My Wife’s First Time 1

My Wife’s First Time

A Cuckold Story 1

My Wife's First Time

Anne and I had had an almighty row. I had finally broached the subject of swinging and it had not gone down well. She hadn’t spoken to me for a couple of days and there was no sign of a thaw in the chill atmosphere.
I had been into sexual deviancy all my life but had never shared it with anyone keeping it strictly between my wanking hand and myself.
I decided to finally raise the issue with Anne, at the height of our lovemaking I told her how I wished there was another guy to share her with and really fuck her brains out. I got deaf and dumb breakfast for three days. On the Friday night we went out for a prearranged meal and drink with friends and when we got home opened a bottle of brandy and mellowed by the booze talked.
She asked me what I’d meant the other night and I explained how after 30 years of marriage and at the age of 50 I was no longer able to make her squeal when we made love. I told her how I missed the intense sweaty orgasms she used to have when I could keep a hard on half the night. She couldn’t believe that I wanted other men fuck her and didn’t want other women (perhaps because it wasn’t true, I wanted all the cunt I could get).
We went to bed and had a great sex session I told her how lots of blokes would like to get into her knickers and joked about how the knickers themselves would do nothing for them. Anne’s underwear is old fashioned and I told her how much I’d like to see her in sexy underwear. She agreed to get some sexy underwear but said that she wouldn’t wear cheep uncomfortable rubbish and it would cost me.
The next day we went to a lingerie shop and buy some sexy stuff, she came out with several bags of thong panty sets a basque, fishnet stockings, a teddy and all sorts. The bill was just short of £500. That night I fucked her through a pair of open crotch panties. She made it very clear that this stuff was for my eyes only.
We had a session every night that week, Anne still thought I was some kind of a pervert and questioned me further. When had I started thinking like this? Was sharing her my only fantasy? Was I really not interested in other women? I said no more about sharing except in answer to her questions which were mostly hypothetical. I did go on and on about how much I liked her to dress sexily and suggested she buy some sexy outfits to go over her new sexy underwear.

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She said she was only going to wear her new lingerie at bedtime but found some of it very comfortable and migrated, like much of the female population, to the thong. By the middle of the week she was wearing new bra and panty sets for work. I continued to pester her to buy some new clothes to go with them, she said she might do some shopping in her lunch hour but told me that she wasn’t a slut and wouldn’t be wearing anything like that outside the house. On Friday I saw a Marks and Spenser bag full of other clothes shop bags in the kitchen bin. On Friday night we went for a drink and got talking to some people, one of whom Anne knew slightly, in a pub in town, two men and two women who were about our age. The woman that Anne knew was a bit overweight and was squeezed into a tight mini skirt with blouse that showed more cleavage than was proper for a woman of her age. The other woman was skinny with a scraggy neck and heavy facial wrinkles she was wearing tight white trousers and a top that looked like they had been sprayed on. Her nipples were clearly visible through the top.
They looked like a right pair of slappers and I was surprised that Anne had had us join them. They were going to a party and asked us if we’d like to go along, it was near closing time, Anne had had quite a bit to drink, was raring to go and agreed immediately. I was sober (driving). I dropped our new friends off at the party which was in a rough part of town and drove home to leave the car and ordered a taxi to take us back to the party. There was a half hour wait.
“Did you see how those girls were dressed, didn’t they look great?” I said
“Are you serious?” She said.
“I told you that I like the sexy look.”
“I bought some clothes today, that make theirs look tame.” She said. “But they are for wearing at home for you.”
“Come on Anne go and put them on, knock ’em dead?” She didn’t seem too sure. “Look.” I said. “You don’t really know, Rachael, we probably won’t know another sole at the party, go and put on the horniest gear you’ve got.”
“I didn’t buy them for going out in.”
“I know you didn’t but please, just for me.”
She went upstairs and I heard the shower running. I followed her up five minutes later and went into our bedroom and laid out on the bed were a pair of black fishnet stockings, a black basque with red trim, a pair of thong panties and a black leather miniskirt that I hadn’t seen before. To say I was excited would be an understatement.
Anne came down in all the gear, the miniskirt, a pink plunging neck thin cardigan with only three buttons close together blow her breasts that revealed the basque below and above it, heavy make up and a pair of black PVC thigh boots. It made her arse and thighs look even fatter and her waist was too thick for the tight sweater, the cleavage and stocking tops showing made her look like a whore. “Look, I’ve put it on so I thought you might as well see it but I’m not going out like this, I’m going to get changed.”
At that moment the taxi arrived. “Please Anne you look marvellous, everything I’ve ever dreamed of, just for tonight. Please darling, you can put your big black coat on nobody will see you ’till we get to the party. You are beautiful.”
“I look like a prostitute.” She said. “I bought this for you to see me in, not for all and sundry.”
“Anne, the taxi is waiting, please do this one thing for me, you can leave your coat on at the party if you want, only I will know what you are wearing underneath.” Reluctantly she put her coat on and we got into the taxi.
The party was in a terraced house in a council estate (not the best area, a bit rough) we went in armed with a bottle of scotch. There were plenty of people but the place wasn’t packed, we started talking to the people from the pub, who were the only other old arses in the place everyone else was younger. The age range was from teenage to forty then our little group at about fifty. The music was very loud and it was difficult to talk.
There were some lovely young things wearing next to nothing but there was no one as sluttish as Anne, she kept her coat on despite it being hot. I kept the drink flowing and I think she relaxed a little but couldn’t have been very comfortable in her coat. A new group of people arrived some of whom were in fancy dress. Amongst them was a naughty nurse, a French maid and a woman in a basque. I said to Anne. “You don’t look out of place now, how about taking your coat off? You will melt if you don’t.”

