The Cuckold Cleanup 2023

The Cuckold Cleanup and Its Psychological Power

You’ve probably read countless times that licking an inseminated cum pussy clean is one of the cuckold duties. But the term “cuckold cleanup” is much broader and includes a lot of other things to clean up.

For example, there are over 10 different types of impurities that can be sprayed or leaked onto different surfaces. The cleanup can be done in 5 different ways. It is also interesting to note that there are many technical terms used in this multifaceted field.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the topic of “cleaning the hotwife”. We’ll explain what the many terms actually mean. You will also find out what types of “contamination” there are and how they can be removed. And, of course, we answer the most important question: Why do we do this at all?

We hope that this article will help you understand the psychology of this highly polarizing cleansing gesture. As always, we look forward to a lively exchange of experiences in the comments section below this article. You are welcome to share your questions, experiences, and opinions with us.

What Does “Cuckold Cleanup” Mean?

The terms “clean up”, “cleanup” or “clean-up” stand for cleaning of something.

Cuckold säubert Hotwife Creampie
Creampie cleanup: Cuckold cleans the richly inseminated cunt of his hotwife

A “cuckold cleanup” is the process by which a cuckold or wife-sharer cleans bodily fluids from his hotwife’s vagina or from other body parts, objects, and surfaces. The “impurities” are love juices that come from the woman, from himself, or from other men. They may have splashed, leaked or been deliberately placed for the cleaning man.

The irrefutable basic rule of a cuckold cleanup is that he must take in these impurities completely orally and also swallow them. This is why the man is also referred to as a “cum cleaner”, “cleanuper”, “cum eating husband”, “cuckold cleaner” or “cum cleaning cuckold”.

Despite the cleaning obligation, it does not mean that the cleaning cuckolds are generally gay / homosexual or bisexual. Most cuckolds and wifesharers are heterosexual and only fixated on their wife / partner.

If you are concerned with cleaning semen from a vagina, you will also come across the terms “creampie feeding”, “creampie eating”, “snowballing” (sperm exchange between hotwife and cuck), and “cum licking”.

The Cuckold Cleanup
The Cuckold Cleanup

What Types of Impurities Are There?

A cuckold must ingest and recycle the following sexual bodily fluids:

  • Creampie: The joint sperm-vaginal secretion mixture of the cuck couple during sex.
  • Squirt (female ejaculate), also known as squirting, fluid after female ejaculation
  • own sperm
  • own pre-ejaculate, also: precum, pre-juice
  • own love drops, also: drops of desire, drops of lust
  • vaginal secretion, also: pussy juice, cunt juice
  • sperm sprayed by a strange man (foreign sperm), e.g. on the hotwife’s body or face
  • creampie mixture of a foreign man — after a foreign insemination in the hotwife’s vagina
  • cum from several strange men, e.g. on the hotwife’s body or face (bukkake)
  • Sperm mixture from several strange men during group sex, a gangbang, or at a men’s surplus party (gangbang creampie)
  • Sperm ice cubesfrozen sperm (collected own sperm or collected foreign sperm from lovers or the bull)

What Can Be Contaminated With Semen and Love Juices?

A variety of body parts, objects, and surfaces can be contaminated and splashed with semen, which a cuckold must take care to clean without being asked to do so:

(a) The hotwife’s body

The main insemination target is undoubtedly the hotwife’s female body. The main areas of the body that are injected with semen are those that are highly erogenous.

  • Face (mouth, forehead, nose, cheeks, chin)
  • Neck
  • Armpits, possibly armpit hair
  • Breasts, nipples, décolleté
  • Arms, hands
  • Abdomen
  • Pubic mound, mons veneris, pubic hair if applicable
  • Legs (especially inner thighs), feet if applicable
  • vagina, vaginal canal, vagina
  • Vulva, external genitals, labia, clitoris
  • Buttocks
  • Anus

b) Soiled objects

In addition to inseminating the woman, this also includes the oral cleaning of objects. The cuckold should be taught that he is also responsible for cleaning dirty objects.

c) Little helpers: jars, containers and kitchen utensils

You’ve probably noticed that the BDSM, gangbang and bukkake scenes in particular focus heavily on the oral removal of impurities. In order to avoid running down, wasting and “spilling on the floor”, containers and kitchen utensils are often used to collect semen.

