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While walking through the hotel lobby to the elevator, because of his good looks, and incredible size, every woman turned to look at him. Jerome’s huge bulge drew the attention and admiration of every woman in there. Every man was checking out my wife’s ass in that tight dress, and when they saw that wet spot, and the man she was with, felt a twinge of envy, and some pity for me. My dick which was raging hard, went unnoticed.



My husband unlocked the door of our room, and let me and Jerome go by him. I smiled, and touched my husband’s arm as I passed him. I felt bad for him, I knew I had not paid enough attention to my husband since Jerome had come into the picture. I knew I had acted like a total slut at the restaurant– I had let everyone see my pussy. I had let my husband be humiliated, even though in the past, he had talked about that being arousing for him.

I had acted like a slut for Jerome. Somehow, he had some kind of power over me, a power I didn't understand. I was infatuated with him, his looks, his size, his sexuality, even his scent. He had complete control of me, nothing else mattered. I would do anything for him-- anything-- and my husband, would want me to. I realized he was my bull, he was our bull, me and my husband's.

We stood at the end of the bed and he bent down to kiss me deeply, our tongues, seeking the other's, he was the best at kissing of any man I had ever been with. I unbuttoned his shirt I wanted to feel his body, I needed him close to me. Jerome broke our kiss, and removed his shirt. His body was beautiful, hard and muscled, a deep-bronze color, his chest had a few curly black hairs otherwise, his skin was smooth, and firm.

Jerome, sat down on the bed, then it was my turn to bend over to kiss him. He finished unzipping my dress, then moved both hands to my upper chest, and slipped his hands inside my dress, took it over my shoulders down my arms and body, over my hips, and let it drop to the floor. He sucked and nibbled on my left titty, while squeezing and pinching my nipple with his right. It felt sooo good!!! I cried out in pleasure!!

Jerome moved his mouth to my other nipple, and he slid his hands down my back to my ass and squeesed it, his hands, his huge hands, felt so good. He kept his left hand on my ass, and moved his right hand around to my smooth mound. Jerome then slowly slid his hand between my legs, as I took a wider stance to give him better access to my pussy. He teased my clit with his finger, then moving his hand further between my legs, slipped his middle finger, into my sopping-wet snatch,

I moaned, "Oh my God."

His thick finger felt almost as big as my husband's dick. He sucked my titties and finger fucked me, taking me right to the edge of orgasm!!

Jerome pulled his finger out of me. He stood up and sat me down, where he had been seated. He stood in front of me, his bulge right in front of my face.

I unbuckled his belt, undid his top button and tried to unzip his pants.

His erection wouldn't let me get his zipper down. He reached his hand into his pants and moved his cock to the side, so I could get his zipper down.

I pulled his pants down, and when they dropped to the floor.

I stuck one thumb in the waistband on his side and with my other hand I pulled the front of his boxers out to clear his hard-on. With my heart pounding in anticipation, I pulled his shorts down.

Holy shit!! I even heard my husband gasp!! I didn't know where to start. His cock was huge, but my biggest shock was how black it was, and it was not circumcised. I had never seen a Black cock before, and I do mean black-- it was gorgeous. I had also never seen an uncircumcised cock in real life, except my sons before we had it removed; although I had seen cocks with foreskins in porn videos. Jerome had a semi, it wasn't rigid yet, there was just a portion of its head sticking out, and that was a bright red-purple.


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wifes first bbc

I was excited, horny, and so intrigued. I put my hand around his cock-- well my fingers wouldn't reach around, leaving over-a-one-inch-gap. I stroked his cock; pulling the foreskin back with my hand. As I pulled it back the complete head plus another inch or so of his shaft appeared, all of which was that incredible blood red-purple color, before it turned the pure black of his shaft. My stroking of his cock had caused it to grow completely hard.

Jerome spoke, his words bringing me out of my shock. "Do you like it?"

"God, I love it. It's beautiful."

"Why don't you suck it baby?"

I lifted it with my hand, it was so heavy! I moved my head forward, there was a big drop of pre-cum, coming out of his slit I licked it up with my tongue it tasted wonderful.

I put his cock against my cheek, then I pulled the foreskin back and licked that gorgeous crown of his cock, before, I opened my mouth wide, and I took the head and the red part of his shaft into my mouth, I could barely fit my lips over this monster.

I let go of his foreskin, and moved my hand towards the base and stroked his cock with my hand and with each forward stroke of my hand, the foreskin lightly piled-up against my lips.

I took my mouth off his cock, and his foreskin went back to the ridge of his helmet. I put my mouth back on his cock, with my lips on his foreskin, and sucking hard and bobbing my head as deep as I could go, as I stroked my lover's cock. I liked his foreskin, it was different. I decided I was going to show off, for my bull I was going to deepthroat my new lover's cock.

When I had experienced my second cock, which was my first big one--my first extramarital cock, I had been married less than a year. That lover, had a very big cock. He had told me it was nine inches long and two inches thick. Jerome's cock was about the same length as that, but way, way thicker. But I was determined to take him down my throat.