My Wife’s First Time

“You don’t give up do you?” She said shaking her head.
“I’ve had a good look around there’s no one here who knows us, who cares what these strangers think?” I said
“Get me another drink and I’ll think about it.”
When I came back from the kitchen with the drinks I rejoined the little group of old folks but Anne wasn’t there. “She’s gone to the toilet.” Alison, the skinny piece from the pub, said. “She’ll be a while there’s a queue.” We started taking, it turned out that the four people in the pub were not two couples but four friends who worked together. Anne was quite a while and I was getting on very well with Alison. Anne came back without her coat.
I could sense that she was very self conscious but relaxed after a few more drinks and chatting to Alison and I. I came back from a trip to the toilet and found Anne and Alison dancing with a couple of blokes in their thirties. Alison saw me, said something to her dance partner came over and started dancing with me. I lost sight of Anne for a while and when I saw her again she was standing in the corner with her dance partner, Alison’s former dance partner and a gorgeous girl in her twenties wearing a very short strapless dress.
Anne had a glass in her hand and seemed quite comfortable with her new friends. She was talking, laughing and seemingly having a good time. I did a quick calculation of what she had drunk and thought she must be feeling no pain. Alison and I were getting along fine we danced again and joined Annes little group after picking up a couple of drinks. It was too noisy for proper introductions if you wanted to talk to anyone it meant shouting or talking directly into someone’s ear.
Anne shouted the names of her friends and Alison and I nodded and smiled at them in turn. Bob went back into conversation with Anne taking into her ear and she would respond into his ear or give a little laugh. I put my arm around Alison she put her arm around me. We looked like three couples.
In a lull in the music Bob said that he lived next door and asked our little group if we’d like to go for a break from the music and to cool down a bit. Anne looked at me, I nodded, the others agreed and we moved towards the front door. I had a moment of inspiration as we stepped outside and whispered to Alison. “I don’t fancy this will you stay here with me?” She nodded so I said to group. “Me and Alison will see you later we’re going to stay here and have a few dances.”
Anne stopped short and scowled at me and seemed to sober right up. I didn’t stay for a debate, just turned on my heel and walked back in with Alison on my arm. One of two things were going to happen in the next few moments, either Anne would walk through the door or she wouldn’t. She didn’t.
Alison and I had a dance and I started to take liberties with her to which she responded positively. I stroked her back, she stroked mine, I squeezed her arse she pulled in closer to me, I kissed her and she kissed me back. I was conscious of the possibility of Anne walking in on us but I had had a lot to drink and had a hard on, consequences were not at the forefront of my mind.
We went to the kitchen for a drink. Alison had hold of my hand and led the way and as I was pouring the drinks she whispered in my ear. “Shall we find somewhere quiet?”

