Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday 1

Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday


Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday
Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday



To help understand the setting, my husband and I were on a vacation in our home town with my husband’s best friend and his wife at a resort.

We were staying in a condo with each other that had two bedrooms with a shared living room and small kitchen area. Each bedroom had its own private door leading to their room from the outside.

I had recently been talking to this ridiculously hot guy online and we had been planning on meeting up for a while.

During the day the four of us were at a fun pool party at the resort. We spent the day listening to music and having a few too many drinks!

It was a really good looking crowd that day and the combination of looking at hot guys all day while being a little tipsy had me really horny!

Our friends had stepped away for a minute and I told my husband that I wanted to invite my online friend over to the condo that night.

My husband thought I was crazy and told me that our friends would hear me in the bedroom and would find out about our lifestyle.

I assured him that I would sneak the guy in and that I would be quiet so they wouldn’t hear a thing. After helping him realize what a hot and kinky scenario this would be he agreed to let me have him over.

Fast forward to that night. I told them I was going to take a nap and that I would be back out to hang with them later in the night.

My husband ,his friend, and his wife were all hanging out and having drinks in the common living room area. I went into the bedroom and let my friend in through our door.

He was so sexy, very tall, and very muscular. We started making out almost immediately. It wasn’t long before he had me on my knees and I began sucking his cock.

He was a lot larger than my husband which was one of the reasons I was so into him when we met online to be honest.

He was very aggressive with my mouth and was face fucking me without much regard for the amount of gagging and choking I was doing.

At this point I had been drinking all day, I was extremely horny and wasn’t really thinking of the repercussions of the noises I was and was about to make.

sucked his cock until I was begging him to fuck me. He eventually put me on all fours and began to pound me relentlessly and I came immediately.

He was slamming his cock in and out of my pussy, smacking his body against my ass and looking back I realize he was turned on by the idea of our friends hearing it happen.

He absolutely wrecked me and I came multiple times moaning louder than I should have. If I could go back I would’ve taken more precautions so that our friends wouldn’t hear but I was in ecstasy at this point.

My husband had told me they could hear me getting fucked at this point and it was really awkward with our friends. He just made up a terrible excuse that I had been horny all day and was probably watching porn.

This didn’t last long as it became more apparent to them that it was definitely me making the noises and he admitted to him that I was in there getting my brains fucked out by another guy and that he was into cuckolding.

They took it really well luckily, although it was super awkward when I ended up coming back out that night!

It’s something now that turns both me and my husband on looking back on the story and it ended up being a big relief to let two of our best friends know about our lifestyle!

Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday

Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday
Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday
Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday
Friends Heard me Cuckold my Hubby on Holiday