Wedding Day Cuckold 3

Wedding Day Cuckold 3


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Bob would watch from the sidelines and ask for details when we got home. He was really fascinated when I told him I could feel their hard ons and would ask me what it was like. We’d have sex at night and he’d ask me about it when we had sex. He’d often cum as we talked about it.
Bob asked me to marry him. We’d been dating for almost a year and I said yes. We planned to be married right after graduation in my hometown.
We continued going out. I’d spend weekends at Bob’s. We’d go out dancing. I’d dance and he’d watch. During sex he kept asking me about dancing. He’d ask me for details when someone touched my ass or breasts.
One day, while we were having sex and I was telling him this, he blurted out, “I can’t wait to be married to my hot wife.” I took it as a compliment. He would say it often as we had sex.
One day I told my roommates that he’d said that. They laughed. I had no idea why and asked them what was so funny. They repeated “Hot Wife” and laughed.
I didn’t want to sound stupid so I let it drop. When I was alone I googled it. I learned that a hot wife was a wife who had sex with other people. As I read more I started to see patterns. I just shook them out of my head. I was sure Bob didn’t mean that.
I couldn’t believe the stories. I read about men who liked knowing their wives were having sex. I read about the women. I have to admit, some of the stories were hot.
One night while having sex Bob again said he couldn’t wait to have me as his hot wife. I asked him if he knew that the term hot wife meant a wife who had sex with others. He came immediately.

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It was hard planning a wedding during my final semester, but we did it. I invited the group of friends I made last summer. We had stayed in touch when I was at school. Especially James and Don. During Christmas break I almost spent the whole time with them. During the school year, they would send me flirty and suggestive texts. It was all in fun.
As I planned the wedding Bob asked me about the guests. He was particularly interested in James and Don. He would ask me about them often. I would often share my texts with Bob. When he’d see me one of the first things he’d ask to see is my texts with James and Don. The flirtier and more suggestive they were, the more he liked them.
They’d often text when Bob and I were together. He’d read them and then make suggestions about what I should respond. Some of his ideas were very suggestive. Often the reply would be a double entendre implying that I’d have sex with them.
One night we went for dinner and dancing. Through dinner he had me replying to texts from James and Don. I was telling them I was dressed to go out. They asked for a picture. When we got back to Bob’s place. Bob suggested we take a picture for them.
I was wearing one of Bob’s favorite dresses. It was a red wrap that tied at the hip. It came down about 3 inches over my ass. You could see a bit of my lacy black bra over the neckline. Bob took one of me in my dress and sent it.
They replied that they thought the dress was hot. Don then replied that the bra was hot too and said he’d like to see more of it.
I responded, “Don’t you wish.”
Bob read the text and said, “Hey, let’s tease them a little. Show them the bra.”
I of course said no but Bob was insistent. He pointed out that everything was covered and that during the summer they had seen me in a bathing suit. He said it was no big deal.
I was skeptical, but I agreed. I pulled the top of my wrap dress apart and Bob took and sent a picture. Bob kept looking at my phone for a response. It was almost immediate. They both started commenting on how hot I looked and how they wished I was home or they were with me.
Bob was excited. He kept telling me how cool that was. The texts came back asking if my panties matched my bra.
Bob told me to respond, “Always.”
I admit I was liking the flirtiness. I was liking the compliments. James and Don started texting that they wanted to see the panties.
I told them no way, but then Bob said that I should. He said it would be fun and it’s not like they were here. There was a part of me that said no, but there was a part of me that was loving being the center of attention.
As he was talking to me Bob pulled the tie of my wrap dress and let it fall open. He then told me to hold it open while he took the pic. I did and he sent it to them.

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The comments back were not subtle.
Nice tits. Great panties. I bet they’d look good on the floor. They were getting crude. Bob loved them. He suggested we take more pics. I wasn’t sure and just said no. Bob tried a bit to convince me.
The truth is I wanted to, but I knew I shouldn’t. I didn’t.
Bob and I had sex. While having sex he kept telling me what a hot wife I’d be and talking about how hot sending the pictures was. After about 3 minutes he came and he fell asleep.
As I lay there I thought of how hot I thought sending the pictures was. How sexy it made me feel. When I thought hot, I then thought, hot wife.
I picked up my iPad and again googled the term. I started reading some “hot wife” stories. As I did I slipped my hand between my legs and started playing with myself. The stories were full of wives having sex with other men and their husband’s waiting to hear the details. The words were not hard on, sex, or vagina. They were cock, fucking, pussy, cunt.
The stories told of women sucking cocks for other men but not for their husbands. I had never given a blow job. These stories were full of them. The feeling of my hand on my vagina, I mean, pussy, was was exciting me. As I read I stroked myself harder and harder. All of a sudden I felt a wash of pleasure.
I lay there sweating. I knew what happened. I had just masturbared myself to my first orgasm. I put down my iPad and went to sleep.
Over the next week Don and James kept asking for more pics. I would text Bob at night and tell him what they were asking for. He kept telling me to take some and send them. I kept saying no, but he kept saying it would be fun. He was right. It would be fun, but i wasn’t sure. When I went to bed I would go online and read more hot wife stories. I would masturbate and go to sleep. I think I had an orgasm every day that week.
Finally he wore me down. He suggested I take a selfie in just my bra and panties. I did. I sent it to Bob. He said perfect and I sent it to James and Don. Again I got an immediate response. How sexy I was. What a great body. How hot I was. There were requests for more, and more revealing pictures. I knew I was not going to send them, but, the idea excited me. For some reason, while in the shower, thinking about pics, and the stories I read, I shaved my pussy.
I sent the responses Bob. He encouraged me to send more. I refused.
That weekend we stayed at home. I was in jeans and a top. I was sitting with Bob and texting with Don and James. They started asking for more pics. I said no but Bob was telling me I should. I know I wanted to, but I told Bob I’d do it for him. He got all excited and took my phone.
I stood up and Bob took a picture. Then he told me to slowly take my top off. As I did he took pics. Then he did the same as I slowly peeled my jeans off. As I did he’d walk around me and take pics from behind as well as the front.

Wedding Day Cuckold