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We left the drinks, went upstairs and found an empty bedroom. The only record that we may have broken was a speed record. In less than two minutes I had her trousers off, my cock in her and was cumming my duff. I don’t think she was very impressed but I tried to make up for it with a bit of belated foreplay. I told her that the brevity was because she turned me on so much and placated her by telling her that the night was young and I would do a proper job later. She got dressed I put my cock away and we went downstairs, there was no sign of Anne or her friends from next door, it was probably less than ten minutes since I’d seen her.
I was keen to know how Anne was getting on but was already regretting coming downstairs. Now that I had settled down and released the sexual tension I was ready for some proper sex with Alison. She seemed to have lost interest and was already talking to another bloke. Should I go next door? I just didn’t know what to do.
Alison was dancing with the bloke she had been talking to so I didn’t see much chance of a rematch there. I went outside and across to next door and had a look through the window, bastards, I couldn’t see through the tightly drawn curtains. I went around the back but the back room was in darkness, I could see into the brightly lit kitchen but there was nobody in it, what the fuck was I to do?
I hung around the back for a bit then went back inside and did my best not to look like Billy-No-Mates on my own. I waited for almost two hours. Anne had been gone almost two and a half hours. I filled the time talking to people going outside to look through the back windows and drinking. There were only a few people left at the party and I was very drunk when I finally knocked on the door to ask for my wife back.
“She’s gone mate, left in a taxi about twenty minutes or half an hour ago.” It wasn’t Bob it was the other guy wearing just his trousers, I could hear other people in the room behind him several men and I heard a woman laugh.
“OK, thanks very much.” I said and the door closed. Bollocks I thought and ordered my own taxi. When I got home Anne was asleep in bed, her clothes on the floor. I was going to do a bit of detective work and sniff her panties but they were not there and weren’t in the laundry basket in the bathroom. When I got into bed I felt her arse and she didn’t have them on. Drunk as I was my head was swimming and I was a long time getting to sleep.
I woke late in the morning, Anne was already up and I could hear her moving about downstairs. I had my shower got dressed and went down to see her. “Morning sleepy head.” She said, all bright and breezy, as I entered the kitchen. “Cup of tea?” I gratefully accepted, she put the kettle on and started talking about plans for the day. We both work full time and Saturday and Sunday need to be organized to get all the weekly jobs done.
I wasn’t going to let her get away without telling me about last night. “Sorry I missed you last night but I see you got home alright.”
“Yes.” She said. “I thought you were only going to have a dance with Alison and then come to Bob’s house. I popped back into the party but couldn’t see either of you.”
“We only had one dance, I was only with Alison for ten minutes or so.” I said truthfully.
“So why didn’t you come next door?” She asked.
“Oh I don’t know, I got talking to some people, the time just zipped by and then it was too late.” I lied. “Anyway how come you didn’t come back to the party? You were only going for a break from the music and to cool down, I expected you back quite soon.”
“I was back ‘quite soon’ but I couldn’t find you and wasn’t very happy being on my own and dressed like a tart so I went back to Bob’s house.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, did you have a good time?”
“Not bad. Do you want some toast?”
Ignoring the change of subject I said. “Were there any other people there?”
Persisting with the change she replied. “Yes a few, I’m going to have some bacon with my toast, do you want some?”
“Yes please.” I said and then tried to get her to talk with a more open question. “So what did you do at Bob’s house?”
She said. “It was really nice, well decorated not tatty like that place next door.”
“Was it?” I said. “So, what did you do all night?”
“He had a great hi fi not too loud and a really good sound. We should think about getting a good sound system, we watch too much television. We should listen to more radio and replace some of our old records with CDs.”
“So you listened to music. Anything else?”
“I told you there were other people and he had the radio on.” She was sounding a bit irritated so I let it go for the moment.
This needed thinking through. If I told her the truth about Alison it would be a disaster if she hadn’t done anything to be ashamed of in Ben’s house. If she had done something, telling her about Alison would get everything out in the open and be the start of a new swinging lifestyle. What had she done for two hours in that house that she couldn’t tell me about? I had told her enough about my desires for her to know that I would be pleased if she had started something.
We had breakfast and went out together to do some banking, grocery shopping and one or two other jobs. I started again in the car. “You looked really good last night.”
“You told me that last night before we went out.” She said. “I didn’t want to wear that outfit outside, you know that don’t you? I only bought it for you.”
“Yes I know you didn’t and I was grateful that you wore it for the party. I was so proud of you when you took your coat off.”
“Proud of me! Neil, I looked like a prostitute?” She was staring at me now and went on. “I can see why you might like me to dress up as sexy prostitute, schoolgirl, policewoman or whatever, what I struggle with is why you would want other people to see me like that.”
She’d asked a crucial question and I didn’t have a good answer all I knew was that her being a slut turned me on.
“I don’t know Anne but I loved it when you were the sexiest woman at that party and loved it even more when you were dancing with Bob.”
“But Neil that doesn’t make sense.”

