Guide to being a Cuckolding

Guide to being a Modern Cuckolding BULL


Wanna be a ‘Modern Cuckold Bull’
Here is a simple guide to achieving this quickly and safely. This guide gives a list of rules to be memorized and followed. The reasons for each rule will be explained in detail as to why they are so important. Then psychological reasons will be offered for each step you will take.

So are you the type of person that throws away the instructions when assembly is required? If so, this is not for you. But if you are wanting to assemble a harem with perfect wives, other men’s wives, read on!


Guide to being a Modern Cuckolding BULL
Guide to being a Modern Cuckolding BULL

To begin with, this guide is especially directed toward Black-Men wanting to Cuckold couples, although a white man may follow it too. The down side here is, many of the bonuses to this plan result from the contrast and the psychological effects thereof between the Black Bull and the white hubby.

Let’s start with the ‘Bull-Rules’
These are the rules I believe each and every Cuckolding Black-man wanting to be in this lifestyle should strictly adhere to! To achieve the most gratifying results you can enjoy, following the RULES strictly. There are steps to the plan, and some rules only apply to certain ones. But it is important to know them all first, so you can see the direction you will be taking.

Remember the first thing you read on all instruction sheets? “Read everything before starting!” There are four Rules to learn.

Rule number 1 is – Target Asian born and raised wives with fat white husbands.
These women are raised to be extremely submissive and are easily trained. They hold their beauty, and are screamers.

Rule number 2 is – Focus on one couple at a time.
This is important so you can cover everyone’s needs. When you begin cuckolding you will find it is much more than simply fucking the other man’s wife, and the rewards will be equally rewarding.


Rule number 3 is – Never forget the hubby.
This is important because if your hubby becomes unhappy he will become your enemy.

Rule number 4 is – Educate yourself.
Educating yourself in diet, nutrition, and exercise will help in your plans to befriend the husband.
And while most man can fuck, and some have Cocks, few learn the art of pleasuring a woman. Most men stop when they are satisfied while you will be pleasuring the wife through Kamasutra, Tantrics, Yoga, and other sexual enhancing skills you will have learned.

Rule number 5 is – Use terms and titles.
The use of terms like Cock and penis differentiate mentally between large and small. The use of titles or pet names can create important Subconscious levels of connection.

Rule number 6 is – NO Breading!
Your goal here is to enjoy years of long nights full of good sex with this other man’s wife, better sex than she has ever or will ever experience with her hubby, while not to impregnating her. You or she must be fixed, on the Pill, or condoms used!

First, the Bull-Rules should be studied thoroughly and committed to memory.
At this time you, the Black-Man (possibly not yet a Bull if this is your first go-round), will spend many hours a week at your local gym, people-watching. The goal is to find a target couple, while looking athletically preoccupied.
This will also help firm you up and build your stamina, stamina you will need soon.
When you spot a prospective Asian wife in the parking-lot picking up or dropping off her husband, a very fuckable babe, and one with a portly white older husband that isn’t gross, you have found your potential target-couple.
Find three before moving on to the next STEP.

After examining your three potential target-couples, looked up as much info on each of them, bumped into each of the husbands at the gym to feel out how the two of you gee haw, (a skill that will grow with time and practice) pick the target-couple you wish to focus your attention on.
This is the time to befriend the husband you have chosen to target. Offer to spot him with weights. Mount the machine beside him when he runs or rides. Join him (you naked preferably exposing your superior physic and manhood) in the sauna and start some idle banter, asking about his workouts and results. Introduce yourself.
When a friendship has been established, offer your advice. If the target husband appears submissive to your authority on the subjects of exercise and diet, press this authority by having him call you Doc. This will instill a subconscious mental picture of a medical professional in the target husband. On the other hand, you will call him ‘friend’, a generic term that will instill a subconscious mental bond of friendship. This double-sided subconscious bond between the two of you is critical for achieving the desired long term results.
Give him the Atkins diet to follow. This will ensure weight loss. Along with the tri-weekly light workouts the two of you are enjoying together giving him a slight toning up, and this new visible weight loss, your target husband will be becoming endeared to you.
After two weeks of mild results, while in a sauna chats, ask him about how often he is having sex, explaining you’re asking for a reason. Then suggest he may be suffering from low testosterone, and advise, from your most sincere opinion on the subject, that you recommend he do what most athletes like ball players and weight lifters do while working out, give up sex. Explain how this will build his desperately needed testosterone while bodybuilding.
Follow up on this over the next couple weeks to make sure he is complying too your authority. Suggest meeting him at a local pub like Applebee’s. Some place where the two of you can talk and enjoy a friendly drink, reinforcing the friendship now outside the gym.

At this point you will have subconsciously established your authority over the husband, created the impression you are his professional health advisor, called Doc, only interested in his wellbeing. And you will have reinf***ed a bond of good simple friendship, by calling him friend. Plus, he will also be experiencing a level of emasculation, because he gave up to your authority, sex with his wife (temporarily he believes). He will also feel a level of submission (recognized as an Asian female’s trait) while relinquishing his masculine authority to you.

At this point the wife will have heard about you from her husband, and through this come to feel similar to some degree.

And, at this point you will feel a thrill knowing everything is going to plan, and soon you will be fucking this man’s submissive gorgeous Asian hot wife.

This is the time to bring the Hot Asian Wife into your plan. Tell your friend to ask his wife to join the two of you at the pub one afternoon after the workout.
At this meeting you will have him introduce you to her by the title Mister followed by your last name. Then you will begin impressing her with an air of professional authority. You will explain to her the diet her husband has been on, and the results to date. Then explain the exercise program and these results.
Finally, with extreme professionalism, explain to her the reason for interrupting their sex life. Tell her that she can help. Tell her to look at you as you explain this to her so you can see her understanding. This is critical to establish your authority over her now.
Tell her how testosterone production is stimulated in her husband’s adrenal gland by sexual excitement. But on the other hand how this testosterone is expelled from his body during ejaculation. Use these medical terms to sound sterile and impersonal. Continue to make eye contact with both of them.
Tell her to look into your eyes, and repeat after you the following rules she must agree to follow, for her husband’s health.
You say, “Say, I agree to help my husband by tease all his senses.”
She repeats your words.
You say, “Say, I will tease him verbally by talking nasty and suggestively to him.”
Again she repeats your words.
You say to her, “Say, I will call him baby, realizing my husband is sexually week at this time and needs my help to improve his health. I want my baby to be healthy and live a very long time.”
She repeats.
You say, “Playfully talking to him like he is a toddler, and reminding him not to play with his penis. Okay? Now say, I will tease my husband orally as well by having him kiss my breasts for at least ten minutes each night as I cuddle him and call him my baby.”
She says it.
You say, “Say, while he is kissing me my husband will also be stimulated by smell, and touch, as well as orally and visually.”
She may be hesitant, but remind her it for his health and f***e her to repeat your words.
You say, “Say, I will dress sexy to tease him visually.”
She agrees, repeating you again.



Guide to being a Modern Cuckolding BULL
Guide to being a Modern Cuckolding BULL



You say, “All this will obviously excite your husband sexually, stimulating his adrenal gland, and producing his depressed testosterone level. But you must promise to not have sex with him until I say it is okay, for his health. We need him to build up his testosterone, and you understand how it is expelled every time he ejaculates. Do you promise?”
She should agree as she really wants the best for her husband.
Instruct her to give him foot, leg, back, and shoulder massage on the nights her husband works out at the gym. Explain that his diet and the exercise will both cause muscle aches, and the massages will really help.
This should end this meeting.

In the gym over the next week, while relaxing in the sauna, ask him how he feels, how the teasing is affecting him, and if he thinks he can handle more or if he feels maxed out. Ask him if he is feeling more powerful, more masculine, and stronger.
Remember to call him friend while enforcing him to call you Doc.
He should respond comfortably by this point in your relationship. He should tell you his wife is teasing him and he is enjoying it. But with the light steady exercise program keeping him on the edge of weakness, and his emasculation, he should “Not really.”
Weather he says he can handle more or is feels he is maxed out, tell him you were going to suggest he go to XHamster and look at some ASIAN PORN for an hour each night, while agreeing to not masturbate. Your explanation should be that this would definitely help increase the testosterone level, and every little bit counts.

