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As a married couple, they had occasionally fantasized about participating in a threesome. The notion of inviting a warm new body into the bedroom was arousing, each feeling comfortable enough in their marriage, honest enough in their communication, and secure enough in their trust in one another to push the boundaries of typical relationship customs.
Originally suggested as an extra-ordinary birthday gift to her husband, the conversations for pursuing a love triangle brought about some personal fears and anxieties in sharing one another with someone outside their marital bond. His main concern was fixated on the absence of adequate stamina, likely diminishing the appreciation and intensity of three agreeing partners, where her hesitation converged on the notion of another woman tasting her candied nectar and the expectations of her returning the favor, unsure if she could fulfill such an obligation on their first experience. An obligation she felt she would have to work up too, feeling significantly more comfortable about another woman licking and sucking her own pussy than she did about going down and tasting another’s.
Although she hadn’t ruled out the possibility of inviting another woman into the mix, she expressed it would demand a woman with the right mental, physical, and emotional connection, and someone who understood the importance of cleanliness and upkeep, referring to her woman business. In addition, there was some uncertainty in seeing her husband kiss, caress, and ultimately sink his magnificent cock into another woman’s vagina, and the adverse feelings that could be inflicted as she watched him pleasure her, doubtful if her emotions could handle such a vision.
After exchanging numerous conversations about the positives and negatives of inviting a male or female, and their mental preparedness to fully engage and participate in such a new and awkward affair, they agreed that if they were going to pursue this fantasy their first experience should be with another man. An individual that would reduce his anxieties of a “quick release” and her reservations of incorporating another woman between them. A man who had the desire to keep her as the center of the entire experience, assisting in achieving a remarkable and delightful sexual encounter.
Ultimately, they felt the existence of a male was the best option toward the introduction of this anticipated lifestyle transition, knowing that if they found the right guy, their threesome would be an adventure they would never forget and have the potential to open doors to a world of new sexual opportunities. Her reasoning for considering such a bold act of sexual energy was centered around the intriguing and curious stimulation that could arise from entangling a strong new male body into their already superior sexual connection, the mind-blowing eroticism of a strangers hands exploring every inch of her ebony body, the pure adrenaline of attempting to satisfy two men simultaneously, the wonder of being ravished endlessly by those two men and sparking each nerve throughout her petite figure to tingle with exhilaration, and the excitement of experiencing an unbelievably invigorating climax of mind shattering orgasmic fulfillment, something only two men at the same time could produce. When pondering the thought of her husband and this mysterious man pleasing her entireness repeatedly, the endless sexual possibilities that could transpire from a single encounter, her panties would become soaked with her thickness and a warmth would cover her skin.
In their efforts in locating that unique individual to join them, her husband subscribed to an adult meeting website that assisted in matching that “perfect man” to their profile, conducting research on each individual they matched, gathering facts and conversing with those potentials for her to review and offer any sign of interest. She envisioned a white male like her husband, with roughly the same body type and penis size, preferably between the ages of 35 and 50 that exhibited the appreciation of a woman’s body who has been blessed with stretchmarks and other beauties of having children, and someone who was mature enough to understand the importance of their marriage covenant.
While her husband scoured the internet, she considered prospective candidates within her personal life that appeared to possess the right feel, look, and sense of security in becoming their third. If she found anyone of interest, she would schedule a welcoming “lunch date” with that individual in the hopes to get to know them better, typically with the party unaware of her ambitions. These encounters also aided in testing her ability to overcome the strange emotions and overwhelming nervousness that embrace a ménage á trois virgin. Her husband proposed that during these lunch dates she deliberately flirt with her potential interest to gain a better perspective on their interest in becoming more than just acquaintances, and if things went well, divulge hints of her and her husband’s unique sexual disposition, observing if their body language and responses indicated they could have a similar mindset.
He also suggested that if during any of these lunch dates the opportunity presented itself, she should disclose what it was they were contemplating to experience, gauging their reaction and the likelihood of them being interested in sharing in their fantasy. If after a few encounters with this individual they implied that they were attracted to the idea, then a new engagement would be arranged with her husband present to determine if he was also comfortable with the man of her choosing. Each action was a small piece in the puzzle of locating their “unicorn” and ultimately embracing their fantasy of sensual erotic pleasure.
After a year and a half of him hunting online and her periodically meeting with one particular lunch date from her personal life, she felt like they needed to take a short break from the overwhelming conversations about the subject, and the distressing impression that they were forcing a scenario that should be brought about somewhat naturally. This much needed pause would also allow them to refocus their marriage on each other, and to meditate on the original motivations that brought them to the curiosity of experiencing a threesome in the first place, those core excitements and enthusiasms a fantasy attracts. The specialness of seeking a third was feeling tarnished by the pressures of potentially moving too fast, and she was unsure if she could even fulfill the dream that they had spent months considering and planning. She did not want to stop pursuing their fantasy, and was still very intrigued by the idea of two men quenching her relentlessly, the erotic image of them kissing her soft silky skin and rubbing their hands all over her body still very captivating, but pressed for a brief interruption to regain the sight of what was needed to get to that moment.
Her husband agreed and also expressed some hesitations and possessive obstacles he was feeling when imagining her with another man, but recognized those feelings were natural reactions that he had to overcome if he still wanted to move forward. He knew he still desired to experience the magic of a trinity, for on several occasions he would describe his dreams to his wife of her being with another man, explaining how he would awaken with his dick so massively hard he would of most likely came if he stayed in the dream a little longer. The urge of seeing his wife with another man was still visible in his forethought and something he was still craving to witness, and their small pause was a good idea to regain the understanding of what they were trying to achieve, and to work on those insecurities that could hinder the outcome.