In the porn films of the porn studios German Goo Girls (GGG homepage) and Sperma-Studio ( (Spermastudio homepage), containers for collecting sperm have been a standard feature for two decades. On the porn sites GangbangCreampie (Gangbang Creampie Homepage), Sperm Cocktail (Sperm Cocktail Homepage), and SpermManiaSpermMania Homepage), the collection of ejaculate has become standard.

The following are suitable for collecting sperm, squirt, and precum:

  • Plates (cum plate = sperm plate)
  • Glasses (cum glass, shot glass, wine glass, cocktail glass)
  • Bowls (cum bowl = sperm bowl, squirt bowl = squirt bowl)
  • Cups (cum cup)
  • Spoon (cum spoon = sperm spoon for collecting sperm; spooning out the vagina)

d) Surfaces

Cum, pussy juice, and squirt can also be sprayed or leaked onto surfaces. For example, some cuckolds are ordered to clean up semen that has dripped onto the floor. However, inseminated surfaces can also be trays from the kitchen area, or plastic or rubber mats that are supposed to protect against contamination. But dirty textiles, bedsheets, etc. also fall within the scope of the cuckold’s cleaning duties.

e) Lover & Bulls

Licking pussy clean: Practical, horny, and totally dirty

Most bulls ask the cuckold to clean his penis if it is too dirty with foamy pussy juice, creampie, or ejaculate. This gesture is massively humiliating for the cuckold and must be coordinated before the wife is fucked.

f) Laundry

The wife’s clothing is also a must. Here, too, the cuckold cleanup obligation applies. For example, the hotwife’s underwear (pants, thongs) may be soiled with pussy juice, squirt, sperm, and creampie. During group sex or gangbangs with several strange men, overknees, suspenders, and stockings are almost always soiled.

The Cuckold Cleanup
The Cuckold Cleanup

g) The cuckold’s own body

Last but not least, the cuckold is of course also obliged to clean his own body with his own sperm, other men’s sperm, pussy juice, and squirt. He should clean the contamination with the aid of a plastic spoon or his fingers. Of course, it must be given to him orally and recycled by swallowing.

How Does the Cleaning of Love Juices Take Place?

He can perform the cleanup with the following cleanup forms:

  • with his mouth
  • with his tongue
  • with his index and middle fingers, which he then licks completely himself
  • with his hand
  • with a spoon
  • with a container to catch it, which he then has to empty completely himself

According to surveys, the missionary position and ejaculating into the vagina is the most common sex method. Accordingly, the creampie cleanup, with the mouth and tongue, in the supine position of the woman is the most popular cleaning method. The cum ejaculated into the vagina is mixed with pussy juice during sex. Simple methods such as licking or sucking are used to try and get the love cocktail out again as completely as possible. The trick here is to skillfully and nimbly catch the sperm before it disappears between the buttocks.

Injecting the labia, clitoris, and mons-veneris (mons pubis) is also very popular. The visual stimulation for the man licking is particularly high here. Inevitably, the semen is spread over the entire pubic area. The man licking must make a great effort to skillfully capture the rapidly liquefying semen, which runs down in all directions, with his mouth and tongue. Especially in combination with vaginal insemination, it is a small challenge and an extremely horny spectacle for the woman.

Of course, the man can use his fingers to catch the sperm and finger out the creampie. It is far more effective to use a black sperm bowl or a black plastic spoon to collect sperm.