At this point you will have subconsciously established a minimal level of your authority over the wife now, creating the impression you are her husband’s professional health advisor, who he refers to by title and last name. She will submit to a small degree to your authority over their sex life, obeying your sexual commands. She will believe she is helping her husband to live longer.

At this point the husband’s emasculation will advance from simply giving up sex to restraining himself, with his wife’s help, from intercourse while being mercilessly teased. He will begin to feel more like a pitiable little boy needing to play with his penis, and less like the man he was. His level of submissiveness will grow daily. The Pro/Friend relationship between you two will be reinf***ed. He will believe he is getting healthy because he is losing weight, and physically he is, but psychologically he is becoming more and more effeminate.

And, at this point you will know everything is going to plan. You can feel the tension growing, as you feel you will soon be fucking this submissive man’s submissive gorgeous Asian hot wife. You know he is almost totally yours and she will soon follow.

After another week call another meeting with the couple. Find a privet booth in back. This meeting will begin with you asking each their opinion of how things are progressing.
She will most likely say she is doing her best, and feels things are going well, not wanting to say anything negative or chance offending anyone. This is the time to ask her if she has caught him masturbating. If she has tell her you have something for her to consider, but in a minute.
He will most likely state he feels like things are not working as he had hoped. This will be because of his desire for sexual release, and most likely his failure to keep from masturbating.
If this is the case, and it most likely will be, tell them you have a solution, but they must work together to make it work. Explain it is a bit more intensive, but promises to yield great results. Tell them it involves sexual activity wherein he will get sexual release, she will get more attention, and they will use a tool to accomplish this goal.
Tell them they must both promise to help each other with this if they agree to move forward. Explain that you will be able to do nothing more if they pass on this opportunity, but it is an all or nothing proposal you plan to present.
Ask if they are open minded. When they say yes, ask if she is still enjoying her baby kissing her breasts each night. She will say yes, at which point ask him if he likes kissing his momma’s breasts? This will reinf***e the mother c***d relationship you want to instill between them. He will say yes. At this point tell them both to say it to each other, and wait for them to do so.

Tell her to look into your eyes and say, “We need to try using a devise for a week that many people use as a fun sex toy, but we are using it for the real purpose it was designed for. In the Victorian era doctors designed the male chastity,” at this time place the Riker’s Chastity on the table before them to view, “similar to this. It will prevent masturbation. Along with this we will add several things for which you the wife will be in charge of. Are you up to all this?”

She will want to look away as she sees all this as very shameful. Most Asian wives will, thinking the chastity is a torture device. You must place it in her hand and f***e her to examine it, and getting her to show it to him.
This is when you explain how it does not hurt him at all in any way, can be comfortable and very pleasurable, and is viewed as fun by many couples. Emphasize this is a week of trial to see if it is agreeable. Add that there is some maintenance required.

She will need to shave all the hair from his crotch, at least once a week.
She will need to remove it once a night to perform the testicle massage he will need to receive.

This is to be performed after his ten minutes at her breasts. He is to lie on his back, legs spread and propped on pillows, her sitting between. Here she is to remove the device, sponge wash his crotch, then massage his testicles, pulling and gently squeezing them.
After the massage she is to replace the chastity.
At this point she is to move to a position where she is squatting over his head, where he is able to kiss her labia majora, minora, and clitoris. Tell her to look you in the eyes and agree to do this every night for ten minutes, no matter what she may think of it! Remind her it is for his benefit and if she refuses you have done all you can do for his health, and wish them well.
She will agree if she is f***ed. This will show her you are in charge.
Tell them both, because this has been put into effect there is to be no more PORN.

She will be happy to know this, and he will not care as he is getting more sex with all this than he has ever had in his life.
Tell them we will all meet back here in one week to assess the situation, and make the final decision.

While alone naked in the sauna this week, ask him, “Hay friend, are you enjoying the ball massaging? How is sucking on mamma’s titties and pussy going, you enjoying that too? How about her, is she having fun?”

He should answer yes to all, as you have introduced much more sexual gratification into their sex life. Most likely up till now the most sex they had was about three or four minutes of him poking her with his penis while stabbing his tongue into her mouth once or twice a week. Now they are both enjoying his patiently focusing on her pleasure each and every night.

At this point you will have subconsciously increased your level of authority over the wife. She is responding to you more directly and willingly with less question. She is beginning to view her husband as her little boy now, and finding pleasure treating him this way.

At this point the husband’s emasculation will advance again. This time he will receive pleasure while on his back with his legs in the air like a woman in the stirrups at the OBGYN. He refers to his wife as mamma and while he sucks on her titties she calls him her good little boy. He sucks on her pussy while she sits on his face.

He is in-caged in a chastity, being prevented from gratifying himself. He has to sit to pee now, like a girl. On the other hand he will see he is enjoying much more sex by volume so it will subconsciously register as a gain. As he grows more submissive and views you as the controlling power in the relationship, the Pro/Friend relationship will grow more dependent, as he hopes you will command his wife to grant him more pleasures. He will still believe he is getting healthy because he is still losing weight. Physically he is, but psychologically he is becoming more and more effeminate.

And, at this point you will know everything is really going well, as both are submitting to your demands with less balk and more desire. You can feel the tension growing still, and know very soon you will be fucking this submissive gorgeous Asian hot wife. You know he is almost totally yours and she is close behind.

I put these steps like this because the time it takes to advance through one varies from couple to couple. Be patient. I recommend reading up on Kamasutra to learn some new positions.
This step begins with the meeting following the last, a week ago. Again you will meet in a secluded booth in back for privacy.

This time you should give her a single flower, just to say hello and thanks for working so hard. Keep it small and simple. Remember, slow and steady gets the prize here. Don’t overdo!
Start the conversation by asking if he enjoyed pleasing his mamma this week. He should respond in the affirmative if she didn’t stop him from doing his duty. If so, in this case scold her and make her apologies to you, not him, for wasting your time and energy trying to help her husband where she is obviously working to sabotage your efforts. On the other hand if all went well turn your attention to her.

Ask her if she enjoyed the week, and was her baby good to her. She should say yes if she isn’t too shy.
Ask both if there were any complications. Most likely the main complaint will be blue balls.
Tell the wife there is another step she will be required to perform now. This step will be once a week, on Thursdays. The following Friday and every Friday from now on, she will have free of all sexual activity. But on Thursday she is to perform a prostate milking.
Give her a copy of this letter as you walk step by step through it with the two of them.
Performing The Prostate Milking Massage
1. When you are preparing to perform the Prostate Milking Massage, if you have long fingernails, going anywhere near his anus is a very dangerous idea. After trimming your nails, you are ready to use a latex glove. These gloves provide a firm and slippery sensation that feels good on the delicate anal tissue.
2. Although there are many positions a prostate massage can be performed in, for the purpose of increasing testosterone levels in the system, it is recommended the husband begin the massage laying on his stomach with the wife seated between his outstretched legs. This whole process, from start to finish can take as little as 10 minutes, and up to an hour or more.
3. When you are ready, generously lube up your fingers with silicone lubricant. The anus is a non-lubricating area (it does not lubricate like a mouth or vagina) and the skin is thin enough to abrade easily. With the flat of your well-lubed finger, begin with simple rhythmic tapping on his sphincter. Then press lightly on the anal opening and hold your finger there. Finally, increase the pressure a little as you massage and press in a circular motion.
4. At this point, to stimulate your husband’s prostate internally, with your hand palm down, slowly slide your lubricated middle finger in up to the first joint (about an inch) and hold it there for a few seconds. Go slowly and give him a moment to adjust. Then start making circular motions around the opening of his anus. Don’t poke…push…or stab. Remember, the problem most often encountered is going too fast, not using enough lube, and the husband is not relaxed.
5. As you hold your finger here you will feel his sphincter (the ring of muscles around his opening) squeezing and contract. Remain still as his muscles relax. When you feel the muscles relax, slide your finger in slowly to the second joint then back out. Do a gentle in-and-out motion…without inserting your finger all the way in yet.
6. If his body language says he is ready for more, remove your middle finger and repeat steps 3 to 5 with your middle and ring fingers.
7. When you have both fingers comfortably inserted to the second joints, push them in deeper until you feel a round bulb of tissue.

