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My Asian Live In Lover




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My name is Becky. Last year, in order to help pay the bills, my husband and I decided to rent out a room in our home. We live in a college town so we didn’t think it would take long to find a renter. Sure enough, we quickly had a number of applicants.
Mark, my husband, allowed me the pleasure of screening the potential roommates. When I met Jin, a college freshman at the local university, I knew I’d found my man. He was a tall, well-built, and handsome young Korean man who coincidentally resembled Jin from the famous K-Pop band BTS. He mentioned that he worked out at the gym every day for hours and it showed. As we talked flirtatiously about his background, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have him in the sack. The boy was dripping with charisma, and that wasn’t the only thing dripping – my panties were getting soaked and I could feel my pussy walls beginning to open in anticipation.
Jin moved in the next weekend. It was quite an experience having a virile young Asian man living in the room next to mine. Mark loved it, too, because I was randy all the time. Many times I saw Jin walking between his room and the shower wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Sometimes I could see his erection pressing against the towel and I knew he was packing some major heat. He had two girlfriends at the university – both of them white – who didn’t know about each other. In addition, he had various other girls that he would see on the side. He never mentioned it to me, but I knew that he occasionally spent time with Cindy, a friend of mine who lived a few doors down, when her husband was at work. Cindy confessed to me that Jin was not only well-equipped but he knew how to use it. She’d thought that her husband was giving her orgasms, but only when Jin bedded her did she have her first real orgasm – and she had multiples!

My Asian Live-In Lover

One night, in bed with Mark, I told him what I’d learned from Cindy. As my husband rubbed his thin, five-inch white penis back and forth inside me, he claimed that Jin was a “bull” – a man born for breeding women – and that he could tell that I wanted to have sex with our sexy Asian boarder. I didn’t exactly admit it, but I certainly didn’t deny it as we fantasized about what it would be like when Jin had his way with me. The very thought of it had my cunt creaming like crazy, and we had some of the hottest sex of our married life. Mark asked if he could watch it happen. I told him that I couldn’t speak for Jin but I was okay with it.

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The next Friday night one of Jin’s girlfriends broke up with him just before they left for a date, so he suddenly didn’t have any plans for the night. I came down the stairs, wearing nothing but a white slip and a red silk robe, and suggested that the three of us hang out as a couple, have some beers and shots and play cards. Jin seemed to like the idea, and the bulge in his pants confirmed that he appreciated my outfit.
Mark and Jin did shots of premium scotch. Then, while drinking beers, my husband informed Jin that our relationship wasn’t closed and he was fine with Jin having sex with me, as long as he could sit in the corner and watch. Jin just smiled, sipped his beer, and said he was down with that.
A few minutes later, I walked up to Jin. “I’ve been waiting months for this,” I said. We began kissing passionately right there in the kitchen. I could feel his cock pressing against his jeans, eager to be released, as his Asian hands roamed across my body. He was an amazing kisser, and my cunt was soaked in anticipation.

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Mark suggested that we take it to the bedroom, so we did. Jin removed my white slip, and I unbuckled and pulled down his jeans and underpants. Cindy was right – his Asian cock was a monster. “Oh, my God,” I said, as I put it within my hands. It was thicker than my wrist and over a foot in length. Suddenly I worried whether I’d be able to fit all of that inside me. Jin pushed my head firmly down toward his crotch. I did my best to suck on his cock. I couldn’t fit too much inside my mouth. Mark helpfully passed me a bottle of lubrication. Jin laid back on the bed as I coated my hands in lube, then pleasured his long, thick shaft with my hands as I sucked and swirled my tongue around his baseball-sized cockhead. “That’s right,” Jin said as she stroked my long blonde hair. “Just like that.” It was as much a handjob as a blowjob, but he seemed to enjoy it.

