She stopped and turned towards him.

“Do you see that man looking at us?” she asked, coldly.

“The man by the car?”

“That’s my husband,” she said, leaning into him. “If you like to see me again, all you have to do is, introduce yourself, tell him what we did, and thank him for bringing me.”

She loved the shock on his face. “Don’t worry, he looks scary, but he loves this. I will make him wait a minute so that you can decide,” she said, walking to her husband.

Jack held his breath as he watched her walk. She kissed her husband on the cheek. Every bit of logic Jack had told him to run away, but his dick was rock hard, even though he just cummed spectacularly 10 minutes ago.

Eventually, Jack began walking down to them. Studying her husband as he got closer. He wore an expensive-looking suit, drew a BMW. He was perhaps 15 years older but looked as big and fit as him. He didn’t look like a wimp like he wished.

Her husband turned to look at Jack. His face was emotionless, but his eyes were burning holes through Jack. Jack began to regret his decision, but he wasn’t the sort of person that backed down.

“Hi, I am Jack,” he said, offering his hand to shake.

Only after she nudged him, he shook his hand. “John.”

“John, you have an amazing wife. Thanks for bringing him,” he said, taking a big breath before starting to tell him how they met, and what they did.


“You look cuter than your photos, Jack,” she said smiling.

“Thank you,” he said, feeling nervous in his own home somehow. He didn’t expect her to be so dominant.

“Are you a leg man, Jack?” she asked grinning.

Jack felt like a little kid caught as he was staring, but her legs looked amazing. She was sitting in front of him, legs crossed, with her fuck-me heels, stockings, and leather mini skirt.

“I am sorry…”

“No need to be sorry,” she said, interrupting. “Why don’t you sit with me and touch them.”

Jack moved to sit with her on the couch.

“Gently, please,” she said as he reached for her legs.

Jack, put her hand on her leg and moved in for a kiss.

“Not, yet,” she said, putting a finger on his lips, and pushing him back. “Keep touching me like that, though.”

Jack leaned back, enjoying the feeling of her nylon-covered legs, but he was getting more anxious.

“Do you like older women, Jack?” she asked.

They met on a dating app. Jack was surprised by a woman 10 years older than him messaging, but he couldn’t complain. She was a total milf. After a brief talk, she offered to drop by at his place.

“Well, I like you. You look…”

“Do you have a hard-on for me, Jack?” she asked, interrupting him again. She was looking at the bulge in his pants.”Can I see it?”

She made her feel embarrassed, but he was quick to take his hard cock out for her. It was a relief as it was getting quite uncomfortable in his jeans.

She reached and began to tug on his dick slowly. “You have a big one, Jack,” she said, licking her lips.

While enjoying the hand-job, Jack noticed the big diamond on her finger.

“Are you married?” he asked. He was a bit shocked but didn’t attempt to stop her.

“Why? Did you plan to marry me, Jack?” she asked laughing. “Would you mind if I suck your big cock, Jack?”

“No, not at all.”

She moved between his legs. “Just so you know, you can cum down my throat. You don’t have to warn me.”

She took him deep in her throat without breaking eye contact. She began moving up and down on his cock with a slow and steady motion. Only stopping to lick his balls and jerk his cock a couple of times. She made sure to show off all the spit that built up.

Jack wanted to stop and fuck her, but he enjoyed himself too much. He was soon shooting jets of sperm down her throat just like she suggested. It was the first time a girl made her cum only with a blowjob.

She happily swallowed him. Although she did want to do more with him, she had other plans. He was a bit disappointed that she had to leave but agreed to walk her to her car, where Jack met her husband.

Jack left John and Jenny without any incident. They didn’t speak much in the car, but Jenny felt the anger in her husband. Strangely, it was very exciting for her. She didn’t remember seeing him this worked up in years. She thought if she had gone too far, but her conciseness was clear as this was not his idea, to begin with. John wanted to watch her fuck with another man. He should have known, if she was going to do something, she was going to do it her own way. Besides, she only sucked him.

“I thought you were only going to chat?” he asked walking into their home.

“I thought so too, but he was really cute.”

Her husband was walking to her face, making her back down.

“You sucked his cock.” he stated, sternly. “I can’t remember when you last sucked my cock.”

“That was an accident.” she joked.

“Suck my cock right now slut.” he said, not laughing.

“I’ll only suck your cock after you fuck me good.”

“Slut!” he said, picking her up, and throwing her over his shoulder.

He put her down on their bed and yanked off her panties. He didn’t tease her and just started slamming his dick in her with anger and lust.

Jenny was all wet and hot. She started moaning in pleasure. Her first orgasm hit her quickly, but she wanted more.

“Harder!” she demanded.

John didn’t think that he could go any harder or faster, until he heard her say, “I bet Jack could fuck me harder.”

That sent John into a frenzy. Jenny lost count of how many times she came.

When she recovered from her orgasms she heard him ask, “Suck my cock, baby.”

John laid down on her back.

“Let me ride you first,” she said, grinning.

Jenny began riding him slowly at first but quickly picked up the pace. John couldn’t hold himself any longer. They came together. His semen filled up her pussy.

The next day, John woke up feeling good. His wife was deep throating his cock. He completely agreed with Jack, she did give the best blowjobs. He was quick to cum in her throat and fell back to sleep.

Jenny went to the kitchen to pick a glass of coffee to sip. Jack was already asking to see her again. “Let me check with my husband, sweetie. I’ll get back to you.” she texted him grinning.