This is your husband’s prostate. In size it can be anywhere from the size of a small chestnut to a large walnut, or even larger in men over forty. It may be too soft for you to feel easily in its non-aroused state. You may not be able to feel it at all until he becomes aroused, when it swells and hardens.

8. If you need your husband’s penis and prostate to harden to find his prostate, with a finger of your other hand rub the frenulum of his penis (the elastic band of tissue under the head of the penis connecting it to the shaft) in small circular motions until his penis is sufficiently hard. Once this is accomplished, his penis should be again totally ignored.
9. Now that you can feel the prostate, gently begin to make a repeated ‘come hither’ motion with your fingers. This will cause the tips of your fingers to tap and bump his prostate. Massage it gently but firmly in this manner. The nudging of your fingers against your husband’s prostate will cause sensations in my penis, although it’s not being touched. He will feel an urge to pee, but will not. He will feel a warm feeling envelope him. If he doesn’t respond to the come hither motion, try swirling your finger in a circle until you hit his prostate. Then gradually experiment with going faster and firmer. Or keep your curved finger stiff and move it in and out.
10. When he tells you he feels like he is going to pee, remove your fingers and have him lift his rump so he is on his knees. Place a bowel beneath his now hanging penis, and reinsert your two lubricated fingers, still ignoring his penis.

11. Again, repeat the ‘come hither’ motion with your fingers on his prostate. As he gets close to orgasm the prostate gland will swell more. It will get quite hard, then contract before he ejaculates. And when he once again tells you he feels like he is going to pee, tell him to relax and just let it happen. He will have literally no control when he ejaculates, it will just happen.

12. When your husband experiences anorgasmic ejaculation (without orgasm) his seminal fluids will ooze from his penis draining from the prostate down into the bowel, as you continue to massage (milking) the prostate. This milking may last for several minutes and the volume of fluid will surpass what he usually orgasms.

The reason for inducing anorgasmic ejaculation is to interrupt the process of the mixing of testosterone with the seminal fluid, which happens just before orgasm. Milking is performed for the purpose of retaining testosterone within the body.

You will explain that the massages will do what they are supposed to do, build up testosterone. But the seminal fluids are building up too over the week of teasing, and must be drained by prostate milking. Explain that this is a medical procedure where a finger strokes and depresses gently the prostate gland which in turn pumps the seminal fluid from the body.
On Thursdays she is to remove the chastity and wash his crotch like every other day. But on Thursday she should follow these instructions step by step.

At the end the husband is good for another week, and should be replaced into his chastity.
Ask the wife is she thinks his penis is cute. When she says yes, tell her to say it to him.
Explain this is the end of the official meeting, and now you wish to just enjoy a drink with your good friends.

As the conversation turns from the exercise plan, to the needs of the week, to weather, and TV shows, slip in that you have a business party to go to in a couple weeks and hope you will be able to find someone to go with you. Leave it at that for now.

This should end the meeting for another week.
At this point she will feel she is being a good mother to her good little boy. And although she is getting more sex than ever before, oral sex isn’t the same and she will be getting real hungry for penetrative sex too. Her respect for you will be much more grounded with each meeting.

Her willingness to simply obey you will come more easily as she has always been submissive and now isn’t getting instructions from her husband. Her appreciation toward you will grow as she finds rewards in her life that you are directly responsible for.

At this point his emasculation will advance once again. On top of receive pleasure while on his back with his legs in the air like a woman in the stirrups, and referring to his wife as mamma while sucking on her titties, and she is calls him her good little boy, and he is sucking on her pussy while she sits on his face, now he is being drained of his semen without the pleasure of orgasm. This is being done to him while he is on his belly with her fingers in his butt, the most submissive position possible. The stimulation to his penis is nothing like penetration, but rubbing the tip like a clitoris. In this he will view his penis less and less as a tool for penetration and the more he will subconsciously accept the fact that his wife needs to fuck other men to achieve true sexual satisfaction. This is the goal, to get him to desire for her that which you have to provide. He is still in his plastic cage, being prevented from gratifying himself. He has to sit to pee, like a girl. Still, he will see he is enjoying much more sex by volume and it will subconsciously register as a gain. As he grows more submissive and views you as the source of both his wife’s and his pleasure in the relationship, he will grow more dependent, as he hopes you will demand more pleasure. He will still believe he is getting healthy because he is still losing weight. Physically he is, but psychologically he is becoming more and more effeminate.

And, at this point you can almost taste the sex.

At the gym every workout day, while alone in the sauna with him, sitting naked while asking how everything is going, ask if he enjoys eating her hot little pussy every night and kiss her boobs. Ask if she enjoys it as much as he does. Ask if she gets wet. Ask him to tell you the details. And let him see you getting hard as he tells you about sex with his wife.
Tell him the party is coming up soon and you wish you had a date lined up to go with you. Tell him how you would get dressed up and take her to diner before mingling at the party. Then tell how you would dance with her and hold her tightly to you so she could feel your big cock pressing against her. Then how you would like to take her back home with you to spend the night in bed fucking, before taking her back home the next morning. Say there are still a few women you haven’t asked yet, but it’s not looking good.
Ask him if he misses having sex, then ask if he thinks she is missing it as much. Tell him he is looking good with his weight loss, and will soon be able to meet her needs.
Ask him if she teases him as she was instructed to, and have him tell you how she did it this week. Hopefully he will tell you how she has been dressing provocatively, and other times strutting around the house naked. He may tell you she has been talking nasty, and you should ask him to tell you what she said. All the while you should feel your big black cock swelling to the thoughts of her doing all this.
Tell him she sounds like a fireball, and how you wish you could ask her to e****t you to the party next week. Just say it casually as though it is a passing fancy.
When you feel he has become friendly enough and open enough to tell you many little nasty secrets about his wife and how she is sexually teasing him without your asking, tell him to look at your hard cock and ask him if he wished he had one like this. End this sauna session by saying you wish you could take her to the party.
The next time you feel you can ask him this, follow the question with another. Ask if he thinks his wife would like it if he had this and fucked her with your big fat black cock. Tell him the party has been postponed another month due to conflicts, giving you more time to find a date.
The idea is to build the thought of his wife going out with you and how you would take her to dinner and dancing pressing your body against her and then how you would take her home and with imagination he will visualize her in your arms and that big cock of yours filling her pussy.
The goal is to have him suggest to her that you would like to take her to the party any party while knowing you explained in detail what you would like to do with his wife if she did. And finally you want him to suggest to you that you take her to the party.
When he does offer his wife to you for an evening out, ask him if he would mind if you keep her out late. Ask if he wants her to have fun. Tell him you will think about it. If you take your time you will make him want desperately to have you take out and please his wife.

At the meeting this week, in front of him, complement her and give her another rose. Ask her to tell you how she feels things are going. Tell her you are so proud of her for being so attentive to his needs. Tell her how well you see him doing.
Tell her there are no new changes, and all is going well. Tell her the two of you have been talking and from his descriptions she is certainly doing a deliciously good job at teasing him. Tell her that while he was telling you about her teasing you got a hard on, and wished you could find a woman like her.
In front of her, tell him you wish he would give you her cell number so you could tease her as intensively as she is teasing him.
Keep the meeting light, and end it early. You have dropped hints that you would like her number, you would like to tease her sexually without his middle manning it, and you would like to take her out to the party. Now it is up to them to grow the hunger to invite you in.

At the gym the following week, if he hints he would like to see her go out with you, ask if he would want her to come home to him with your cum in her pussy, and if so would he suck your semen out of her. If he says he would tell him to watch some interracial porn videos you have to loan him. And tell him to discuss the idea of her going out to the party with you explaining how he is okay with it and would like her to go and have fun with you, while watching the porn.

