Wife Reddit cuckold 2023

Reddit cuckold 2023. 


My wife and I have been fantasising together about the hot wife lifestyle since 2019 after.  I found a text chain with a picture of her giving a blowjob to another guy which happened before we met. I felt a rush of conflicting feelings upon discovery, but was left with a slow burning desire to see her with another man. It turned me on more than I imagined, and made me discover a part of myself I never knew existed.

Recently, after many years of bedroom role playing, my wife became deeply agitated to try a new dick. So like any kinky person does, we turned to the internet and tried to find her a good looking man with a great package. She found a few hunks and started flirting with them.

Some got lucky with great photos of my wife wearing lingerie. My heart was racing through the roof. I started to feel intimidated by how many attractive guys she could pull so fast. In the end, she chose based on distance, personality, but most of all the nicest looking cock.

The way she started charming her wanted stud so well quickly made me rock hard. She also enjoyed being charmed by him while playfully teasing me that she’s going to fuck him. They had planned on meeting up that night, which made me want to touch her wet pussy so bad. But, she wouldn’t let me because she wanted to be extra fresh for new cock.

reddit cuckold
reddit cuckold

Instead of having sexy time, my wife decided to get ready for her first hookup. She applied dark pink lipstick and nothing more in terms makeup. Also, I helped her choose an outfit. We chose:

-School girl mini skirt (see pictures), easy boob access black, tight top -hot thong -dangly red earrings

Another important aspect that doesn’t pertain to her outfit but is equally important to the look is her beautiful, black hair that falls to the middle of her mid-back.

reddit cuckold
reddit cuckold

Once she was done getting ready for her hookup, she left to go meet her stud at his place. For context, I’m a 6’3″ athletic build with wavy black hair, big blue eyes, and with a long, slim dick. My wife also says my shoulders go on for miles.

Her hookup can be described as medium build, ripped, and what she called a cute face and perfect cock. The penis was straight, slightly shorter than mine, with a thick base. Hearing her call his cock perfect made my heart sink, but also drove me wild with desire because the thought of someone else getting to experience my wife made me insanely horny yet terrified.

The stud lived 15 minutes away. When I watched her pull away with a sexy smirk on her face, I set myself a timer for 15 minutes because I wanted to know when she would possibly start fucking. I grabbed a joint and laid in bed throughout the duration of the timer, and when it went off, I was expecting to get a text from my wife letting me know she had arrived. We didn’t agree to this, but I thought she might give me a moment to reconsider in case I had second thoughts.

As time went on, I received no texts or other communication. When the twenty minute mark happened, I realized my wife was so eager for his cock, that she didn’t consider me at all and instead turned her phone on silent.

An hour went by and I get a simple text from my wife saying OMW. My initial thought was that an hour was a really short amount of time considering how high her sex drive is and how long we typically have sex. I prepared myself for disappointment.

But, as I heard her pull up and lock her car, I saw her come through the front door with the biggest, most contagious smile. She said the only disappointment was that she couldn’t suck on him longer.

reddit cuckold
reddit cuckold

She missed me and rode my face for as long as they had fucked. “He fucked me like my ex, strong, hard, and like a boss.” He could bend her firmly and she went on telling me how he could work his dick. She could ride him faster and harder on top than me because of how long I am. “It hit a spot we’re going to have to find somehow with your cock.”

Fortunately for me, the sex just hadn’t lasted long enough for her drive and I got a long, slow, edging blowjob. She told me not to cum. I asked how he got to, and she said in her mouth. She leaned over the edge of the bed with her ass high and back curved, her favorite position for my long dick. “And I didn’t get him to cum on my tits which made me a little sad too,” she said flirtatiously before I slipped inside her.

I fucked with her favorite rhythm, but she told me to pull my cock out a little and fuck faster. She leaned her back close to my chest while still maintaining a curve. She found the spot. Her moans were exactly like she was building up to a climax.

This was new and thrilling. Now she could ride the spot for as long as she had trained me to last and started squirting all over me. I was feeling like a man again, then she told me he made her cum three times. It took us months of dating to learn that and he did it first try and in less than an hour. Fucking stud.

“The best part was being loud again.” Currently, we live in an apartment with neighbors, so my wife usually bites and screams into my shoulders or fingers when I’m fucking her good. This guy really got to see it all. I wanted to cum so bad, but I knew the rules. I couldn’t cum until she told me.

When she was done squirting, she laid back relaxed and I ate her out. She said I had a map of her clitoris and I felt myself feel flushed. I enjoyed her pussy until she felt rested and she decided it was time to ride me for a while.

She leaned her tits in my face and slid on my dick rhythmically then lifted her ass and started vigorously bouncing on my vertical shaft. I loved this move and she knew I wanted to cum so bad. “The reason I can’t get the spot when I’m on top is because I can only ride about the first five inches of your cock. With him I could shove it in harder and faster.” Emasculated again.

reddit cuckold
reddit cuckold

She wanted to keep going, but knew regular life was about to begin and we were traveling early in the morning to see my in-laws. “Okay, you can cum now.”

She kneeled at the edge of the bed with my dick between her tits and started sucking the tip and using both of her hands. “Poor guy wasn’t patient enough to cum on my tits. That was the only disappointment.”


reddit cuckold
reddit cuckold

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