Another way of cleaning is for the woman to sit or squat over the man’s mouth with the sperm cup after insemination. A less dominant gesture would be position 69, where the woman licks the sperm penis clean and the man takes care of the leaking creampie.

What Are the Aims of the Cuckold Cleanup?

A cuckold cleanup pursues several educational, emotional, partnership, and practical goals that are closely interlinked. The main goal is, of course, first and foremost a mutual gain in pleasure for the couple.

If you look at other cuckold blogs or specialist literature on the subject, you will repeatedly read that “cleaning your partner after sex” has a huge psychological impact on the couple. This small gesture can massively strengthen the couple’s bond and have a positive influence on their sex life.

Contrary to many stories in cuckold stories and disrespectful treatment in BDSM porn videos, where cuckolds are often portrayed as losers or wimps — they are more likely to be loving and caring towards their wife / partner. This has numerous, sometimes unconscious side effects during the “removal of impurities”:

  1. Building or strengthening the relationship of trust in the partnership
  2. highly intimate, close physical contact
  3. caring feeding of the woman
  4. caring hygiene and “grooming” of the man
  5. Restoring the visual cleanliness of the body
  6. Release of happiness hormones
  7. Demonstration of a power imbalance
  8. Preventing soiling of bed linen and mattress
  9. Preventing soiling of clothing (e.g. after outdoor sex, porn movies)
  10. Removal of traces of semen
  11. a certain feeling of “power” over the man
  12. sexual satisfaction of the hotwife
  13. desired feeling of submission / humiliation of the man
  14. Orgasm of the hotwife while licking clean
  15. very close bond and satisfaction of the hotwife through oral orgasms
The Cuckold Cleanup
The Cuckold Cleanup

Well-being, Happiness Hormones, and Messenger Substances

Building or strengthening the relationship of trust through physical contact during cleanups is a factor that should not be underestimated (in conjunction with the gain in pleasure!).

Interestingly, in most animal species (especially mammals), mutual cleaning and grooming of mates, within a pack, and of offspring plays an important role in social bonding.

The licking and smelling of external sexual organs or other parts of the body plays an important role in mating. In many animal species, not only are important messenger substances (pheromones) absorbed, which stimulate the urge to mate, but it is also a sign of mutual affection (“I’ll take care of you!”). This ensures good social interaction.

Even if we humans imagine ourselves to be “different”, we have programmed primal urges into our genetics. This is probably why we enjoy the thrill of being licked clean before and after sex.

Protection From Secondary Soiling

Cuckolds are very concerned about the well-being of their beloved wife or partner and usually support her in her domestic cleaning and hygiene measures.

By licking himself clean, he proactively prevents “consequential damage” that can occur immediately after insemination. This is a very effective way of preventing semen from running down from the inseminated pussy and soiling the bed linen. Much worse are non-washable stains on the mattress, which are highly embarrassing every time you move house.

For outdoor sex, group sex in porn cinemas, rest areas, parking lots, or other sex venues where no shower is available, a cleaning cuckold is an effective aid. The hotwife’s clothes, car seats, or similar are effectively protected from soiling with sperm, squirt, pussy juice, and creampie if he is attentively on hand with his mouth, tongue, and containers for collecting sperm.

Many couples like to skip the shower after a gangbang so that they can enjoy the evening together in a hotel or at home. Often the cucki is now finally allowed to fuck his hotwife and be the last to cum. To be able to leave the swingers club without stains on your clothes, a skillful and thorough cuck is also very practical.

Support With Personal Hygiene

Every woman cares about her good looks, thorough personal hygiene, and a good scent. A thorough cuckold who cleans up her cum-covered cunt, inseminated breasts, cum-stained pubic hair, cum splashes on her stomach or a sticky feeling on her face without being asked will score massive points.

This is especially true for group sex or gangbangs. The massive, uncontrolled soiling and large areas of mass insemination on her breasts, stomach, inner thighs, armpits, and inner arms can cause discomfort for the woman. She is grateful for the restoration of the visual cleanliness of the respective body region.