For the husband, he is loosing weight and looking healthy. He is receiving his sexual gratification through his wife’s orgasms, so the more and the better she feels the better he feels. He is also becoming very submissive, to the point of doing anything his wife asks, which should be making her friends jealous of their good attentive and respectful relationship. He is still being denied orgasm while being sexually teased relentlessly, making him starved for sexual attention. And while he is receiving his body massages after his workouts, his testicle massages Saturdays through Wednesdays, and his seminal fluid milking every Thursday, and is enjoying his wife’s daily orgasms when he kisses and sucks on her tits and pussy, still he has an addictive craving for sex because he feels the hunger for orgasm. He is feeling a love for the woman who pampers him like her little c***d, cradles him in her arms while he sucks on her nipples causing her to moan with delight, the woman that sits on his face and allows him kiss and suck on her pussy as she squeals with wonderful orgasms, the woman that pampers him with good practical as well as sexually charged massages all for his benefit. And this love grows stronger and more intense with each day that passes. He appreciates her more now that he feels he has stepped into her shoes and is feeling to a degree what she feels, by having his sexual pleasures beneath her as she penetrates him, sometimes with his legs lifted like he is ready to receive penetration which he does. He feels how she must feel having sex without orgasmic ejaculations. He understands how she feels as she is f***ed to sit and pee when the need arises. And having his crotch shaved brings back feelings of prepubescent youth and the images of all the women in porn with their pussys shaved, and he feels he can relate to them as well. He feels submissive and in his mind he relates this to how Asian women think and act, and he feels his feminine side with respect to his wife again. So as you can see, the husband is right where you want him.
For the wife, she is receiving more sexual stimulation from her husband’s lips and tongue than she has ever had in her life, but has lost all of the penetrative sex these Asian women crave. This is why they have a common name for them… (LBFM) Google it! And although she is pampering her husband for his health, and seeing some good results in his weight loss, her view toward him is changing from that of wife and lover to that of mother. So, although she is now hopefully having daily orgasms from her husband’s oral skills, and may be enjoying her tending to all of his sexual needs while knowing he is not only not straying but not even thinking about or looking at any other women because she knows she holds his key and his entire sex life, still she was raised Asian and desires to be submissive to a dominant man who will take her and fuck her and make her feel she belongs to him. So you can see, she too is right where you want her.
And hopefully in all this time you have been learning some of the sexual arts, both for yourself and your loving couple. These skills will separate you from any other potential lovers that may be waiting to take advantage of the situation you have cultivated, another man from her work possibly, or orbiting her elsewhere. You have made her extremely susceptible to masculine advances and must fill the void quickly when the opportunity arises. This is why you are holding the weekly meetings with them, for the exposure to her. This is why you had him share the interracial porn with her, to visualize you with her, pleasing her with your sexual superiority and manly prowess that she so craves now. This is why you have started the little subtle flirting at these meetings, because all women love complements and to be pampered. And your days in the gym getting all that aerobic exercise has made you a potential lover with lots of endurance. So, hopefully now you are right where you want to be also.

Here is how my life went before making these rules and following my own guide lines.

I went around fucking women, most were single. I would wine and dine them before attempting to fuck them. They would enjoy my attention and my loving, although I was mostly doing it for my own gratification. I realize this now. And after a couple times in the sack they always wanted to put a collar on me, and strut me around on a leash showing me off as their stud whom they owned now. Sound familiar?

And then there were the few married women who I fucked. Let me tell you, while any man can fuck a woman, and many men take great pleasure in fucking other men’s wives, few of them learn the Art of Cuckolding. And while some men are gifted with better tools (bigger cocks instead of little penises) and endurance (last longer than 5 minutes) than others, fewer still take the time and make the effort to learn the skills of Kamasutra, Tantric, Yoga, and other sexual enhancing arts that focus on creating an overloaded sexual condition for both persons. Very few men (aside from you now) ever move sexual enjoyment to this level, and you will get the opportunity to share it with this wife and other wives soon.
Did you ever fuck another man’s wife? Was the thrill from fucking a possessed woman, or the chance you may get caught, or the possibility you may impregnate her right under her husband’s nose?
You may have heard of the old concept of Cuckolding, still fantasized in many stories even today. These fantasy stories usually tell of a Superior Black man breading an Inferior white man’s wife. They tell of this Superior Bull (the term used for the lover) fucking a cuckold’s (the term used for the usurped husband) bride with his Superior Big Black Cock, his Superior Stamina, and his Superior Sexual Skills. This Cuckolding Bull stretches the wife’s tight little pussy with his Big Black Cock causing her to scream out his name in newly felt orgasmic delight never before experienced, so much so that her poor little hubby’s (the disrespectful term used for inferior husband) little prick will never satisfy her ever again. And as the Black Bull f***ed himself so deeply inside her never before so extremely sexually stimulated vagina, touching the cuckold’s wife in places so deep inside her hungry body that her inferior hubby will never be able to ever touch her, stabbing his wife’s sex so wonderfully and oh so thrillingly again and again and again for hours and days on end, leaving her with memories of being filled so deliciously and fulfilling to the most wondrous orgasms she had never experienced before or believed possible, before the Cuckolding Black Bull fucked her with his Superior sexual powers, stretching her vagina far beyond any previous encounter, far beyond her hubby’s inferior capabilities to fulfil her more than ever before, and so come to desire only this Black Bull’s loving, her one and only lover now with his Superior lovemaking skills, from then on and forever more.
And finally in these fantastic stories, the Superior Black Bull leaving his Superior semen with his Superior Black SEED planted deep inside the cuckolded wife’s fertile womb, impregnating her with his Superior Black baby which she now wants more than her husband’s c***d, now growing inside her round belly, for her and her cuckolded hubby to raise, and forever remember his inferiority and her love for the superior black man.
It sounds so playful and nasty and deliciously fun, but this is NOT for real Cuckolding BULLs of today! NO! I realized this is now very dangerously impractical. The problem is DNA! I realized that in a paternity lawsuit it won’t matter what these husbands and wives said and did. The only thing the judge and jury will see is the Fact through DNA evidence that I am the c***d’s father, and therefore owe c***d-support.
Until this c***d is 18 years old I will owe c***d-support! And if I, a prolific Cuckolding Bull, have several c***dren out there in my cuckolding world, all will be due some of my weekly earnings for 18 years each. You may find this hard to make a comfortable living for all of you, but as for me, I decided to create a new paradigm in Cuckolding.
So, Rule number 1 – NO Breading,
To follow this rule and still enjoy the fruits of Cuckolding, birth-control was and still is my answer.
But you may be asking, “What are the benefits of Cuckold now if Breading is off the table?”
Well, you the Bull will get to fuck several other men’s wives, while knowing both the cuckolded wife and her cuckolded hubby want you to fuck her. You will know they both want you to please her with your obvious superior sexual prowess, and honor you as their mate in this new life-style for possibly years at absolutely no expense to you, and no threat of having that collar and leash slipped around your neck.
What could be better than this?
Well, I mentioned no expense to you. This will mean the hubby will see to all the expenses of your evenings out with his wife, dinner, shows, hotel rooms, vacations, travel, and the list goes on. It is only fair for him to do all this for the two of you. So, as long as you have hot-wives to e****t you, you will also have their hubby’s moral and financial support. Now, can you imagine fucking different women, other men’s wives, a different one every single night, with no obligation or expectation to support them? Think of the refreshing experience of a new hot wet hungry pussy each and every day, and the ability to explore new positions and techniques with each of these different women, another thrill to look forward to.
Can the new paradigm get any better?
Well, you also get to play with her hubby’s mind, making him desire being emasculated (as we described) while you take his wife from him. You will enjoy knowing these little white men with their little white penises are hungrily sucking your cum from their wives’ pussys or out of the condoms you filled while fucking them. You may even enjoy getting them to hold your manhood aiming it at his wife’s pussy as you push into her sex as she screams for her husband to her for begging you to fuck her with your better black cock. Or, you may go so far as to have him clean your cock after you’ve cum inside his wife. And then there is fluffing, where some Bulls have their cuckolded hubby’s suck them clean and back to hardness again so he is fully prepared to fuck the wife again. Or you may just choose to leave the hubby to his imagination as you take his wife out to remote sexual adventures, without him. You make the story to please everyone involved, especially yourself, and then his wife.
Well, what do you think? Have I made a good argument for this new paradigm?
You will be getting what you want, lots of wonderful pussy, and a thrilling adventure few men get to experience! You will be giving the wives what they want, lots of delicious superior sex, otherwise unattainable with their hubbys! And you will be showing her hubby a fantasy world he may have never dreamed of, but will be thrilled to experience!
This is the reason for the NO BREADING Rule.

