My wife has made me a cuckold 2024

My wife has made me a cuckold


My wife has made me a cuckold but it hasn’t worked out in the way I hoped it would.


my wife
my wife

We have been married now for just over twelve years and I was first cuckolded a year ago. For the first nine years we were very happily married, we had kids and life was a blur. Our sex life was never particularly great, once every other week, but everything else in the relationship was great so I didn’t let it bother me.

I have been turned on by cuckold fantasies for as long as I can remember. I was cheated on in a previous relationship and this seems to have made the fetish even stronger.

I tried to talk to my wife a few times over the years about sex but she didn’t like to discuss it and the conversation usually turned into an argument because she felt like I was criticizing her.

The most annoying thing was that she would periodically refer back to her college days as her ‘slut years’ but would never give me any details. She said that she had low self esteem during this time and she craved unhealthy attention.

The idea of her sleeping around turned me on but I didn’t have the balls to tell her that when it was obviously a complex issue for her.

I used to read on cuckold forums different techniques to persuade your wife to cuckold you but I didn’t dare to try any of them for a long time.

About eight years into our marriage I went through a very stressful period at work and this affected my (already bad) performance in bed, basically I struggled to get hard. My wife wasn’t particularly understanding and this made it into an even bigger issue. It became a major psychological problem for me.

Eventually I went to the doctors and we prescribed Viagra which was very embarrassing for a 35 year old guy like me.


My hot wife having fun with her co-worker
My hot wife having fun with her co-worker

The Viagra helped but it also made the planned and boring nature of our sex life even worse. I had to take it an hour before sex which meant that we sex became like a chore which she had to tick off her list.

After a few months of taking it it seemed to stop working so I decided to take two tablets instead of one. This worked for a while but within a few months I was experiencing headaches, dizziness and other symptoms which meant I had to reduce the dosage back down again.

My wife was trying to be understanding but I could tell that she was struggling with the whole thing. Initially she worried that I had stopped fancying her (definitely not true) and after I had convinced her that that wasn’t the case she just saw it as a weird issue that she couldn’t help with.

After a few frustrating and embarrassing attempts to have sex we just stopped trying. Before I knew it we had gone six months without having sex. My wife came to talk to me about it and said that it wasn’t healthy for our marriage to not have sex and that she missed the closeness.

We tried to maintain a sex life without sex (basically me going down on her) but it started to get boring and she didn’t seem that bothered so it fizzled out.

One night when we were in bed I told her that it wasn’t fair on her to never have sex again and that I would understand if she wanted to have sex with someone else. She reacted badly and accused me trying to end our relationship so that I could be with someone else. I told her that wasn’t the case but the conversation was over.


I Shared My Latina Wife
I Shared My Latina Wife

A few months later I had another attempt. I preempted her concerns by telling her how much I loved her but how unfair it was for her to have to go without sex. I told her that it would actually make me happier if she would have sex with someone else as then I wouldn’t have to worry about her being unhappy in our marriage, as long as it was just sex.

She told me she just couldn’t do it and the conversation ended again.

My wife has made me a cuckold


My Wife First BBC
My Wife First BBC

I bought it up again a few months later and she reacted differently this time. Instead of shutting the idea down straight away she asked how it could possibly work and what would people think of her. We talked about the practicalities of finding someone and how it would work and she said maybe one day.

About two months later when we were in bed she asked me if I meant what I said about her having sex with someone else . I said I really wanted her to and that it would make our marriage much stronger as long as it was just sex. She was silent for a while and then she asked how she would choose someone. This was the first time that she had talked about actually doing it and my heart started to race.

The more she talked about it the more excited I got until my cock was so hard it actually felt sore. She brushed her arm against my cock and looked at me in surprise. She looked under the covers and saw my cock straining against my boxer shorts. Then we had the best sex in years and it was amazing.

After that she was convinced that my problem was solved and all talk of her having sex with someone else stopped. I was able to get hard for a few times after that by fantasizing about her having sex with someone else but after a while we fell back into our old habits of infrequent, bad sex.

It didn’t take long for my erection problem to start again and when it did my wife was more annoyed than anything. We tried a few more times but the more we tried the worse it got and the more I got caught up in my own head.

We went back to a long period (about six months I think) of not having sex.



This again culminated in me trying to talk to her about having sex with someone else. This time she was much more receptive to the conversation and almost eager when I suggested it. Seeing her so keen and getting excited about having sex with another man made me very excited and before long she noticed that my cock was rock hard!

We had sex again and afterwards she joked that all she had to do to get me hard was to talk about having sex with other men. I laughed but also said that she might be right.

From then on our sex life mainly involved fantasies and role play of her cheating on me and having sex with other men. She seemed to enjoy it too and we had a period of about three months frequent sex.

However, the fantasies started to lose their excitement and the old problem returned. We tried to fantasize about her having sex with other people but it didn’t seem so exciting with the knowledge that it was just a fantasy. That was when she said maybe it shouldn’t just be a fantasy. I asked her if she was serious and she looked anxious. We talked about it for a while and then finally we agreed that she would start looking.

She started looking just as the first Covid lockdown came into force and I think it made it all a bit less scary for her as she had an excuse not to meet up with anyone if she changed her mind. She spent the next month talking to people on Tinder, Bumble and also various forums.

My Wife Has A Dom
My Wife Has A Dom

One particular guy on Tinder called Matthew seemed to get her attention and before I knew it they were messaging all the time and sending each other sexy photos. This drove me wild but I also struggled with the jealousy and other feelings. I masturbated frequently about the idea but would always feel huge regret with the situation afterwards.