Any attentive cuck should also clean and recycle any cunt juice that has been significantly increased by the anticipation of sex parties or a visit from the bull or lover without being asked.

Restoring Visual Cleanliness

Not all men find the sight of creampies stimulating. Especially during an AO gangbang or a men’s surplus party, many men want to find a well-groomed and clean cunt to fuck before they penetrate.

In professional film productions, it is usually ensured that a woman’s genital area is cleaned in between — as it is no longer attractive to some viewers after a while due to the large number of inseminations. If the advanced cuck cleans the pussy after the external inseminations, experience has shown that he earns respect, applause, and gratitude.

There are also relationship models where the hotwife’s real husband knows nothing about the cuckolded lover. If the hotwife can’t wash off the marks left on her body by several lovers and a bull in a porn cinema or rest area with a shower, a cleanup could also be the solution.

Cuckold Power Imbalance

The cuckold cleanup often also serves to demonstrate a power imbalance between the cuckold, the bull and the hotwife to be cleaned.

The cuckold level C1 — C2 is usually present when his wife is being fucked. He can be involved in sex through the cuckold cleanup. This demonstrates the role he plays in the relationship.

Living Out the Sperm Fetish

A simultaneous, mutual cleanup is also possible in the 69 position. During the cleanup, the cleanup partner often plays with the impurities (e.g. semen), which is why this technique is particularly suitable for people with corresponding fetishes and is often practised. It is not uncommon for parts of the body to be deliberately soiled for precisely this reason (e.g. the face during a cumshot, or the breasts as a semen deposit) in order to clean them or have them cleaned by means of a cleanup.

Exceptions for an Incomplete Cleanup

If the cuck spits out the orally ingested impurities without permission, this misconduct can be severely punished by the hotwife, the bull or the lovers. In any case, every cuck should therefore regularly practice creampie cleanup together with his hotwife and also repeatedly swallow cum on his own.

There are only four exceptions where he is allowed to spit out love juices:

  1. The transfer of ingested love fluids takes place into the hotwife’s mouth. e.g. by “letting it run out” or spitting it into the mouth.
  2. The love juices are transferred by means of a cum kiss with tongue contact.
  3. Oral, alternating sperm swapping (cum swapping, cum sharing). The sperm is spat back and forth between the hotwife and cuckold several times, like in a snowball fight.
  4. The love fluids ingested are transported to another part of the body for temporary semen deposition — with the aim of later, complete utilization. e.g. a creampie’s semen is deposited on the hotwife’s forehead, in her pubic hair or on her stomach. Sperm games are also permitted: Place the creampie repeatedly on the mons veneris so that it runs down the labia again and has to be cleaned again and again (for minutes).

Conclusion: The Cuckold Creampie Ensures a Close Couple Bond

The “cuckold cleanup” is synonymous with licking a creampie out of the vagina. However, it offers a much wider field of activity than one might initially assume.

There are many reasons for this lovemaking technique. Licking clean is often totally practical, always hygienic, and in any case an extreme pleasure kick for everyone involved. If a couple gets involved in this sexual gimmick, the intensive cleaning of the female body creates an incredible feeling of well-being combined with a deep connection. It creates a psychological tension of power, submission, happiness, satisfaction, lust, and initial overcoming / humiliation.

It is a real shame that in many BDSM and cuckold porn films, clean licking is portrayed in such an extremely negative and contemptuous way. We would like to motivate you to look at this highly intimate gesture from a positive perspective. It works much easier than many men think and most women will love it

It is worthwhile for interested men to bravely learn the creampie cleanup. You can find numerous guides and instructions on this topic in our cuckold blog. Together as a couple, you’ll very quickly get your man excited about creampie cleanup. “Practice, practice, practice” is the motto! Once you’ve succeeded, creampie licking is guaranteed to find a permanent place in your love life.

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