Also, before making these rules and following my own guide lines, this is how my life went.
As I said, after I had fucked a woman a few times, didn’t matter if they were black, white, or Hispanic, they would all get possessive, wanting to collar me and make me their man exclusively. But after I fucked a couple Asian babes I realized they have a different mindset. These girls need to be born and raised in the orient to have this mindset though. American women, all American women are princesses and expect to be in control. Just ask them!
This is why I came up with the Asian wives Rule.
I target Asian born and raised wives with fat white husbands exclusively, for several reasons you too may appreciate. Although subjective, it has sound reasoning. These Asian women are raised from birth to be extremely submissive to their men. I like a women that will do as I tell her without making a fuss or demanding to know why I want something.
They are smart and easily trained. If you tell them to try something, a new position or a complicated sexual maneuver, or possibly something other women may view as distasteful, these women will do their best to do it for you and keep trying until they get it right for you. They want to please their man and will do almost anything asked of them to achieve this goal.
I have found women of all the Asian country usually hold their exotic beauty for many years, long past that of other races. It feels thrilling to be seen out with these gorgeous women, knowing all the other men around are envious of what they imagine you will be doing with her later on that night.
I think the biggest thing for me though is that these women, all Asian women are loud lovers. Hence the term ‘LBFM’ as I told you to look up before! Did you? If not, do it right now. Find your favorite porn site and search ‘LBFM’, and then watch several of the videos. Every single one of them where these little Asian girl with her thrashing gorgeous body are being fucked are screaming and frying and moaning and groaning, but I defy you to find one where she is biting her lip in muffled silence! Do you want to know you are thrilling the woman you are fucking beyond her sexual imagination? Wait till you feel her body contracting around your cock with every squeal and scream. And if you fear you are hurting her, just try to pull out. She is going to dig her nails into you to pull you in deeper still!
So these are the reasons I target only Asian wives, and recommend you to do the same.

And, before making my rules and following my guide lines, this is also how my life went.
Sometimes I would be fucking one couple’s wife and then another, and before I knew it I was screwing up what I had by neglecting someone’s needs. As I soon learned, all my couples are important to me as I am important to them as well. And if I neglect someone I hurt them, and this is not acceptable.
I want to cover all my cuckolded couples needs. So now, as I work to add a new wife to my stable, I remember that her husband needs to feel he is getting something for all he is about to give up. And at the same time the couples in my stable have their needs as well, and I can’t forget any of them as I juggle all the fun.
I schedule workouts at the gym with my one new target husband, while remembering to hang out with the others at the pup each week. Each of these are willing to pick up my tab weather it is for drinks or food. What do the husbands of the wives you’re fucking do for you?
The workouts at the gym will motivate my new target husband to work on that fat body he wants to trim and tone with me as his partner and mentor. This will help my target husband to become beholding to me as well as view me as an authoritative figure. Time in the gym with my husbands also keeps me trim and fit for all the fucking I plan to be doing.

So I made rules reminding me to focus on one and only one target couple at a time, and always keep my husbands feeling we have a good bromance going. It is so important for me to keep both my cuckolded husbands and their hot wives submissive focus on me, and to do this I must keep my eyes on all of them
This is also important because if my cuckolded hubby becomes unhappy he will become my enemy. I want his approval and encouragement as he feels his wife’s need to be fucked and views me as her best opportunity. I want him to want me to fuck her, and then desire to kiss her freshly fucked pussy so he can suck my cum out of her nasty swollen tender pussy lips.

Before I made these rules and started following my own guide lines, this is another way my life went astray. I did as I had always done, fucking as I pleased to my own satisfaction, hoping the woman I was with got her rocks off too.
But now I have educated myself in diet, nutrition, and exercise, things that will help in my plans to befriend my target husbands.
And as I said before, while most man can fuck, and some have Cocks, few actually learn the art of pleasuring a woman, as I have done and am still doing. Most men stop when they are satisfied, roll over and go to sl**p. I will be pleasuring both myself and my cuckolded wife through the sexual arts of the Kamasutra, Tantrics, Yoga, and other sexual enhancing skills I have studied.
Even my cuckolded husbands benefit as their satisfied wives lavish their appreciations on them for not only allowing but for giving them my skillful and far superior pleasures which they have come to crave with great desire.
So we all gain from my doing a little internet reading and some experimentation in the sack with these men’s wives.

And finally, before making my rules and following my guide lines, this is also how my life went. I would fuck a girl and she would fuck a man, possibly her husband or another lover, and then she would compare the experiences. She would compare our physical endowments, who is better sized to please, how do we taste and smell and feel. Are we similar in ways, and different in others, and what does she like more Then she would compare our sexual techniques and endurance, who is more enjoyable to be with, both in the sack and in public. Compare, compare, compare, and then decide who she wants to put that collar on and claim as her man.
I chose then to find vast differences between myself and the husbands of my cuckolded wives, for their comparison and appreciation. I want them to see, feel, smell, taste, hear, and experience me in every totally difference contrast possible.
I am a single, thirty nine year old, large, toned, slightly overweight for my size, very dark skinned black man, with a large thick and ten inch long uncut cock. I am bald but sport a goatee. My lips are full and I have all my teeth. I have large hairy balls. My arms are big and full of power, and my shoulders are large and round like basketballs. I bath a lot and wear a little cologne to enhance but not smother other’s senses. I am proud of who I am and stand tall. I am polite but firm, and speak clearly with an educated tone I have worked on to master for years.
On the other hand, I have targeted smaller white married men who are usually pale skinned, circumcised, and have small penises. They all usually cum after a few minutes of intense sex leaving their wives unsatisfied.
In my health care program I first have them shaved of all facial and crotch hair. This does two things for the three of us. For the target husband, it emasculates him and makes him feel like a nasty prepubescent boy, and no longer a virile man. It also makes him see how much more superior the differences are between him and me. For the wife it creates the visual and psychological difference between him and me as boy and man. She also is very aware of all the visual contrasts between us every time she sees us together side by side. And for me it makes me view him as effeminate and his wife as in need of a real man. I also can see the vast visual differences between us and know that with my sexual training that I am a lover where he was never any real good.
To emphasize and reinf***e all these differences, I insist on all of us using defining terms. I don’t confront them with a dictionary or correct them noticeable. I simply use my terms for words they use making it seem like I am putting it into a perspective I understand. With time they begin to use these terms on their own as well, hoping I will understand them better, and all the while I am actually conditioning them to recognize the differences and label them as such.
For example when we talk about his little white cut prick, we all refer to it in the technical term as his penis. Although this is scientifically and medically accurate, making me sound health wise and professional and worthy of respect, it also sound diminutive in sound… penis. On the other hand, when we discuss mine we call it a COCK. This sounds manly and powerful, with no other significance other than sexual. As often as possible we include Big and Black to differentiate even more between him and me, between his little penis and my Big Black Cock. See?
Next, we use pet or nick names for each other. He calls me Doc making him and his wife feel they owe me professional respect and should trust me. She is instructed to call me by my first name, placing her and me in an equal status friendship. This elevates her above him in the cuckolding relationship. The husband is to be called baby or hubby by his wife, demoting his psychological status from husband and lover to c***d and more of a friend. He is instructed to call her mamma, psychologically reinforcing her status no longer as wife and lover but now as submissive son. All this although sounding playful and quite innocent is psychologically designed to promote and reinf***e the submissive levels of status within the relationship.
Technical medical terms are to be used always when discussing any health and or diet between all concerned, so the air of professionalism is maintained and reinf***ed. We all need both the husband and his wife to see me as a professional authority to be respected and obeyed.
It has been a challenge to work into place, but in some ways I have been successful in creating a difference between how sex between the two of them and between her and me are perceived using terms. When she or he discuss the sex they shared between the two of them I got them to use the term intercourse. But when the subject of sex with me comes up they use the word FUCK. The psychological difference is easily scene. The term intercourse, while technically meaning the same thing, is a sterile impersonal emotionless sounding word. On the other hand the word FUCK is full of innuendo stirring thrilling emotions, it is very personal as it makes one blush to even say it out loud with this meaning in mind, and creates visions of COCKs and PUSSYs in wet nasty exciting play.
Eventually our goal is to get these wives to see the differences between us. We want the target wife to view her little prepubescent boy hubby with his inadequate little white penis and remembering how the intercourse with him was unfulfilling. Then we want her after viewing the interracial porn to fantasize about being taken by a powerful big black man and being FUCKED by him and wondering what it might feel like to be filled and stretched and have a Big Black COCK exploding his love juice so deeply inside her as she feels him dancing about her intestines and stabbing at her heart, causing her to scream and cry like the Asian women in the videos, and orgasm as she has never orgasmed ever ever ever before in her entire life, and probably will neve while having intercourse with her hubby’s little penis.
We work hard, my couples and I, to build the sexually charged climate we all want to enjoy, and then become relaxed and comfortable in. This takes practice practice practice. To do this in part, I have them use these terms and pet names, asking them to try and make them second nature without thinking to do so but just using them as part of their normal vocabulary. I also encourage them both to use nasty pillow talk being graphic and descriptive when they are in private, and eventually when they feel comfortable enough to include me in this playful banter.
So, as you can see, terms are a very important part of the psychology in all this, and that is why I have made it one of my rules as well.

