Turns Out My Wife Is A Size 1

Turns Out My Wife Is A Size Queen

My wife Tish admitted to me one night in bed that she had been something of a size queen in college.

I asked her to explain more and she told me that she had a few friends she’d sleep with casually just because they were packing 7+ inches.

She felt ashamed admitting it to me, and to herself, but dicks that size were just able to take hold of her body and her mind unlike anything else. Since I was well under this range, I suggested we find someone to give her a taste of what she’d been missing from her old life.

After a few months we were able to find Sebastian, the first man who would reveal to me what a slut Tish could really be. We met for drinks a few times and it didn’t take long at all for Tish to feel comfortable and horny enough to take him for a test drive.

Sebastian warned her she may not be able to go back, but she took this as typical macho pride and was not concerned in the slightest. It wasn’t until we got to a hotel room and saw Sebastian naked for the first time that we realized his warning may have been genuine.

When she saw his manhood, Tish gasped. His cock was big. It looked bigger than me soft. He stripped Tish’s clothing off and pushed her back onto the bed. He lifted her further up the mattress and then crawled onto the bed over her.

Grabbing her smooth legs, he spread them open and then grabbed his dick in one hand and rubbed her pussy with it.

Sebastian starting inching the rubs closer and closer to Tish’s clit. Her soft moans turned into hard groans as he silently rubbed her pussy. Tish realized he had shown no signs of stopping. She never had a man do this to her before so she had no idea how long to expect him to keep going. The dull ache in her pussy was starting to smolder and quietly burn through her.

Tish didn’t want to break her submissive role and ruin the mood but she didn’t know how much more punishment she could take. Just as it became unbearable, her body exploded into an orgasm. Tish let out the start of a passionate scream, but caught herself and covered her mouth with her hands.

She instinctively started to ball up in a lump of pleasure but Sebastian wasn’t done with her yet. He pinned her knee open with his and pried her other leg open with one arm. He grabbed his cock, completely erect now and standing at least 8 inches tall. The shaft was intimidatingly thick but it was eclipsed by the massive mushroom head at the tip. He started sliding the length up and down her wet slit. This worked like a charm, the friction extended and elevated her orgasm.

Sebastian asked her, “Are you gonna be my good little slut tonight?”

Tish replied, gasping for breath, “Yes!”

“Are you gonna do whatever I tell you?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Do you want this cock?”

“Fuck yes, please, yes.”

“Then beg for it.”

It was like Tish was possessed as she let rip a string of the most desperate and cock hungry pleas I’ve ever heard in my life. She was a puddle already and he hadn’t even been inside her yet. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Sebastian began pushing his cock head into her but met considerable resistance. Her pussy was so tight, she hadn’t had anything thicker than my dick in her for over 10 years. Even though she was soaking wet, Sebastian’s swollen knob presented an incredible challenge.

He wasn’t discouraged in the slightest though and was determined to make it fit. He kept rubbing, pushing and massaging her lips until maybe five minutes later, he was finally able to get some entry into her.

He started with the smallest thrusts he possibly could, sliding less than half of the head in an out of her, anything to warm her up and begin stretching her to accommodate him. Tish was already overwhelmed, she had plans to seduce, dirty talk and blow Sebastian’s mind but she currently couldn’t do anything other than pant like a dog as he gradually conditioned her to take the biggest dick of her life. His microthrusts were doing the trick and centimeter by centimeter he worked more of his cock inside her. After another excruciating five minutes he finally had the entire head in her.

Tish was moaning and her head was bobbing up and down as she maintained the weakest grasp on reality. Sebastian decided it was time for the training wheels to come off. He grabbed her head and forced her to look at him. He pushed inside her, hard. He was able to work at least three inches in with that thrust, Tish was stuffed beyond what she thought was possible.

Sebastian gave her a few moments to writhe on him. She squirmed and moaned and lost all self control. I had never seen her like this. Not from eating her pussy, not from working her clit with a vibrator, and certainly never from taking my dick. He had less than half his cock in her and had completely surpassed the pleasure and intensity of anything I had ever done with her. I felt a deep humiliation mix with my arousal watching Tish being tamed by this beast and his meat bat.

He gave her another brutal thrust, at least seven inches was inside her now. He was pushing her to her absolute limit and Tish had to fight not to pass out. He gave her only a moment to adjust and then picked up the microthrusts again. He was moving less than an inch, but with his massive size it was enough to launch Tish into the atmosphere.

She was leaking juice all over him and dripping onto the bed. She let out a primal grunt as he continued fucking her nice and steady. She lifted up her head and saw he still had at least an inch of exposed shaft she had yet to take. Realizing she hadn’t even taken him all the way was too much for her and Tish starting cumming right then. Sebastian pulled out as slowly as he could. Tish thought he was going to pull her inside out it was so tight, and when the tip finally emerged with a wet pop she went completely limp.

Sebastian rolled her over and laid back onto the bed. He pulled Tish on top of him facing her back and she mounted him in a crab walk, still lightly shaking and barely able to support herself. Sebastian grabbed his cock and gave her wet slit a few more slaps before plunging himself back in. He gave Tish her first real strokes of the night, sliding at least 5 inches in and out of her and working a little bit more in each time. He gradually sped up and was finally able to pump her at a nice steady pace. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Tish couldn’t believe how good it felt to be stretched by him. She wanted to take him to the base but couldn’t bear to sit on it any deeper than she already was. It felt like he had unlimited length and the psychological effect left her even more turned on.

She started panting “Oh fuck, oh Jesus, oh fuckkkk”. She lifted up her hips, his cock slid out and she squirted all over the bed. Sebastian let out an enthusiastic, “That’s right you slut!” as she breathlessly shook and convulsed on top of him. The whole time his cock was just bobbing up and down, glistening with her juices and waiting to split her back open. As soon as she stopped squirting, he grabbed his cock and rammed it back inside of her. It didn’t even take a minute to bring on the next orgasm.

She pulled off of him, shook with pleasure and he simply waited and stuffed his dick back inside her. This happened over and over until she didn’t even have the strength to pull herself off his cock anymore. At this point there was nothing she could do except lie there and take the most intense pounding of her life. She pleaded with him for a break and begged him not to make her cum anymore, she said her body can’t take it. But he just grunted and kept drilling into her. Her body felt like pure electricity as she gave in and surrendered to him.

Sebastian let out a few more hard grunts and pulled out of her. His dick was like a firehose as he blasted up her entire body covering her pussy, stomach and tits, a few thick ropes even landed on her mouth and chin. They lied there in a pile of sweat, cum and pure lust while Sebastian caught his breath and Tish finally started coming back to reality.

Everything she thought she knew about sex had been shattered.


My Wife
My Wife


My Wife
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My Wife
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