The Cuckold Husband 1

The Cuckold Husband

The Cuckold Husband

A Cuckold Story 1
For Jamie, it was the end of a long week. He had finished work at lunchtime and had just got home. Of course, his wife didn’t know that he had taken a half day, but then there were a lot of things that she didn’t know about her husband.
He stripped of his jacket and tie and peaked into Katie’s bedside draw. Her collection of vibrators and toys were always a source of titillation for him but his own secret collection was better.
He felt his phone vibrate and he quickly checked it. It was an online message from an unknown number.
I know what you did last weekend
Jamie grinned and shook his head. You have no idea what I was up to last weekend, he thought as he recalled his wife’s absence. He was about to block the number when a photo appeared. It was a picture of a pretty girl sitting in front of a computer, long blond hair flowing down her back. She was scantily dressed in a white corset with lacy panties, stockings and stilettos of the same colour. She had bright red nail-varnish and, from the small part of her exposed face, carefully applied make up.

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Only, it wasn’t a girl.
It was Jamie.
He stared at the phone. How the hell did that photo come out? Who even took it? Sure, he took pictures of himself, but not from that angle.
“Fuck you!” he shouted angrily.
No, Jamie, fuck you, read the next message, or should I call you Janiesuxcox?
Colour drained from his face. He looked nervously around the room. He was genuinely scared. Not only did they know his name and his alter-ego username, but they could actually hear him.
It was a prank. His mic was on. Something.
Maybe your wife would like to see this one?
The next image was explicit. It was him, of course, lying on the bed wearing nothing but a bra. His knees were bent and spread wide and a large pink dildo was clearly protruding from his arse. He had just ejaculated, and a trail of cum was spread from his belly up to his face.
“Leave Katie out of this.”
Then you will do as I say, Janie
“Don’t call me that!”
Janie. Sucks. Cocks.
“What do you want? I don’t have any money.”
I know, Janie. Your credit cards are maxed out, your house is in negative equity, your loan repayments are late. You’re even underpaying the taxman.
“How do you know this?”
I have cameras installed throughout your house, Janie. I’ve been watching you for a long time. I know everything about you
“You know nothing about me.” he shouted, looking for the hidden cameras.
I know the pet name that Katie has for you. Thirty Second Man. That’s a nice name. But I’ve timed you. You’ve never lasted for more than twenty.
“Fuck you!” He was whiter than the lingerie he wore last weekend. The photos had to have been taken by hidden cameras. It was illegal, surely, and maybe this gave Jamie the upperhand. “I’m calling the police.”
You go ahead, I have everything I need. The next image to appear was a selfie. It was Jamie, or Janie as he was dressed as, wearing a short red dress. It wasn’t as flattering as the first one, and despite the make up, it was clearly him. I will send this to your colleagues at Acme Distribution
“How do you know where I work? And how did you get that photo from my phone?”
I hacked your router some time ago, Janie. I know your internet history, and Katie’s too. Did you know that after your twenty second performance, after you’re sound asleep, Katie watches porn and finishes herself off with a dildo. She loves muscled men. She fucks herself with a seven inch plastic cock while you sleep.
“What do you want?”
I want to fuck Katie, of course.
“Not gonna happen.”
Then I email her these pictures. A montage of images appeared, each as explicit as the last, each so damaging that he risked his marriage, his career, his life… I said I want to fuck Katie!
“How? She would never agree.”
You will invite me over for dinner tonight. You will cook those steaks medium rare. With chips and salad. For two. When your wife arrives home, you will open that bottle of scotch that you were saving for your anniversary. I know Katie gets horny after a few drinks.
“I, I, I don’t think she will go for it.”
Text her now. Tell her a friend from work is coming for dinner and you are cooking. I will arrive shortly after.
Start prepping dinner. Then shave your body from the eyebrows down.
The messages immediately stopped and the unknown number went offline.
“Hey, wait…” Jamie called out, “what’s my friends name?”
Jamie’s head was a mess. This guy knew everything about him, and had him over a barrel. He had no money to bribe him with; he was broke, and everything that was dear to him was at risk.
Jamie took the steaks out from the fridge. There were only two. He considered cutting them into thirds, but thought better of it. He prepped a salad then opened an expensive bottle of wine to breath. Katie would arrive home at six, and this guy shortly after. He had two hours to get ready.
He considered destroying any incriminating evidence, but he knew it would be hopeless. He had photos, possibly videos, of everything. He recalled that his social media profile image had changed a couple of times over the last month; not to anything damaging but clear evidence that this guy had access to his passwords. He undressed and got into the shower. He shaved his face, then put the foam into his pubic hair and shaved that too. His chest. His legs. His arse. He shaved everything.
As he stepped out, he couldn’t help but notice just how small his willy looked now with all of the hair removed. It was barely four inches when hard, but less than an inch when flaccid. He had just dressed when he heard Katie arrive home.
“Hey baby,” she smiled, genuinely happy to see him, “who’s your friend?”
“Er, Max. An old work buddy. He’s single so I invited him over.”
“I didn’t know you had any friends,” she teased.
He laughed it off. He was relieved that his wife was in a good mood, but as soon as he heard a knock on the door, his heart was in his mouth. Katie answered.
“Hi, I’m Max. You must be Katie.” The stranger at the door was young, early twenties maybe, but tall and well built. His muscles bulged from under his white shirt and Katie’s eyes widened when she saw him. He carried a large and expensive bunch of flowers which he immediately presented to her.
“Oh, wow, Max, that is so sweet. My husband never buys me flowers!”
It was true. Jamie couldn’t afford it.