As I said, I was like most of you before this. But now I have a totally new great life with my four cuckolded couples. I maintain and love them each and all dearly, and they all love me, the husbands included.

All my wives are Asian, Anna & Zak, Brenda & Rojesh, Tina & Ben, Kili & Adam, Fran $ Pete.
The first cuckold couple I ever stabled was Anna, a little dark skinned feisty and very sexually hungry Filipina wife with her ten year senior white hubby, Zak. This was my biggest challenge as I was working my plan but had no experiences to work from. Still, everything went much as I have described. I did get Zak to suck my cock for a month while he was sex staved in chastity and getting his nuts milked, before ever getting into Anna’s almost virgin pussy. Now she pushes me into a chair, not caring that her hubby is watching, and strips me with ravenous abandon before climbing on my Cock and riding me as she bites my lips and sucks on my tongue and yells to Zak that I am so much deeper inside her and am filling her pussy like he will never be able to, and how I am so much better than he ever was and that she loves me. Zak has told me he loves all this and really has gotten to love cleaning the cum from the two of us after we fuck. But one is not enough!
My second stabled wife is Brenda, an Indian beauty with olive skin and deep set green eyes. She is taller than Anna and loves to cuddle with me deep inside her. Her husband Rojesh is the only non-white, being Indian also and the same age as her. But he too has become submissive just like the rest of my boys. I made this exception because after talking to him I felt he was a bit submissive and could be easily converted, and his wife… WOW! I love Indian women with the way they talk in that cute little voice that goes up at the end of each sentence. She is by no means as vulgar as Anna, always being polite and proper. But when we fuck she is as animated and vocal as the rest. I made an exception for this couple, even though the contrasts between Roj and I are much less than between my other hubbys and me. To cope with these lacking differences I have directed the sexual relationship between Brenda and myself to outside adventures where we exclude him totally. After we enjoy our play she goes home with a pussy full of fresh hot sticky gooey cum to suck out of her as she tells him how fun it was being with me. We all like this arrangement. But my fun doesn’t end here.
Tina is my tallest fairest skinned wife, being Japanese. Her husband Ben is nearly twenty years older than her as she is barely out of her teens. Her skin is like milk and her lips and nipples are bubblegum pink, mmm yeah! She has slits for eyes and a round flat face that is very beautiful yet unlike any of the others. She loves oral sex, both giving and receiving. She will do anything I tell her now and gets off when I tell her to get on her knees, pull my cock out, and suck it right there in front of Ben. She will, moving so slowly as she looks to him for approval, and getting it in his smile. She really gets off being told what to do and being very submissive to me as her hubby does nothing to stop it.
Kili and Adam were my forth until a month ago when they moved with his new job. Kili was Vietnamese with coffee and cream coloring. Her hair was down to her butt. She always wanted to go out dancing, and loved to drag me along on their vacations. She would have her hubby go run an errand while we messed up the sheets and wet Adam’s pillow stuffed under her bottom and my big fat cock pumping our cum out of her gushing wet twat down the crack of her ass and right down into his pillow, lots of sexual fluids. She liked Adam to smell our sex all night every night when he slept. He too sucked my cock and swallowed my cum before I ever got into her. But they are gone now.