My Wife's First Time

“I know it doesn’t but it’s true. I can show you thousands of letters, articles and stories from men who feel exactly the same way as me and I’m sure it doesn’t make sense to them either.” I wanted to know what happened last night and continued. “What did Bob and his mates think of your outfit? Do you think they liked it?”
“Yes they said they did.” She paused and then said. “They are not people like us, they are very different from us.”
“Did they upset you?”
“It was you who upset me Neil. You left me with them and went off with that girl Alison. That wasn’t right, you know, I didn’t know what to think.” Her voice was faltering this wasn’t easy for her.
“I’m sorry Anne the last thing I wanted to do was upset you. You seemed to be getting on so well with Bob I thought you would be alright with him.” I said. “What happened?”
“I’m not sure I want to talk about it.”
“Did they hurt you?”
“Did they insult you?”
“How many were there?”
“They kept coming and going, the girl only stayed a few minutes and left with Mike, four more men came, one of them left shortly after then some people arrived as I was leaving. There may have been others, I was very drunk.”
“So it was just you and four men for most of the night?”
“Yes.” She said and started sobbing.
I pulled the car over and put my arm around her, I felt terrible this was not what I wanted at all. I had screwed up badly and poor Anne was suffering for it. Nothing good had come out of the game I was playing. I had behaved like an arsehole.
“I didn’t want to do it Neil. It was you, you set me up.”
“I know, I’m sorry it was all my fault. Were they horrible to you?”
“No they weren’t. It was me Neil, it was me. I should never have gone there, you shouldn’t have left me like that.”
We sat there for a while, her sobbing stopped and we decided to go home and forget the Saturday morning jobs. I was no wiser about what had happened in Bob’s house but it seemed that it was not what they had done but what Anne herself had done that had upset her.
We got home and sat across the kitchen table with a coffee. We had hardly spoken on the drive home. I looked at her and smiled. “Better?” I said.
“I suppose.”

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I had a speech planned out in my head and launched into it. “I don’t know what happened last night, you can tell me about it or not tell me about it and that’s OK. None of this is your fault or your doing. If something horrible happened, I’m very sorry, if you enjoyed yourself and now regret it, all I can say is please don’t regret it because I’m happy that you enjoyed yourself. Did something horrible happen?”
She looked down into her coffee mug and answered. “No.”
“Did you enjoy yourself?”
“At the time I did.” She said.
“And now you regret it?”
“Yes I do.” She said.
“Anne you have nothing to be ashamed of, look at me.” She raised her eyes out of the coffee mug and looked at me. I continued. “Say it Anne, I’ve done nothing to be ashamed of.”
She stared at me for a moment, I mimed my encouragement and she said it. “I’ve done nothing to be ashamed of.”
“Good on you Anne. No more being upset, blaming yourself or regrets, is that a deal?”
She nodded, smiled and seemed to brighten up immediately.
“We need never see those people again or we can enjoy ourselves with them as we like it’s up to us. No it’s up to you, you never have to do anything you don’t want to.” I said. Just then the phone rang. I got up to answer it. It was a man asking for Anne. I brought the phone over, handed it to her and sat down again.