“Hi Janie, thanks for inviting me over.” He extended his hand in friendship, and Jamie, wincing with the mispronunciation of this name, feebly shook his hand. Max stared at him for a moment, waiting for him to make a move.
“Let me pour some drinks,” Jamie remembered, as he invited his guest into the living room.
“I thought you were saving that bottle,” said Katie.
“Special occasion,” gasped her husband as he poured the expensive scotch into crystal glassware, “I’ll get on with dinner.”
From the kitchen, Jamie could hear the two laughing and giggling. He could hear the crystals being refilled as his wife became tipsy. He wasn’t jealous, he was still scared. Not only did “Max” know everything about them, but he was built like a brick-shit house and could belt the crap out of him if he wanted. He fried the chips as he left the steaks to rest, then called them in to eat.
“Are you not eating Jamie?” asked his wife.
“I had a big lunch,” he lied. He was starving but he dared not risk crossing any lines. He poured wine and watched them eat, noting that Max’s foot was touching Katie’s.
Their conversation continued unabated. Katie told him that he had an incredible body, and Max kindly offered to remove his shirt, which he did.
“Can I touch it?” It was unclear if her question was directed to her husband or the hunk of meat standing in front of her. She was drunk, horny, and her dream man stood half naked in front of her.
“Of course you can touch,” stammered Jamie, who was being ignored anyway.
Katie was in a haze as she ran her hands over his pecs and abs. Her panties were soaked. Her hands moved up to his arms, admiring his massive biceps.
“Now that’s a body,” she murmured. Without realizing it, she kissed his nipple and Max wrapped his arms around her. Suddenly they were kissing. Not a peck on the cheek, but passionately pushing their tongues into each other’s mouths kissing as Max effortlessly picked up off the floor and snogged her.
Back on the ground, Katie reached down and unzipped his jeans. As she pulled them down, a large, thick cock bounced into her face. She was mesmerised. It was eight inches long and as thick as her wrist. Jamie stared too.
She held it lovingly in her hands. “This,” she said, looking at her husband, “this is what a real cock looks like.”
She had lost all inhibitions. Nothing else mattered now. Her marriage meant nothing at this moment. She wanted that cock. On her knees now, she ran her tongue up the length of his shaft then tickled the end with her tongue. She opened her jaw as wide as she could and took the giant member into her mouth. It entered inch by inch until she gagged as it touched the back of her throat. It wasn’t even half way in. And then, as if by magic or sheer will power, she forced her head forward until his cock was embedded in her face. Her lips touched his pubic bone. Her eyes made contact with an amazed Jamie. She stroked his balls for a moment, then slowly withdrew it.
Saliva and pre-cum streamed down her chin as the cock was released from her mouth. She was breathing heavily. Jamie took her into his arms and kissed her passionately. He could taste his bully on her lips and yet he revered in it. In a daze, Katie kissed him back.
“I love you,” she whispered, “I’m sorry.”
As they held each other, Max opened the zip on the back of Katie’s dress. There were no objections. Katie let go of her husband and her dress peeled off her body. She stood wearing just her black lacy bra and matching panties.
It was Jamie’s turn to drop to his knees, and he gently pulled her knickers down her thighs and onto the floor. A neatly cropped runway of pubic hair covered her pussy, and her lips gleamed with her natural lubrication.
“Undress” Max mouthed to Jamie, and without hesitation he quickly removed his clothes. His small erection, now dripping with pre-cum, was in stark contrast to the giant hard cock standing proudly close to Katie. No words were spoken. Max sat on a chair and Katie immediately straddled him. She moved her hips until her pussy was in line with his cock. She felt the very tip enter her. It gently stretched her. Her cunt was dripping wet. His cock was wet with saliva. Katie allowed her body to descend. Her eyes rolled. He was bigger than her biggest dildo. She had never felt so filled up in all her life. He was only halfway in when she had her first orgasm. She moaned loudly, in a way her husband had never heard before. Inch by inch, she lowered herself, groaning louder than before. It took a bit of time, and several small orgasms, before Katie was fully impaled on him. She could barely sit straight, such was the pleasure running through her body. Max held her gently, raised her a few inches with his incredible strength, then lowered her again onto his member. He did this rhythmically until she was once again overcome with spasms of pleasure and her body went limp. His cock was literally touching her diaphragm and rubbing parts of her inside body that nothing had ever touched before.
This continued for some ten minutes, a far cry from the twenty seconds that Jamie could manage. As the fucking started, Jamie had started to wank himself but quickly stopped as Max scowled at him angrily. He watched and whimpered as his wife came again and again, screaming profanities, and the bull fucked her senseless.
But soon he pulled her off his lap completely. She could barely stand and Jamie supported her, thinking maybe this nightmare was over. But Max pulled her back, this time facing the other way. She sat on him again, her back to him, her legs wide open and her cunt stretched wide in clear view of her husband.
“Get on your knees and lick her clit!”
Surprised but undaunted, Jamie did as he was told. He positioned himself between his Katie’s quivering legs and, despite the cock plunged into his cunt, he got to work her bud. He licked it lovingly and Katie gripped his head as she came over and over again, the mix between the g-spot and clitoral orgasms sending her over the edge. When she could take no more, she pushed his head down, unwittingly pushing his mouth against Max’s slippery shaft and balls. Jamie lapped and whatever he could. The sooner he came, the sooner it would be over, surely? He took one testicle into his mouth, then the other, until he felt them tighten. The shaft seemed to swell. Katie screamed. Max groaned and stiffened. He stopped momentarily, then unleashed the contents of his balls deep into Katie, who held her husband’s face firmly in place.

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