I just added Fran and Pete to my stable, having begun culling them out the day Adam apologized as he told me he had a new job. Pete was a textbook case for my plan. He wanted to lose some weight. He was friendly and just a bit submissive in the gym, allowing me to instruct him on exercise and advise him on diet. He brought his wife in as planned and she too fell into conformity, wanting to help her beloved husband get more healthy to ensure more years together. Both being willing to give up intercourse for a time to build up his needed testosterone, and in the weeks to follow becoming more and more submissive and attentive to Fran’s desires and needs. And although she was getting much more sex and experiencing many more orgasms I could tell she was growing hungry for a good fucking. Again I pressed the idea of Pete, the now very submissive hubby in tune to his wife’s sexual needs, to consider allowing me to take his wife to this party, even though I had earlier emphasizing my desire to take to bed any woman who might e****t me. And after he suggested I take her and that he had asked and she was willing to let me take her, I asked him if he remembered how I had said I would want to take my date back to my place and seduce her, I told him that it was still my intention even if it is his wife, and asked if he was still sure he wanted me to take his wife to this party alone without him. He didn’t take long to say he would. That was when I told him to prove it by jacking me off in the sauna, and as he did I told him to kiss the head of my cock to show he was willing to allow it into his wife’s pussy. He did and as he did I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled gently encouraging him to suck it. He did this too.
The party was yesterday. I danced with Fran and held her tight. I bought her dinner with a glass of red wine. At the party we drank some more, but kept the alcohol at a buzz as we burned it off dancing. I complemented her and showed her off to my friends proudly. She loved all the attention and held onto my arm as we mingled through the crowd of black people, a crowd she as a bit uncomfortable being in, making her cling to me even more for protection.
I knew Peter was back home franticly wanting to know what was happening as he imagined his pretty little Korean wife with her lacy white bobby socks pinned beneath my powerful black body on my bed or my sofa, as I f***e kisses on her. He pictured me, I’m sure, pushing my hand under her dress and into her little lacy white panties, then pushing my fat black middle fingers, a finger that is as big around as his penis and longer, and at that moment he could just see her opening her mouth to gasp and feeling my thick fleshy lips opening with hers and my tongue forcing my way deep into her mouth where as she feels her vagina muscles hungrily gripping my finger she begins to suck on my tongue. He knows that if that happened his wife would soom submit to being royally fucked. His mind tortured him, he told me later with visions of her creamy arms and legs wrapping around me and never releasing my tongue from her sucking mouth as our tongues wrestled. He said he could almost see my big black cock which he had scene many times in the sauna yet now very ridged and shiny with his wife’s pussy juices after watching it as it slid up and down between her labia lips like a black snake, and he imagined his Fran allowing her vagina to plant sucking kisses on my vaney cock shaft and as she felt it stroking her engorged clitoris with slow ten inch long strokes. He could almost feel her sucking on my tongue as she wiggled her hips to try to get me to enter her and fuck her. And as I pin her down, and line up, he told me he felt his penis oozing out his gooey sticky cum with a somewhat pleasurable shudder as he envisioned me forcing her orgasmic grunts and cries from deep inside her guts, as my cock slid in and began fucking. He told me that was at ten and continued until two when he fell asl**p. We hadn’t even left the party until midnight. Boy was he in for big reality check very soon.
But let me get back to my actual date with his wife, and how things really were progressing. We had called each other, that is her and me, by our first names since our first meeting. Her husband still calls me Doc as do all my cuckold hubby’s. But my wives I eventually try to get them to call me daddy, explaining while we are all using pet names this is the one I prefer. This night I worked on Fran to do so also. It took some doing but somewhere in the night it clicked and she did it freely from then on.
When we decided to leave, around midnight as I said, I asked her if she would like to come back to my place for one last drink. She was hesitant, but I was driving and in control of her submissive nature now. We sat on the sofa with another glass of wine, as I asked her bluntly and in a professional tone if she likes her hubby’s penis and enjoys sexual intercourse with him. She giggled and sipped her wine before answering. She said she did when they had opportunity. I asked her if she liked watching the videos I had loaned him, and again she said she did hesitantly. I told her to relax while got myself another glass of wine, and offered her another too. She shook her head, but I put in my favorite interracial black on Asian porn video as I got up, and then filled both our glasses, once again taking charge over her decisions hoping she would submit willingly. I watched her watching the porn as I worked in the kitchen, and saw her squirming with sexual frustration. I returned and handed her a glass as I sat to the side.
This was around one in the morning. I chatted as though not paying attention to the film, talking professionally about the progress we had been making. The volume was low so we could just hear the sex as though it were in a back room while we talked. I took charge. I told her my feet were sore from dancing with her and she should sit on the floor and rub them for me. She looked like I must be crazy at first. But when I said, “Fran, please rub my feet for me,” she actually moved slowly to the floor and pulled my foot into her lap. I told her she was a very good girl, and I would tell her when to stop. A couple minutes later I pulled one foot free and pushed the other in, and again she resumed my foot massage as we talked more about the art of testicle massage and prostate milking, and I complemented her on all she had accomplished to date.
A half hour later I put her on the sofa refilled glass in hand as I sat on the floor and pulled her feet into my lap. She tried to fight but I told her to be a good girl and obey me. It’s so rewarding when they do exactly as you tell them. I pulled off her lacy sock and began rubbing her foot. When I finished I pressed it into my crotch right on my hard on for her to feel. She tried to pull away but I told her to stop and relax. I took her other foot and began working on it as I felt the toes of her other foot moving ever so slightly on my cock causing it to push back at her. I noticed she was watching the TV as she avoided my gaze. I let this go on for some time in silence, nothing to hear except the sex on TV. Finally I spoke causing her to jump.
I said, “Look at me Fran.”
She did, as I pulled both her feet firmly to my cock.
I continued, “Tell me you are enjoying the porn.”
She replied, ”I am,” as she tried to pull her feet from my crotch.
I barked firmly, “Stop!” holding her feet firmly in place. “Tell me you like seeing the black man fucking the Asian woman with his big black cock.”
She squirmed as she tried to gain control. Finally she stopped fighting, never really giving a real fight to be honest, but firmly said, “No.”
I said calmly, “Do you need a spanking Fran? Just tell me you like watching the black man fucking the Asian woman with his big black cock.”
She looked away and said, “Okay. No spanking daddy. I like watching the man have sex with the Asian woman.”
I said, “Okay, good enough. You tried. I want you to go get me another wine and return to this position with your bare feet in my lap, just like this. Now go.” As she turned to leave I swatted playfully at her pretty round bottom.
She got up and I could see she was thinking about what to do, to run or comply. She picked up my glass and left. When she returned she handed me the glass, but did not sit. I looked up at her and said, “Fran, if you don’t sit and put your feet back in my lap I am going to pull you down into my lap and kiss you. Or would you rather I spank your bare bottom?”
She was still hesitating as I put my glass down. I looked up at her as she looked timidly back into my eyes. I took her hand and pulled gently so as not to hurt her, but firmly so she had no choice but to comply. She bent, then stooped, then kind of fell into my lap where she started to struggle.
I said, “Stop,” and she did.
I said, Look at me,” so she turned her face toward mine.
I said, “Kiss me and I will let you go.”
She looked deep into my eyes as she pondered with a very slight almost unnoticeable shake of the head, then leaned forward and pecked me on the cheek. I flexed my groin as she did causing my cock to nudge her bottom. I let go of her hand freeing her, as I said, “That’s my good little girl. You are so beautiful. I had such a wonderful time tonight Fran. Thank you. Now get up if you want me to take you home to your loving hubby.”
She looked bewildered as though it were wrong for me to give up. I took this opportunity to say, “Please kiss me again Fran. I would love to fuck you with my big black cock as you can probably tell, but I won’t f***e myself on someone I respect and feel is a very good friend. But if you would please… just one more kiss for me to dream about tonight.”
She put her hands to my face and looked me in the eyes and closed hers as she moved her lips to mine. I watched her as she pressed her soft lips to mine. I watched as she held them there, and as I parted mine feeling her parting hers to match. I tilted my head a bit as I pushed my tongue through her still parting lips and felt them closing on it as she began to suck. Her eyes were still closed.
I slid my hands up to hers and gripped her wrists gently pulling them back so her arms wrapped around my neck. As we continued to kiss, I moved my hands to her sides and as I held her in my lap I rocked my hips allowing my cock to rub her from below. She moaned and pushed her tongue into my mouth.
I rolled to my elbow and scooped her up moving her onto the couch, as we kissed and she never removed her arms from my neck. I slid her up so her head was at the arm of the sofa. I moved above her as we still kissed, and laid myself on top of her, our lips never parting.
As we continued like this I wiggled my hips letting my cock nudge her inner thighs, causing her to spread them until she had both knees to my sides and me nested between her thighs. I slid my hand down to her thigh, and as she started to pull her lips from mine and talk, I lifted my head just as I planted the palm of my hand firmly on her thigh just above the knee yet still on her dress. I looked deep into her eyes and said, “What do you want Fran?”
She shook her head as she said, “No daddy, this is wrong.”
I didn’t move, holing her like this as I said, “Tell me you want me to fuck you with my big black cock and make you cum with me.”
She shook her head as she fought the desire we both knew she was feeling.
I said, “Let me tell you a true story. All along I wished you would come with me to the party. I even told Pete, out of friendship, just to let him know how I really feel about the two of you, my best friends. And a week ago I told Pete I’m so frustrated I wanted to fuck the woman I finally got to go with me to the party. Then, another day Pete suggested I take you, out of friendship. He said you two had discussed the idea and you wanted to get out and go to a party, and so he was cool with us doing it together. I reminded him what I had said, about fucking my date, and let him know that even though I respect the two of you and would never want to do anything to harm our friendship, I see you as a very beautiful desirable sexy woman Fran, and the idea of fucking you thrills me so much, and so I told Pete that after the party it would still be my desire to fuck my date even if it were you going with me. I said it bluntly to warn him, and asked him if he still wanted me to take you now that he understood if you gave me the chance I would. I would fuck you with my big black cock, stretching your pussy wide and filling you deeper than you have ever felt a man, and pumping my cum into you. I told him. I told him to tell you too. Did he? If you say no I will put him over my knee and spank his bad little bottom till its red. Did he Fran?”
She just looked up at me in silence as I continued, “Wait,” as I grabbed my cell phone from the end table and speed dialed Pete. He answered and I said to him, “Do you want me to fuck your wife Pete?” I held the phone out for her hear.
He asked, “Where is she Doc?”
I said, “She’s in the bathroom. We had a great time dancing and mingling, and we are both kind of horny Pete, so I need to know, do you want us to fuck? Tell me you want me to fuck your wife with my big black cock and fill her hungry pussy with my cum.”
He sounded like he was afraid she might overhear, so he spoke quickly in a whisper, “Yes, I want you to fuck her with your big black cock.”
I asked, “You want me to fuck who Pete?”
He said it again, “I want you to fuck my wife, Fran, with your big black cock.”
“And you want me to cum inside her?” I queried. She had moved both her hands to cover her mouth as he answered.
“Yes,” he said in a very hushed tone.
I said firmly, “Tell me it all one more time Pete.”
He said rather quickly, “I want you to fuck her, my wife, fuck Fran my wife with your big black cock, and cum inside her pussy. Okay?”
I nodded to her and she nodded back as she kept her hands covering her mouth in shame and excitement.
I said, “If I do, you know she will have sucked my cock. Are you going to kiss her nasty mouth Pete, knowing she just sucked my cock?”
He barked, “Yes.”
I asked, “And if I do fuck your wife and pump my cum into Fran’s fuck hungry pussy Pete, when she gets home do you want her to strip naked and sit on your face, will you suck my cum out of her tender vagina kissing her swollen pussy lips and cleaning my cum as she keeps the details of her night her secret?”
I could hear the shaking in his voice as he feared she would catch us talking, not realizing she was listening to everything. He said, “Yes, please. I promise to everything, that I want everything I swear and that I will do it all. But don’t let her catch you talking to me. If she sees the phone she will suspect it was me.”
I said, “Okay Pete. I’m just teasing you. She isn’t really horny. We did have a lot of fun and we are just sitting her chatting now. We probably won’t do anything more than talk, so don’t get too worked up. I just wanted to give you a little thrill. Go back to sl**p now and I’ll bring her home soon. But don’t wait up. We may lose time as we talk. I’ll let you know the facts next time we meet at the gym, okay?” I looked deep into Fran’s face.
That was around two, so he must have just slipped off to sl**p after his torturing himself with all the things that hadn’t happened… yet. He told me at the next workout how he couldn’t go back to sl**p again for hours. He doesn’t remember when he finally went to sl**p.
As I hung up the phone I tossed it to the floor and moved my hand back to her thigh. I said, “Spread um.”
She did as she moved her hands back around my neck and tried to pull my lips to hers. I wanted to watch her as she surrendered to me, so I held firmly up as I continued to look down on her.