My Asian Live-In Lover

Jin then instructed me to get on all fours. As I did, he took up station behind me. I was facing right into the dresser mirror, so I could see him grab his manhood and line it up against my entrance. He rubbed it up and down a few times, wetting his cockhead and teasing my clit in the process, then I felt the pressure of the huge head entering a few inches inside my tight white pussy. The pleasure was amazing. I saw his powerful Asian hands grab my white hips, and then he began pressing his cock inside me, inch by inch, deeper and deeper, touching places my husband lacked the ability to reach.
The feeling of fullness was amazing, and I felt myself moaning and groaning uncontrollably. “Oh, my fucking God, it feels amazing!” I yelled out. “Your cock is so much bigger than my husband’s! His tiny white dick is so pathetic compared to your perfect Asian cock!” Suddenly, I realized my husband was in the room. He was sitting in the corner, his pants around his ankles, furiously jerking off his tiny white weiner. I didn’t mean to insult Mark, but I couldn’t help but moan out the truth. I was experiencing something totally different from what I’d believed was sex. For the first time in my life, I was properly filled with cock – superior Asian cock.
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My Asian Live-In Lover

Jin’s horse cock didn’t simply hit pleasure points inside my vagina that had never been touched before and give me an amazing feeling of fullness, though it did all that. His girth was causing my clit to pull right against his cock, stimulating it in the most natural and magical way. My clitoris was being pleasured with every thrust of his huge Asian spear, and I realized that this was the way that intercourse was supposed to be. With a decent cock inside me, there wasn’t any need to artificially stimulate my clit with a finger or a vibrator during intercourse – Jin was a real man with a real cock, and everything just worked.
Suddenly, the most powerful tingling sensation started in the pleasure pit between my legs, then worked its way up and down my spine, washing over me. I wanted to announce that I was coming, but the feeling was so overwhelming and I could only cry out in pleasure. It was the mother of all orgasms, and it just rolled on and on for nearly two minutes in a string of orgasms. It was hard to tell where one orgasm ended and the next began, but I probably had a dozen orgasms before Jin rolled me onto my back and began to fuck me in the missionary position, with my legs up over his shoulders.
Honestly, I’d forgotten that my husband even existed at that moment, but that’s when I saw Mark move over to the edge of the bed right next to us. He got on his knees, placed his head into our conjoined groins, and began to lick on my clit. I was worried that Jin might not approve but he actually seemed to enjoy it. He looked down condescendingly at my husband, slowly moving his cock in and out of my cunt as my husband licked my love button.
“Lick it up,” Jin said. “Lick up our juices. Her cunt and my cock. You like that, don’t you?”
Mark murmured a “yes” and continued to tongue my clit. Jin’s cock was providing all of the clitoral stimulation I needed, but I appreciated the thought behind my husband’s efforts.
“You know I love this big Asian cock, don’t you?” I asked.
“Mmhmm,” Mark replied.
I held his head with my hands. “You love that big Asian cock, too, don’t you? You like to see it pounding your wife’s tight white pussy?”

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Right then, I had an idea. I kept my left hand holding Mark’s head. I grabbed the base of Jin’s cock with my right hand and, as he was pulling out mid-thrust, I slipped it completely out of my pussy and into my husband’s mouth. Mark struggled move his head away but I held it firmly in place as Jin thrusted his cock deep inside my husband’s mouth.
“You like that?” I asked.
“Oh, fuck!” Jin said, throwing his head back. He made a few little jerks with his hips, and suddenly I realized what was happening. His heavy Asian balls were twitching, his cock clenching and jerking – for my husband’s first taste of cock, I had accidentally picked the precise moment right that Jin was cumming! I released Mark’s head and that thick Asian dragon slithered out of his mouth.
I giggled. I’d wanted to give hubby a little taste but he got the full course meal – his mouth was filled with about a cup of Jin’s thick, creamy semen, and it was running down his lips.
“Swallow it,” Jin commanded, “eating some superior Asian seed might make your tiny white dick grow some.”
Mark did as he was instructed, and then he went for seconds by cleaned off the tip of Jin’s cock with his tongue. He then took Jin’s softening but still huge cock back into his mouth until it started to harden again. After a few minutes of prepping, Jin was rock hard again. Jin and I fucked again and this time Jin fired his cum deep inside me.
Jin and I continued having sex, usually three or four times a week, for most of the next year until I gave birth to our first child – a half-Asian baby boy. Although the child was clearly biologically Jin’s, we all agreed that my husband would be his father, and Mark has turned out to be a wonderful, providing father. As for Jin, he transferred to another college a few states away, so now it’s just Mark, me, and our son Jin Jr. (named after his biological father) in the house. But with all the baby expenses, we are in need of a renter now more than ever. We haven’t started taking any applications yet but I have a strange suspicious that the guy I select will be well-built, well-hung … and Asian!


My Asian Live-In Lover