Our sex life changed too. My erection problems went away and I was wanting sex all the time as the cuckold fantasy grew more real. My wife was grew less interested and after a while she would just lie on her back and wait for me to finish. I struggled to last more than a few minutes so this was quite an easy chore for her.

One night out of the blue she told me that Matthew had asked her to meet up. I felt the immediate surge of jealousy, anxiety, resentment but stronger than any of those feelings was the surge of lust. She asked me how I felt about it and I just asked her how she felt about it. We talked about it all evening but I could tell that she really wanted to.

I agreed and she was like a nervous schoolgirl. For the next week it was like I didn’t exist. She would have videocalls with Matthew alone for hours and they were texting constantly. I began to worry that this didn’t feel like cuckolding at all, more like my wife falling in love with someone else. I tried to talk to my wife about it but by that point I think it was too late because her only response was to try to persuade me that everything would be fine.

They arranged to meet up the next weekend, all hotels and restaurants were closed due to Covid so the only option was for him to come to our house or her to go to his. I felt very uncomfortable about them meeting up with the kids in our house so it was decided that she would go to his house. He told her he would cook them a meal and they could get to know each other better.

The rest of the week was excruciating, I had an erection almost constantly and would masturbate to the idea of my wife fucking Matthew at least twice a day. At night I could keep my hands off her but also couldn’t last more than a few minutes at most. She barely even seemed to notice that I was there to be honest.

She bought a new dress and underwear and when the night finally arrived I watched her getting dressed up. All the cuckold forums had said this was the most exciting part but I was feeling sick to my stomach watching her get ready. I hovered around awkwardly buzzing around her like an annoying fly until she asked to leave her alone so she could get ready in peace.

Finally I heard her come downstairs and when I turned to see her my jaw actually dropped. She looked incredible, her body had always been sexy as hell but I don’t think I had ever really realised how sexy my wife actually was. I felt like a nerdy kid at prom watching the prom queen enter the room. I told her how amazing she looked but she wasn’t really listening. She told me she was nervous and asked me if I was sure about doing this.

I really wasn’t sure and every part of me was crying out to stop her but my rock hard cock overruled my brain and I told her to go. She kissed me goodbye and said she would text me to let me know what time she would be back but then added “don’t wait up”.

I watched her close the door behind her and then went to the window to watch her get into the waiting Uber. I was completely overcome with emotion, my stomach was churning and I felt like crying my heart out but I also had a raging hard cock.

I tried watching a film but couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t dare to masturbate because I was scared of the post orgasm regret so I just kept checking my phone all evening and imagining what they were up to.

I didn’t hear anything all evening and I went to be at about midnight. I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t and I just lay in bed restlessly. Finally a text arrived from her at about 2am but all it said was “I’m going to stay over, see you in the morning xx”.

I couldn’t take it and I masturbated furiously and came very quickly. After I had cum the regret was so strong it felt like my stomach was being physically twisted.

I masturbated two more times that night and finally dropped off to sleep at about 7am. The kids were staying with my parents so I could sleep in but I still woke up at about 9am. I felt awful, depressed and wretched.

I tried to have breakfast but felt too sick. I kept checking my phone to see if she had texted on called but nothing came through. At lunchtime my phone beeped and I jumped up so quickly to grab it that I nearly fell over. It was from her and all it said was “Having a great time, hope you aren’t missing me too much. Matt has got dinner planned for tonight - hope that is ok?? xxx”

I agonized all afternoon about how to respond but in the end I just replied with “Yes really missing you - too much I think! When will you be home?? Love you so much xx”

Then I watched my phone like a hawk for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Finally at 11pm I received a message saying that she was staying over again. I felt absolutely crushed but also exhausted and fell asleep as soon as I got into bed.

When I woke up the next morning I had a message from her saying “Matt just cooking me breakfast, home about lunchtime xx”

I got up and dressed and then my mom dropped the kids back off. I must have looked awful because she asked if I was ill. She also asked where Eleanor was and I just said she had gone to the shops.

Lunchtime came and went and I was unable to function. I tried to distract myself with homework help et but I couldn’t stop checking my phone.

Finally, at about 9pm - after the kids were asleep - I heard a key in the front door and I jumped up to meet her. She was wearing a guy’s hoody (Matthew’s I guessed) and looked an absolute mess.

She kissed me and said she was too tired to talk and then went straight to bed. When I went up about 20 minutes later she was asleep.

Things were awkward the next day and we didn’t get a chance to sit down and talk until mid week. By that point it felt like there was a whole world of distance between us. She continued to text Matthew all the time and I felt like I was fading in to the background.

She started staying at his every weekend and I walked around with a permanent hard cock and paralyzing anxiety at the whole situation.

Finally I told her we needed to talk and we sat down. I told her that this wasn’t a cuckold relationship, it felt like she was falling in love with someone else. Her only reply was that Matthew wasn’t looking for a monogamous relationship so she wasn’t going to leave me for him. That didn’t exactly make me feel better because it implied that if he was wanted to be monogamous then she would want to be with him properly!

Things continued for a while and I eventually snapped out of my depression and started to sort myself out. I worked out hard at the gym and got in really good shape, I applied myself to my business (I run my own software company) and the business started to really take off, and I started treating my wife properly and investing in our relationship.

My wife noticed the improvement and we fell back in love. She hasn’t stopped seeing Matthew but it is less frequent now and I am hoping we have sorted things out!