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I was breathing through my nose, as I went down further each time. I took him deeper and deeper when I felt him hit my throat, I held it there, slowly forcing his cock even deeper, then I would pull away, and do the same thing again. The third time, I took him to my throat; I forced my head forward hard, and I was rewarded with his curly pubes hitting my nose. I pulled my head back and off his cock pretty quickly. I had to breathe, because his cock had cut off the airway to my nose.

I heard my husband moan as he orgasmed. I looked over at him sitting on the couch, naked, with his spent dick in his hand, cum running down his dick and fingers.

"Fuck, baby. No woman has ever been able to do that to me." Jerome proudly told me.

"Now scoot up on the bed."

Jerome slid his body between my legs, putting his face a few inches from my leaking pussy, and he inhaled, "Fuck, your cunt smells good." He turned his head left, and licked my juices off my inner thigh, then he turned his head to the right and did the same.

He moved forward and put his tongue at my taint, spread his tongue wide and slowly licked up my vulva, stopping at my opening to tongue-fuck me for a bit, then moved on up to give my clit a dozen or so fast, firm licks.

I screamed out in climax, "Oh God!! Ohhhh gaaaawd!! Fuck, fuck, fuuuck!!"

Jerome moved up my body, holding his body off of mine on his straightened arms. He pushed the head of his cock against my crotch, I was still in climax and my mind still full of endorphins; I wanted him, I wanted him inside me. My body was instinctively needing to mate with my lover. I lifted my pelvis, and pushed my opening slightly onto his cock, and Jerome, at the same time pushed his cock into me an inch or so FUCK, it hurt! But it felt so good!

Jerome had fucked lots of women, so he knew the discomfort that women felt the first time they took his cock, and the pleasure they experienced from it. I was so aroused, so wet, and I needed him inside me so badly. I humped my hips pushing my pussy onto his cock a couple of more inches. Jerome settled some weight onto me, pushing my ass to the bed and his cock a little deeper. Jerome kissed me, and slowly and gently, thrust his hips each stroke, gaining some more depth. His cock was stretching me to his size, it felt so good.

Jerome moaned. "Fuck. Baby you are really tight."

Jerome's cock hadn't even reached full depth when my climax came over me. My hips thrusting instinctively, and Jerome really started to fuck me, taking my orgasm beyond any I had ever felt. He didn't slow down. Ever since I had sat down beside Jerome on the plane, then out to dinner, and back to our room, he had been so calm, had spoken so quietly, had been so gentle-- right then that dam had burst.

Jerome fucked me. He slammed his cock into me. He fucked me hard. He fucked me fast.



I orgasmed again. I screamed in ecstasy!!! I orgasmed again, I screamed!!!

I don't know how many times; I climaxed but it felt like my orgasms became constant. I was still cumming when Jerome slammed his cock balls deep into me, and held it there; I grabbed his ass with my fingernails of both hands, pulling him even deeper. I felt the muscles in his ass clench and he roared like an animal, and I felt his cum splash into my pussy. Each time his ass would clench, he would grunt, and I would feel his cum splash inside of me. I love the feeling of a man flooding my pussy with his cum.

Jerome's body collapsed on top of me, our sweaty bodies melded tightly together; his softening cock still inside me, still big enough to make me feel full. No man had ever made me cum like that-- I didn't know climaxing like that was possible.


I was feeling pretty proud of myself, I had been able to deepthroat, our new bull, the first woman to ever be able to do that. I had also just given him, a really good fuck at least he acted like I was a good piece of ass. Jerome stirred, he kissed me, his cock slipped out of me and he rolled off of me.

I looked over at my husband. He had a fresh load of cum on his belly, hand, and dick; his head was leaned back on the couch, he was asleep.

Jerome and I stood up; pulled the blankets and sheets down, and climbed into bed. We must have fallen asleep for awhile. I woke up to Jerome's hands playing with my tits. We kissed and touched each other. He really seemed to like my titties, squeezing, then pinching and rolling my nipples. "Bring those tits up here." He growled.

I moved up the bed on my hands and knees, put one hand on the headboard, and lowered my titties to his face. Jerome kissed, licked, and sucked on one nipple, then the other. I felt his finger rubbing my clit, and then it slipped into my cum-slicked cunt, and Jerome fingerfucked me with his huge finger. Then I felt a second finger join his first, it truly felt like I was being fucked with a cock. Jerome was really good at making me feel good.

I slipped off of Jerome's fingers, and down the bed. I wanted to learn more about his uncut, black cock. I laid my head on his belly, and lifted his cock; it was so heavy. He was just a little bit erect, his foreskin completely covered the head, and tapered down to a small tube his cock was black as coal. It was still wet from our earlier mating.

I slid his foreskin back, his blood-red head came out soaked with our combined juices. I licked it. I liked the taste; I pulled his skin back some more, and completely cleaned him; his cock was now fully erect. I was stroking his shaft, and sucking his cock, he moaned and his hips thrust. Ever since my husband first taught me how, I have always loved sucking cock.


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Amatuer wife first time with BBC