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Listening To My Wife Have Sex Over The Phone


For those of you that have listened but not been able to see your wife fucked by her lover then I know you can relate to this.

I was at work in my truck in a layby have my 9 hr rest in Northampton I had spoken to the wife and she never let anything on that her BF Luke was gonna be coming round.

I was settled and watching tv when my phone started to ring, I looked “the sexy wife” on the display I thought to myself she is ringing to say goodnight.

I answered and I heard nothing, then some ruffling like she had pocket dialled me by mistake. I heard her say something to someone but couldn’t make out exactly what was said so I turned the truck ignition on so the phone connected to the bluetooth so it was louder.

I heard her say no the kids are in bed and that’s when I heard him, it was Luke, I was already in my boxers and hearing his voice made my cock hard instantly even though I didn’t know anything was gonna happen.

I heard her giggle at something and then she said, “No, he’s at work on a night out.”

Then there was the slightest little whimper and muffled moan but I had no clue exactly what was happening. Then came the long groan but again is was muffled so I knew they were kissing and he was either pulling on her nipples or rubbing her pussy.

She had already told me she had not long got out the shower so I knew she wasn’t dressed and just in her nightie. It all went quiet for a few seconds, then I heard footsteps going up the stairs so I at least knew they were going into our bedroom (I love it when they fuck on our bed and if she squirts she makes sure it always on my side so I can see the mess and patch when I get home).

I heard the bed squeak slightly, then I heard her say to Luke, “Mmmmm fuck yes, my clit has missed you,” and she was doing soft but sensual groans which I later found out he was licking her pussy and sucking her clit.

I look down at my cock which I’m surprised I haven’t even stroked it yet but I’m leaking precum just listening. It’s the weirdest sensation hearing your wife moan and you can hear how wet she has become yet you got no visual side of it.

Her moans have increased to the point I knew she was close to cumin and she is begging him to insert a finger, he stops licking and tells her, “No you’re mine for now and tonight I’m doing what I want.” That alone nearly made me cum on myself.

He tells her to get on all 4s and judging by the squeak she obeyed, then came the unmistakable moan as he pushed the tip of his cock just inside her pussy. He must of teased her as I heard her call him a fucker followed by a long deep groan which she explained later he went full length straight in.

She is now begging him to fuck her how she deserves to be fucked and I heard him slap her ass cheek hard (she loves being spanked while being fucked). It’s then she let out the biggest groan I’ve ever heard which she explained that whilst fucking her doggy, he pulled her hair, making her go upright with his cock still deep inside her and he reached round with his hand and pulled her nipples sending her over the top and giving her that 1st orgasm on his cock in this session.

Her favourite position is her being on top as she says she likes to be in control of when the guy can come.

As she is starting to come down from her orgasm I heard a plop as his cock popped out, she then asks, well begs, him to let her ride him. I’m guessing he agreed coz a few seconds later she groans and gasps as she straddled him and sunk all the way onto his cock and I lost it in my truck. My cock exploded and fuck me what sensation that was cumin without wanking.

Listening to my wife picking up her pace while riding Luke, both of them in unison, with their moans, hearing him say, “God this pussy is mine now, I could feel myself blushing and I’m not even there yet.”


Listening To My Wife Have Sex
Listening To My Wife Have Sex

Hearing Luke tell her he’s close to cumin made her start to grind on him and she was moaning and she must have been turning religious because she was calling for god lol.

Luke let out a muffled groan which was explained that when he started cumin she leaned down and passionately kissed him which made her cum.

I’m wanking like mad at this point imagining the state they were in and I came all over myself for the 2nd time that night.

As they started to calm down they were talking and giggling together and Luke surprised me when I heard him say, “Can I stay tonight?” She asks, “What about your gf?” and he says, he will tell her he’s staying at his mates. The wife jokes perhaps you should ring her while I’m on top of you and he laughs but agrees.

Then her phone cuts off and I was so tempted to call back straight away to carry on listening but I thought maybe her phone died or she may of cut it of on purpose.

The following morning I was up early and on way to my next delivery when she called me. She sounded very tired but happy as a Cheshire cat (british saying). She asked me how did I like last night, and I said it was fucking awesome but asked her to fill in some on some of the blanks.

She explained she was going to ring to let me listen but it popped in her head about 5 mins before Luke got there. I asked her about the phone cutting off and she said she hung it up as she wanted some alone time with Luke (she likes to kiss and cuddle after sex).


Listening To My Wife Have Sex
Listening To My Wife Have Sex

Then I asked about him calling his gf and the wife started to laugh and told me he called her while his cock was still inside her and when she answered he put it on loud speaker and she sat upright on him making him struggle to hold a groan as he spoke to his gf, and then my wife went further and started to kiss Luke while he tried to talk.

I asked about him staying over and she said they fell asleep not long afterwards and he woke her at 6 am by playing with her nipples and tits. He was spooning her and his cock slipped in easily from behind and she explained they had a nice slow sensual fuck for about 30 minutes and she came 3 times in that 30 minutes.

After that he went and showered before our kids got up and the wife pulled on a pair of her knickers to keep a bit of his cum in her for me. She explained as he was leaving they shared a very passionate kiss by the front door.

I said to her I’ll be home by 12 and she said, “Don’t worry babes, my pussy will still look nice and used and still have some remnants off his cum around it.”

I arrived home and she shouts out that she is in the garden I go out and she is laying down with a baby doll outfit on, and her legs are apart and I can clearly see Luke’s dried cum stains on them. She pulls them aside and tells me I’m not allowed to stop licking till she cums and squirts.

I didn’t need telling twice and dropped to my knees and shoved my tongue as deep as I could. Used pussy from 6 hrs ago is still tasty as fuck and she was cumin and squirting within 5 mins. From that day she called luke her boyfriend.

I think she still misses him and his cock but she didn’t take long to replace him lol

Listening To My Wife Have Sex
Listening To My Wife Have Sex

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