Wife’s Wild Night 1

Wife’s Wild Night

Wife's Wild Night

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Well my wife (Tamara) and I were sitting around talking about what to do this upcoming Saturday and then decided we would go to the city for some fun. We are both in our late 40’s and the wife still looks like she is only 29 and has a great body on top of that, just so you can picture her in your mind she has fiery red hair and is 5′-6″and about 120 lbs with 34 DD titties, she still gets guys starring at her constantly and loves the attention.
Saturday came and we packed up and headed to the big city to check into our hotel for the weekend. It was a busy weekend with lots going on there so our thoughts of a fun night should be great. We settled into the room and had a couple drinks and changed our clothes to get ready for dinner. I told Tamara before we packed earlier that day that I would like to see her wear something sexy and on the wild side.
So as we were getting dressed she asked how this was, I turned to look and liked what I saw. She had on a short black skirt and black/white shear blouse on that showed off her black laced bra which was hiding her beautiful big tits. She also had knee high socks on with her 4″ high heels. She looked hot and sexy and I knew she would get a lot of attention dressed like that.
We went for dinner to a nice place just down the street from the hotel and then back to the hotel bar for a drink. As we sat at a table in the corner, we watched as others came and went.

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There was one guy that keep looking over at Tamara as we sat there and I wondered what was going through his head, having another guy wanting my hot sexy wife was starting to turn me on. I know that might sound strange but for some reason that vision of her with a stranger got me a little excited.
I went to the washroom but as I walked by the stranger I give him a little nod to say hello and that was ok for him to check out my wife. When I returned from the washroom the stranger was standing beside Tamara and the two of them were chatting.
As I approached he apologized for coming over to talk to my wife but said that she was so beautiful he had to talk to her and then introduced himself to me. Randy was his name and he ordered a round of drinks as the three of us made some idle small talk.
He said he was from California and was happily married to a great wife too, but was allowed to look and have fun once in a while as long as he let his wife know who he met and what he did when he returned home. After a little more talking Tamara got up to go to the washroom and Randy and I had a pretty open chat about things and what was going through my mind.
He said he has played with other couples before and was also a Dominant Master and loved to control other women and to teach them how to become very submissive. I liked what he was saying so I thought this would be a wild night for me to watch a complete stranger use my wife as his own sex slave and for her to obey his commands.
Randy and I shook hands and I agreed to hand Tamara over to him as long as she was willing too. Once Tamara sat back down I told her about what Randy and I talked about and if she was ok with Randy having full control of her.


He said we can stop at any time should we feel the need not to carry on with this. She was both a little shocked that I was ok with it but also a little scared and excited too not knowing what was in store for her for the night. Tamara agreed and from that point on I let Randy decide how the night will playout.
We sat and chatted a little more and Randy ordered one more round he then leaned over and told my wife to undo a couple more buttons of her blouse , not all but just a couple to show him that she would obey his commands. The playing had begun. She slowly undid two more buttons which was hot to watch, as she started doing as she was told.

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Her black bra now stood out a little more and the look was sexy as hell. He told she did well and loved the way she looked sitting there so shy and innocent. At that point Randy then told Tamara he would like her to remove her panties while sitting there at the table.
Tamara looked around a little to see if anyone could see as Randy instructed her again to remove her panties and to hand them to him above the table, this way if by chance anyone was watching they would see her doing this and might like to watch too.
Tamara a little nervous stuck her hands up under her skirt and slowly started to pull her panties down her legs and off her feet one foot at a time and then bought them up over the table and handed them to our new friend. Randy reached out, took them from her hand, looked them over and then looked at the wet spot on them.
He then lifted them up to his face so he could get Tamara’s great scent of her wet pussy. He placed the panties down on the table and praised her for doing so well then told her to play with herself a little and to rub her clit. After a few minutes he wanted her to stick a couple fingers of hers into her pussy but not to cum as that would have to come later.
She did as she was told when he said that was good, now remove your hand, bring your fingers up to your lips and lick the tips of your wet fingers so we can watch. Again she did as she was told and he compliments her on how well she has been obeying his small commands and we decide to head to the room.
We leave the bar and start walking to the elevator, wait for the elevator to arrive let some people get out and then the three of us enter the cab and the doors close. Once the doors closed Randy stood in front of Tamara and unbuttoned her blouse all the way leaving her bra fully exposed to look at and then without missing a beat he pulled the front of her bra down a little and lifted her tits exposing both of her big beautiful breasts.
She looked a little shocked standing there with her two big titties out as Randy played with her nipples and bent down to take one of her hard nipples into his mouth. The elevator stopped, he lifted his head and told her leave the bra down, her shirt unbutton but to let the blouse hang down to cover her hard nipples and we will walk to the room like that.
Not knowing if anyone would be waiting for the elevator or if someone was walking down the corridor at the same time was both very scary and yet very exciting for Tamara and myself. No one was there as we stepped out and walked down the hall to our room, her nipples looked fucking hot as you could see them sticking out under her blouse.
Once in the room you could feel the excitement in the air as we all knew the real fun was about to begin. Randy and I sat down on the couch and chair, he instructed my sexy wife to walk to the window open the curtains and turn around to face us and to strip for us slowly. Swaying back and forth with her back in front of the window she started to slowly remove her clothes, starting with her blouse her bra and then her skirt.

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