s Wild Night 2

Wife's Wild Night 2

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The only thing left on was her socks and high heels, what a great site and to see her naked in front of me and a total stranger we just met an hour ago. Randy then got up and walked over to her in front of the window, placed his hands on her hips and slowly turned her round so she was facing the outside.
Now if anyone in was watching the hotel they would be getting a great show of my hot wife and her new friend as he lifted his hands back up to her breasts and started to play with her hard nipples again. I could hear her start to moan as his hands squeezed her tits, pulled on her nipples and as he nibbled the side of her neck at the same time.
He then ran one of his hands down her body to her hot wet pussy and started to rub her clit. Tamara’s moans were getting loader and faster as he played his her pussy and then stuck his fingers deep into her. She moaned loudly and started to go weak in the knees as his fingers worked away inside of her, hearing her breathing get faster and faster I knew she was enjoying his fingers.
This continued for a few minutes when all of a sudden Tamara screamed out that she was about to cum as he continued to finger her wet pussy. Her knees and legs were about to give out so Randy held her up with his other arm and still keep his fingers going as she started to cum,
she let out another loud moan and a few swear words and I knew then he must have found the right spot as Tamara started to squirt and squirt. Her cum mixed with her juices just started to flow all over Randy’s hand, on her legs and then onto the carpet. Wow it was hot as hell watching another man make my sexy wife cum and cum as her body shook and her hot cum was dripping from her wet pussy.
He stopped and stood the wife back on her feet and gave her good smack on her ass and said that was a great little bitch cuming so hard and the guys across the way I’m sure enjoyed to show too. Randy said we should go down to the bar for another drink but Tamara was to only put a coat on over her body the way she was with nothing else on and so she could feel her wetness still between her legs.
Sounds like a great idea so I handed her, her coat. She looked a little shocked but proceeded to put her coat on. He took her hand and they started to walk out the room and down the hall with Tamara only wearing her socks and heels under her coat. Wow that was hot to know that my sexy wife was totally naked under there.
I told them to head down on their own as I had to use the washroom and then told them I would be down shortly and wanted watch from the other end of the bar as the two of them sat on their own.
They got into elevator and down they went, whatever happened in the elevator I wouldn’t know till we talked later. They were sitting at one end of the bar when I came down a few minutes later, so I sat at the other end on my own and watched as the two of them chat away.
Her coat was zipped down low but only open a little, you could tell see was not wearing a bra and you could see a side profile of her big tits if anyone looked, it was hot as hell to look at her sitting there like that. They both had a drink and a shot of Ouzo and were laughing a little as they made small talk. I watched from a distance when they stood up and again Randy took her hand and they walked out of the bar.
As they were walking out Randy nodded to me to follow so I got up and followed them out a few seconds behind but instead of going to the elevator he walked her over and straight into the men’s washroom. Just as I walked in there was a guy at the urinal and I saw the two of them walk into the end stall. I heard Randy say to her remove your coat now and give it to me.
The stall was still open so I watched as Tamara removed her own coat and handed it to Randy, he then turned to me and said hold on to this till we head out and then the stall door closed. I got into the stall beside them and listened as he told her to sit on the toilet, again fully naked and the image of her sitting there like that was turning me on more and more. He then instructed her to undo his pants, and to suck his cock.
I heard his pants open and fall to the floor and then heard the two of them moan as his cock slid into her mouth. I looked over the stall to watch as he held her hair tightly with both hands and was pulling her head up and down on his big cock. His cock was huge and I could hear her muffled moans as his big cock was sliding in and out of her mouth and could hear his breathing going faster and faster too.
I watched as his held her head close to him and watched him stiffen up as he started to cum in her mouth. She tried to sallow as much as she could but he just kept coming, he pulled his cock out of her mouth while he was still cuming and shot hot cum all over her tits as cum also dripped out of Tamara’s mouth onto her big titties too. That was fucking hot to watch and listen as Randy came on my shy wife.


