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wife cuckold

My wife Debbie and I have been happily married for many years. Recently we decided to try something new and explore our fantasies. Mine is the typical male fantasy of sex with two women. Hers turned out to be sex with two men. Many people don’t understand why a man would want to see someone else have sex with their wife.
I love and cherish my wife very much. She was a virgin when we married and has never experienced another man in any way. Her curiosity over the years has grown. The best part of sex between my wife in I is the pleasure she experiences. I love watching her cum, to allow my senses to experience her sheer rapture. I’m not the jealous type and know she loves me and only me. This fantasy should be fun.
The adventure actually starts about a week before your special night. I come out of the bedroom and tell you I have a surprise for you when the kids go to sleep. You think this is just code for me wanting sex.
Once the kids go to bed I take you into the bedroom and sit you down on the edge of the bed. I look you in the eyes and tell you that in one week, on Saturday, you and I are going out of town. I have made all the arrangements and you are going to have sex with another man. I can tell your heart has just skipped a beat.
Over the course of the next week we make love several times. Most of these times you are the one instigating theses love making sessions. It is apparent, at least to me, that the idea of the impending encounter is driving you mad with lust. Saturday morning arrives and we both pack for the night.


You take your morning shower while I am in the bedroom getting ready. You walk out of the bathroom, drops of water still careening down your naked body. You walk up to me and grab me tight. I can tell you are terrified about what tonight might bring.
Your naked skin trembles in my arms. I tell you it isn’t too late to cancel. You just look up at me and lean in for a kiss. Our lips meet for what seems to be an eternity. My hands rub your back as we continue to embrace. While continuing to hold you tight I lay you down on the bed.
My body presses against yours as I lay on top of you. We continue to kiss for some time. Your hands reach for the edges of my shirt and begin to pull it off of me. I kiss your neck as my hands explore your sides and arms. You feel so good. I kiss the nape of your neck and move down your breasts, kissing a trail between your breasts onto your stomach.
As I kiss your stomach my hands massage you. A light moan builds in you. My hands travel up your arms, over your shoulders and down along the sides of your breasts. My hands begin following the contours and curves of your breasts. Not grabbing, simply caressing. My mouth follows and soon I have your nipple in my mouth.
Your hands are now rubbing my back. Removing my pants and underwear, I now lay next to you on the bed. My cock is growing just looking at your naked body lying there. I pull my fingers along your skin, your body quivers.

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wife cuckold
Your hand moves over and starts to caress my thigh. You are very careful to avoid touching my member. As we lay there, we both get lost in the feeling of each other. No words are said. It is a strong, intimate moment. Words are not needed.
My hand travels down and causes your body to twitch as I reach your thighs. I run my hands along your thighs and am rewarded with a purr of enjoyment. Your skin is soft, supple and warm to the touch. I brush your thighs lightly, my fingers barely touching you. With my fingers still barely touching you, I run my hand over your groin. Your tummy twitches as I touch your sex.
Your hand has now reached my dick, rubbing the head with the palm of your hand. You use one finger and travel along the shaft and back up to the head. Your finger travels around the base of the head and up to the tip.
A small amount of precum is present showing my excitement. Your hand grabs the head as you grasp me loosely. Your hand travels my length, rubbing the head with each upward stroke. Your slow constant manipulation of my prick drives me crazy.
Now my hand penetrates your lips, revealing how hot and wet you are. This isn’t from the shower, you are incredibly turned on. I feel your nectar on my hand as I move my fingers on the inside of your lips. Mmmmmm is all you say.
Slowly I move along you and rub the edges of each lip. I purposely avoid your clit making you want and anticipate the moment when I will touch you. I slowly slip my middle finger into you and it feels good. Your muscles immediately surround my finger and I feel your excitement. With each push forward of my hand your body quakes, your pussy clenches and a moan escapes.

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“I can’t stand it. I need you now. Please!” you cry.
I lay on top of you and begin caressing you and kissing you. Your legs are spread just enough to allow me between them. You keep them close to me as we both want to touch each other as much as possible. You gasp as you feel the head of my prick push against you. I can feel your excitement. With no resistance I push into you. Slowly we both experience the ecstasy of being together.
This isn’t just about having sex…..this is the slow, erotic, intimate fusing of our minds, body and souls. At this moment we are one and complete. I slide completely in so you can feel me completely. Your walls grip and contract around me. Holding still I caress your cheek and look into your eyes. “I love you so much” With a slow rhythm I begin moving my hips.
Your pleasure mounts with each rise and fall of my ass. Your hands are clawing along my back and I can tell you are enjoying this moment as much as I am. It doesn’t take long before you feel your climax approaching. I can feel your body begin to convulse and twitch under me as you moan. I continue the same steady slow rhythm.
Your orgasm intensifies and you scream out in a continued display of your pleasure. I too can hold back no longer and I begin to release deep into you. Together we cum at the same time. Our passions released as one. We lay there afterwards as my dick begins to relax inside of you.
I frame your face with my hands and we kiss. There is a strong connection between us and passion in our kiss. “You are beautiful.” I say longingly while looking deep into your eyes.
As we recompose ourselves, we continue getting ready for tonight. The day is charged with electricity. We are both extremely nervous, I even notice you shaking a little as the time grows closer. We travel to the hotel that I have setup for the meeting and get settled in.
Nothing fancy, just a regular hotel room. I kiss you and ask you one last time “are you sure you want to go through with this? It isn’t too late to cancel if you are having second thoughts.”
You just look at me with those big brown eyes and tell me “I just really want to try it one time. I want to know what it is like.”
Now is when the real adventure begins. I tell you to get undressed and go to sleep. You will be awaken soon enough. With that I leave to go down to the hotel bar and meet our guest. As we sit and talk, I can’t help but think about what is about to happen. I give you a little longer then normal to fall asleep. I can only imagine how nervous you are right now.

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