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First Time I Shared My Wife.  I’m The Wife Of A WifeLover.  First Time I Shared My Wife.

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Welcome, I’m Sarah and I’m the other half of this blog. I’m in my late-twenties and created this part of the blog to share my stories, deepest sexual fantasies and give you general life updates.

Sarah on her knees on a chair in high heels, black dress and stockings.
First Time i Shared My Wife

You probably already know how much I love being shared, I love all eyes on me, love being used and I’m a sucker for a big c**k (size queen) and raw sex while my hubby (Jack) watches.

I’m so lucky that I’m in a relationship with an amazing boyfriend that has a fetish for being a cuck, sharing me and threesomes.

We didn’t just get to this point in our relationship, it took years of learning, mistakes and having really kinky sex.

I Use To Be Super Shy

Sarah pulling up her dress to show off her fishnet stockings.
First Time i Shared My Wife

We used to have a good sex life, but I was super shy of showing anyone my body that wasn’t Jack. I had fantasies of being with different men and I always wanted to be a slut, but I just never had the confidence.

After a few late-night chats with Jack it turned out that he had a kink for me being with someone else, I loved the idea, but hated the idea of actually having to meet the right guy and get to know him.

After about a year of talking about it, planning it and then bailing, I decided that if I wanted to experience once in a lifetime sex I’d have to take more
control and be more vocal about what I wanted.

It took time, but we finally did it and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. There was jealousy, lust, orgasms, cum, my heart felt like it would burst out of my chest.

It wasn’t perfect, but we both knew it worked and we both wanted more.

Now I’ve Turned Into A SharedWife

Sarah in black dress and fishnet stockings with legs crossed resting on table.
First Time i Shared My Wife

We love having threesomes, he loves seeing me with a guy who is hung (my favorite) and we’ve even started doing some solo dates.

Solo dates were a really big step for us at the start, but since I’ve done it a few times and found some regular men who understand our situation it’s opened up a whole new world of fun (story coming soon).

We are slowly meeting more couples who are involved in the lifestyle, we’re taking it really slow because we still find meeting new people a little awkward and sometimes too exposing.

But, if you have a nice group, propersition or event and think we’d enjoy it message us, we don’t mind traveling for fun.

My Collection Of WifeLover Stories, Experience & Fantasies

This is the part of the blog where my shared wife/wifelover stories and experiences go. I wanted somewhere easy for you to find all of my personal stories.

You also have the stories written by Jack and the stories written by friends of the blog and readers who submit their stories, confessions and fantasies.

You could even send us your own story, maybe an image or a video?

We always love posting stuff from readers and other wifelovers, hotwives, cuckolds and bulls.