He was still rock hard when he told her to stand up with cum still all over her tits he started turned her around and said I have something else now for you for being so obedient and I know you are going to love it.
He told her to place her hands on the back wall, and just as her hands touched the wall he gave her a couple good smacks on her ass leaving his hand print on them, he then spread her legs by pushing her feet wider and wider apart. She looked so hot with her arms on the back wall, legs spread wide and slightly bent over with her ass and pussy open and ready to use.
She received a couple more hand smack on her ass as he spoke, I know you like it baby, your ass looks good with some colour. Do you like your ass spanked, my little slut? She did not reply right away so he gave her one more smack, well do you? She replied right away then, yes sir I do like my ass spanked sir.
Good girl he said and you are so fucking hot, you’re going to love this. He then stuck the head of his cock into her dripping wet pussy, with one big push he shoved his cock all the way into her soaking cunt.
She moaned and gasped as he jammed his big cock into her in one thrust and then fucked away at her as she continued to moan. Others walked into the washroom and not sure of what they thought but I’m sure they all knew what was going on and hoped they could join the fun by listening for a minute or two then walking out.
Watching my wife bent over with her legs spread wide and cum dripping off her titties while this guy we just met uses her as his sex toy was just crazy exciting to watch. Within minutes she screamed out that she was cuming again. Randy grabbed her hips tightly and again pushed his cock in as deep as it would go into her pussy he then asked her if she wanted to feel his hot cum deep inside her.
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She was quiet for a second but then said yes I want to feel it and he too let out a groan so I knew he was cuming too. He came deep inside her and again it was wild to know another man had just filled up my wife with his hot cum as strange as that might sound it was totally exciting and almost made me cum right then and there too.
He then looked up to me and said let get back to the room this way we can both use her at the same time if you want to carry on with more kinky fun.
He pulled his pants back up and opened the stall door, I could see my wife’s hot freshly fucked body all sweaty and still covered in cum behind him as I handed Randy Tamara’s coat. Just as she was putting her coat on, Randy and I watched as some hot cum dripped out of her pussy and onto the floor.
Wow that was hot to watch. Tamara was about to grab some toilet paper to wipe her pussy when Randy grabbed her hand, no just put your coat on and we will all walk back to the elevator and back to the room as you are, I want you to feel my cum and your cum drip out and run down your thighs as we walk through the lobby.
We walked out of the men’s room, through the lobby to the elevator and waited once again for people to get out of the cab so we could enter ourselves. As the doors closed Tamara said she could feel the hot cum that was inside her oozing out of her wet pussy and running down legs.
Randy then moved in front of Tamara, he unzipped her coat all the way and told her to hold it open while he and I stood back and looked at her hot wet body. She held her coat open with her hands, her body from her titties down to her ankles were shinning with sweat and fresh cum which shimmered as the lights from the elevator reflected off her skin.
Randy once again appraised her for being such a good little slut and doing as she was told. We watched as more cum seeped out of her pussy and run down her thighs as he was speaking to her, and what a hot site to see.
When the car stopped on our floor, when Randy told Tamara to let her coat go with hands but not to zipper it up, just let it move as you walk. I looked down as we walked out and noticed that there was a small puddle of cum on the elevator floor which must have dripped out of Tamara’s wet pussy as she started to walk out.
Wife’s Wild Night
There were people waiting to get on the elevator and I wondered if they would notice that wet spot too and if they could smell the sex that was left behind as we walked out. It was a great ride and so far a fucking hot night filled with excitement for all of us. About half way down the corridor Randy stopped Tamara take your coat off now! You are going to walk the rest of the way to the room totally exposed socks and shoes only.
Fear went through her eyes but she removed her coat and handed it to him, perfect he said now let’s carry on. As she walked the rest of the way down the hall it was wild watch and I almost came again watching her walk to our suite and wondering if anyone would come out of their room while we were still in the hall. I know she would have been nervous as hell doing this but did as she was told and was again complimented by Randy on how great of a submissive slut she was.
Once back in the room Tamara was told to stand in front of the window again just as she did before and to face out. I poured us all a glass of wine and handed one to Tamara too as the three of us stood by the window and had a toast to new friends.
With our glasses in one hand we started to rub cum that was coving her tits and legs all over Tamara’s body as small moans escaped her lips, the cum was starting to get sticky as we rubbed it all over her hot body.
Randy then said that Tamara should help us get undressed so with that being said she handed her glass to me and I placed it on the window ledge as the two of us stood beside her. She reached out and started to remove Randy’s shirt and then his pants, leaving him standing there in his underwear then did the same to me except pulled my underwear down at the same time.
She got down on her knees took my cock in her mouth and with her hands pulled Randy’s underwear down too. She then sucked on his cock too so for a few minutes she just went back and forth sucking our two cocks.
Randy left us there for a second then returned with a blindfold which I had on the counter earlier, he placed it on Tamara so she could not see what was happening anymore, she would have to feel and guess the rest of the night. He then asked what else I had brought to play with so I went to our closet and pulled out our toy bag.
It was a big suitcase that we take with us when we go on trips that is filled with restraints, toys and all kinds of kinky things. Randy was like a kid in a candy store as he picked out some things and placed them on the table.
Wow he said this is going to be even more of a kinky night as he moved Tamara out of the way and then we then slid the table closer to the window. I went and took the comforter off the bed and laid it on the table while Randy fastened ankle restraints to Tamara’s ankle and then wrist restraints to her wrists. We then laid Tamara down on the table on her back with her ass and pussy over hanging the one edge a little at the one side.
He pulled her arms up over her head and to the side, then tied them down to the table legs. We then each pulled her ankles to the side spreading her legs wider and wider leaving her body totally helpless and fully exposed for us to have access to her at any time. It was a great site for me to watch my blindfolded wife as she laid there spread out and totally vulnerable for us to use and if anyone was watching across the way.
Randy then went back to the suitcase to pick out more things as I walked to the other end of the table were Tamara’s head was and placed my cock on her lips. She moaned as she took my cock into her mouth and sucked my dick all the way down to me balls. I heard the sound of one of the wife’s favorite toys as Randy had found her plug into massage vibrator and placed it on her clit.
She moaned like crazy as she was sucking my cock and as Randy worked away on her pussy getting her wetter and wetter by the second. He then stock two fingers deep into her cunt and found the magical spot again as he worked his fingers around and continued to vibrate her clit too.
She moaned faster and louder again which meant only one thing, she was about to cum again, I pulled my cock out of her mouth so we could hear her screams loud and clear as Randy keep both his hands busy on her pussy.

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