Wife Fucked Her Boss Hard 1

My Wife Fucked Her Boss While On A Business Trip.

We have posted inside of the membership a few times but this is the first public post of our success story. We couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all.

It feels so good and so freeing to say that I finally got cuckolded by my wife and her boss. It was unexpected how it all happened but it was most definitely an incredible experience for us all.

I had shared my wife before, not with her boss or anyone we knew but cuckolding wasn’t entirely new to us so we both did know what to expect but doing it with someone my wife had a genuine attraction too and someone so close to my wife was a whole new experience and one I can’t wait to share with you all. If you have any questions at all remember to leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

Wife Has Always Had The Hots For Her Boss

My wife had always thought her boss was an attractive man, because we are so open with each other she had no qualms in telling me just how she fantasized about him and got butterflies whenever she thought about him in bed with her.

When I brought up the idea of sharing her again, her boss was the example I used to explain the idea to her. At first, she shook it off, she would get turned on at the idea, she would notice how turned on I was but she brushed it off as just a wild and stupid fantasy.

One evening I told her all about how I got painfully turned on at the idea of her fucking her boss, I went into erotic graphic detail about what it would be like for me and for her and we ended up fucking. In the heat of the moment, I began asking her if she would like to fuck her boss, how she would fuck him, if she would use a condom and she was so wet answering my questions, we had some of the best sex ever.

This was our fuel for months and I found out my wife would do pretty much anything with her boss, much to my satisfaction.

What Does He Look Like?

He’s tall, a big guy in stature, he has a full head of dark hair and he knows how to dress well. I haven’t seen him in anything but a suit, with a different watch for different occasions and he never looks disheveled. His stubble is always neat and from observation, I think every man and every woman in that office has the hots for him in some way.

When my wife and I were just fooling around with the idea of her fucking him, she wasn’t that close with her boss. They engaged in some small talk and now and again they would have a working lunch together but that’s where their relationship ended but then something happened…


My Wife Fucked Her Boss 2023
My Wife Fucked Her Boss 2023

They Started Working On A Project Together

They were the only two working on a project, they started sharing an office and at this point, I noticed that my wife started dressing hotter for work each morning, her blouses became sheerer, her skirts a little shorter. My wife had a glow to her and she would always come home happy and smiling.

She told me that there was so much sexual chemistry between them, that they were both struggling on the shared project because of the intense constant flirting. She said she would use the restroom and notice her panties were coated in wet patches and she even told me that she would see him get hard sometimes if he was in the right position for her to be able to see into his lap.

I was excited hearing these things, it was my ultimate fantasy to have my wife fuck her boss and everything felt like it was going in the right direction.

My Wife Fucks Her Boss On A Business Trip

I had no idea my wife would fuck her boss on this trip, but we did joke about it a few times before she went. I was trying to turn her on making her think about it, I didn’t really expect it to happen although It seemed like the perfect time and although I didn’t realize it would actually happen when it did, it worked for my wife and now I have this great memory as does she.

What my wife packed for the trip

My wife packed sensibly at first, her smartest work clothes and her everyday items but when I mentioned to her that she was going to be in a hotel, alone with her very attractive boss she began adding different things and I helped her.

She packed condoms, her hottest lingerie, and when she left she showed off her whole body and asked me what I thought.

She looked perfect and I told her that her boss if they fucked, was going to be in for one hell of a treat.

Texts With My Wife

I was texting my wife and I just had a feeling in my balls that something sexual was going to happen that evening, especially when she stopped replying to me. I knew she was safe and so I went to bed, masturbating, thinking of her with him. It turned out that my instinct was actually right, it was happening, this wasn’t just a fantasy of mine, she really was being railed by her boss.

text message with wife and husband about affair

She Did It!

The next morning she texts me, I woke up to the sound of her message and my mind began to race as I read her message over and over.

part two of text message with wife and husband about affair

She rang me and she told me pretty much everything, I was so turned on. I waited until she got home and she told me everything again, adding in more details this time and making me even harder than I had been.


My Wife Fucked Her Boss 2023
My Wife Fucked Her Boss 2023

What Sex With Her Boss Was Like…

They didn’t use protection despite her taking condoms with her, but she’s on the pill so it’s okay. She told me that it was her that insisted on no condoms, but we don’t have a rule about it anyway so it’s up to my wife what she prefers. They did it multiple times throughout the night, he is the biggest my wife has been with and my wife couldn’t get over the size of his cock. She told me how she gagged on it and how good it felt inside of her, you can see from the pictures how big he is.

Once my wife got home, she told me her story in graphic detail and then we fucked, whilst I asked her more questions and she told me everything, she was all stretched out and sore from all the sex she had had the night before but that just turned me on even more.

Are Things Weird Now?

Things in this lifestyle are still new to us so we aren’t experts on what we should be doing. My wife still has to work on the project with her boss and they work in close quarters with one another each day.

My wife told me it was a little awkward the first day back at the office but they talked about it and mentioned they would keep it quiet and not let it happen again, although I don’t think that’s going to happen. My wife said all she wants to do is rip his clothes off and have him fuck her on the desk and she said he has said as much to her but is trying to keep things professional.

I helped her take some naughty pictures to send him and we wanted to post them here too:

We have shared a video and some more pictures in the cuckin membership. I don’t think we will ever be at the point her boss, would be okay with doing a video with me there, I am not even sure he knows she is married.

What’s It Like For Me?

My wife and I have had more sex now than ever before, she’s so confident and we’ve tried so many new things. It’s almost like we’ve rediscovered what it means to be kinky in our own bedroom. Trying things like roleplay and femdom has been really exciting and a very positive experience for us since she fucked her boss.

However, that night she was away, when the texts stopped coming and I just knew instinctively that they were having sex, it was a weird feeling of extreme horniness, I must have masturbated 5 times, mixed with a sick feeling of regret, but when I saw my wife and I saw what it had done to her that feeling of regret slowly slipped away over time and I am left with just the horny feeling that it gave me.

I now want to experience, her having sex with him and then me having sloppy seconds after, so hopefully I’ll make a part 2 where that happens, in the near future.

Let me know if you have any questions……


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