I got up and moved to the far end of the couch. I said, “Come here my good little girl.”
She rolled onto her tummy and crawled toward me. I put my hands into her armpits and lifted her above me so we were eye to eye. She wrapped her arms around my neck again, and once again tried to pull our lips together. I turned her sidewise and lowered her into my lap so her legs were together, bent at the knees, and kind of stretched across the couch. I put my hand on her knee as she looked into my eyes. I pulled her dress up above her waist lifting so it pulled all up in front exposing her lacy white panties. Dam she was gorgeous. It was a real strain to keep from kissing her at that point. I slid my hand back to her knee and with the palm of my hand pushed letting her know I wanted her to part her thighs. She did for me. I slid my flat palm up the inside of her hot thigh and could feel the dampness of her perspiration as it began to shine on the surface. I slid it further till my fingers were nested in that spot where the leg meets the crotch. I could feel her soft panties now and how the pubic hair was holding them aloft. This was when I caught the first real good strong whiff of her musky womanhood as it began to permeate the air, telling the secret of her sexual excitement. I felt her try again to kiss me, moving her lips to mine this time.

I said as she covered my lips with hers, “Show me your tits little girl.” And as I began to kiss her back I could feel more than see her unbuttoning her blouse. It took a minute and all the while she kept pecking my lips with her kisses. I kept my hand firmly planted along the leg of her little white panties. I could feel heat radiating from her crotch, as she finally pulled her top wide and with just a bit of struggle dropped her B-cup bra to the floor. I moved my hands to her now naked armpits moist with excitement and leaned her back, exposing those beautiful breasts with their chocolate kisses nipples pointing toward me. I held her like this as I lowered my lips to each, kissing them with wet suckling loud slobbering kisses. She moaned as I moved from one to the other then back again. Finally I rose and looked into her dreamy eyes and said, “Tell me your little hubby kisses your breasts better than me. Say it’s because he gets so much practice being your little baby.”
She started to say otherwise, but I told her to obey me and say it just like I told her to. She did and I told her she was a very good little girl.
I said, “Stand up and strip for me.” All she had on was her dress and panties, so it didn’t take long. She is a picture of Asian perfection from the long coal black hair on her head to the wonderfully proportioned Champaign glass sized breasts topped with chocolate kisses nipples, down to her breading hips centered by just a bit of a belly indented with a delicious navel above a whispy patch of coal black silky pubic hair that looks soft and wavy. The lips of her brown camel toe peeks out ever so slightly. And her legs taper down like those of a dear to her gorgeous little feet. Need I say more? And that night she was to become mine.
I stood up beside her and said, “Help me take mine off.” As I stood there I watched as she unbuttoned each button, pealed my shirt from my shoulders, and lowered it to the floor. I moved my hand to her chin and lifted her head so her eyes met mine as I said, “Now my belt.” We looked at each other as I felt her fumbling with it, then the tug of her pulling it from the loops. It too fell to the floor. I said, “Get on your knees.” She slipped below my hand but kept her eyes on mine as she moved her hands to the button of my pants. I felt the flip then the zip followed by the cool breeze as my pants fell to the floor. In silence I felt her move her fingers to my cock, feeling it through the cloth, and as I nodded she lowered her eyes to see what she had in her hands, still wrapped in my black silk boxers. She moved her fingers to the waist band keeping her eyes on my manhood, and pulled down slowly. When my black cock flopped out I heard her gasp in shock, and say, “Oh no daddy! You’re too big for me. I can’t, you can’t, no please.”
I reached down and lifted her head again, lowering my lips again to hers, and we kissed again as I felt her fear growing. I lifted her to stand and resumed our kiss. I lifted her arms around my neck as our tongues teased each other. I felt her lock her fingers together behind my neck. I moved my hands to her armpits and lifted her up onto her tiptoes. I lifted her more so her feet left the ground and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I lifted her until she was looking down at me, her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, like a cat in a tree.
Then I lowered her until our lips met again. She kissed me franticly as I continued her decent. I lowered her until her breast ware atop my chest, and she could feel my straining rock hard cock nudging at her bottom. I lowered her so her breast crushed against my chest, and moved my arms to encircle her one hand at a time. I lowered her so she could feel the length of my cock between the hot wet lips of her pussy all the way through from the front to her ass. I flexed my butt causing my cock to saw through the folds of her excited flesh, stimulating her into higher desire. She was really kissing me by this point. Again I moved my hands one at a time, this time to the fatty cheeks of her fleshy bottom, and intertwining my fingers so she was cradled in my hands. I felt her tighten her arms and legs as her kisses turned to an attempt to suck my tongue out of my mouth. I pulled free and looked at her till she looked back at me. I was still sawing my cock through her gap, letting her clitoris feel the long agonizing strokes that I knew were driving her to abandon desire.
I said, “Say it.”
She looked questioningly before finally realizing what it was I wanted her to tell me. I lifted her a bit while pulling my hips back. This allowed my cock to slide to the point I could feel the lips of her pussy tickling the head of my cock as they quivered with her excitement. I could feel the sensitive flesh of my foreskin under her quivering pussy lip kisses pulling back and forth over the head of my burning cock with my own excitement. I could feel her hot juicy wetness oozing from her drooling gash, coating me and dripping from my shaft, and my own wetness oozing out of my depths to drip like a leaky faucet from my slit. She pulled her lips to mine again and as I felt her pulling her arms and legs tighter, pulling me against her tighter, and wiggling her hips with the goal of trying to find and work her pussy onto and over my cock, she said into my open mouth, “Please daddy, I want you to FUCK me with your big black cock.”
This was my queue. I lined up, feeling the head of my cock slip into the cleft. I leaned us bot back so she was almost hanging beneath me, and as I rose back up her weight f***ed her down upon me, her pussy to open the lips to spread wide as they slipped aound the head pulling my foreskin back as the swelling mushroom head of my big black cock slipped within. We kissed franticly as she whimpered in pain. I pulled her up extracting myself from her allowing her to relax and catch her breath. But a few seconds later she pulled me to her once again and I felt her churning her hips again working the head until it pop back into the tight confines of her nearly virgin vagina. We paused, me head just inside, as we focused on the kiss, allowing her pussy to adjust to the new reality of what she had decided to attempt.
We kissed and kissed as I felt her swirling her hips trying with no success to take more of me into her. She whimpered into my mouth as she undulated in my arms.
I pulled back to look into her face and ask, “Do you really want to fuck me baby?” As I asked this I lifted her until I popped free. I lowered her to sit on my shaft again as we deliciously and delightfully sawed our sexes against each other.
She said, “Yes daddy.”
Again I lifted her up to until my cock sprang back into the cleft. Again I slowly lowered her onto me as I felt her turning her hips. Again I slipped inside but this time without the pop. My hot lover’s pussy had stretched to accept me. I pulled up and lowered her several times allowing the lips of her hungry vagina stretch around the head of my cock then off then around and then off, again and again we enjoyed this play.
I told her to kiss me as I once again planted my head within. She mut her lips to mine and suck her tongue into my mouth. Mine followed hers back into her mouth where she began to suck on it. And as she sucked on my tongue I stabbed with my cock at her hungry pussy, in and out in and out. Then at a point when she was particularly focused on my tongue I stopped pulling out and instead pushed slowly but firmly a bit deeper. She let out a muffled scream into my mouth as I sank and inch deeper into her now aching body. She quaked in pain as I stopped and held still now head and an inch deep in her splitting vagina. She told me it felt like her vagina was tarring. When she returned to kissing me and breathing more relaxed, I pulled out of her then with precision pushed back in to the same point. I repeated this until she was enjoying the fuck, then I pushed deeper again, this time until I was about half inside.

She had done it.