Late one evening, about a month into their break, her and her husband were driving home from a delightfully deserved night out, when he voiced how he could understand the overwhelming expectations a woman could experience when attempting to satisfy two men during a threesome, and the emotions a wife had to overcome to allow him and another man to enter her. He conveyed that he thought about a different approach that was extremely erotic to him and could maybe help with some of the anxieties that come with a threesome, and expressed that perhaps their first encounter should be a cuckold situation. Whereas a cuckold, the arousement comes from only observing his wife experience the sexual encounter with another man, watching her being kissed, touched, sucked, and ultimately fucked and completely satisfied by her extra-marital partner, typically only participating marginally through touching, kissing, fingers, mouth, or anything else they desired, but as a rule only present to be captivated by the stimulating vision of her and this other man satisfying each other.
He continued to detail that he would still remain close to her throughout their cuckold, watching from the bed she was laying on or a chair in close proximity, possibly even touching himself during their interactions or anything else he felt sexually inclined to do. The situation would still have the possibility of developing into a full-blown ménage á trois if the desire produced itself, but the overall objective of a cuckold was to witness and absorb the intensity of another man making love to his wife, and the wife relishing in her husband’s eyes fixated on her actions with this other man, with the goal of her embracing the sheer sex of the situation and the pure unadulterated fucking from their “bull,” with a bull being the man satisfying the wife.
He began articulating his vision of how their cuckold would transpire, beginning with both men kissing and touching her sensually and building the desires and urges within her, slowly removing her clothes and caressing her body as she did the same with their third. Once her and this other man were totally naked, with him possibly naked as well, she would grasp their bulls long hard cock with a single hand and start jerking it smoothly, dropping to her knees and sliding it into her mouth to feel the girth of his rod as he watched her engulf his dick completely, deep-throating his member as she massaged his balls with enjoyment, giving the man an incredible blowjob and stopping just before he released his load into her mouth.
He continued his vision with him becoming involved slightly by slowly kissing his way toward her snatch and eating her pussy with familiarity as the other man licked, tongued, and sucked her nipples, each man’s actions conclusively bringing her to a gushing climax, creating the desire of sex as he moved aside and observed their bull satisfy his wife relentlessly. It was a fantasy he had thought about often since their initial discussion of pursuing a threesome, and was very intrigued by the notion of a strangers massive cock sliding in and out of his wife’s dripping wet pussy, getting an up-close view of her snatch being stretched and penetrated, her juices soaking his dick as he slid deeper inside her, looking bottomless into her eyes as she asked if he enjoyed what he was seeing, watching the man caress her titties with craze and suck her nipples with lust, digging her nails into the cheeks of his ass as she squirmed and gyrated with every thrust, listening to her moan and scream with pleasure after every pound, and viewing her drift into an orgasmic bliss of nothingness as she squirted her thick nectar all down his fuck-rod.
As he continued to drive and discuss this fantasy, he reached over and grabbed his wife’s hand and placed it on the bulge of his jeans, allowing her to feel how their discussion of a cuckold had rendered him extremely hard, the desire of watching her being sexually satisfied by another man “emerging” as an unbelievable fulfillment for him. She smiled with amazement on how immensely solid his dick had become from conversing about this potential scenario, as he commented on how he felt it was a way for him to give her a very different and very special kind of pleasure, a fantasy that filled him with an overwhelming sense of tremendous satisfaction and would provide her with a sensuality she was unfamiliar with, articulating that there was just something erotic and sexually pleasing about witnessing his wife make love to another man, imparting her with a uniquely different orgasm of enormous magnitude that she wasn’t currently accustomed too, and a suitable way to introduce a threesome and build upon their confidence in pursuing their original fantasy.
It was difficult for him to explain how the sight of her fucking another man was satisfying, but she did find the thought intriguing and considered how focusing solely on their invited guest with this initial experience could help her overcome some of the uncertainties of accepting another man inside her, an extremely important part of being involved in a threesome. Additionally, it could help eliminate any fears of disappointing both men if for some reason she couldn’t go through with it at all. While she was unsure about her feelings of her husband only watching and not being completely involved, she expressed that she would be willing to try this altered adventure, and with any luck, help ease the anxieties of the true journey they were struggling to conquer.
One gentleman they initially considered for their threesome prior to their break and talk of a cuckold was an indirect coworker of hers. Her and this man occasionally worked together on special projects and items of interest within their organization, and over the years built a friendship and a mutual bond of good-humored communication and playful teasing. She considered him charming, funny, attractive, and possessed a good personality that made her feel comfortable and secure. All important components when trying to achieve a successful night of relaxing fun, incredible pleasure, and supreme satisfaction.
About a year ago, and per their original agreement on locating a third, she invited him on a lunch date to feel out the likelihood of him becoming a candidate. From that single encounter, their personal relationship evolved into several lunch dates with each progressing the conversations into revealing her and her husband’s desires in feasibly inviting him to join in their first ménage á trois. The disclosure of their fantasy left him a little embarrassed and somewhat surprised, asking for confirmation if she was serious about him becoming a possibility for their fantasy, and showing signs of excitement as she explained that he was their prime choice. Although an older man, she considered him extremely good-looking! A forty-eight-year-old at roughly six feet tall with blondish hair highlighted with hints of gray, light blue eyes and a build similar to her husbands. He wasn’t a largely muscular man, but embraced a form that was pleasing to the eyes and portrayed a stature that she knew she could enjoy.
During one specific flirtatious lunch date while discussing their potential fantasy, he disclosed that his cock was rather large at around 6 ½ inches long with a girth about the same, pubic hair trimmed low and testicles that were smooth and bare. She retorted that her pussy was completely bald and regularly waxed, with a breast size of 34DD, greater than a handful and ample enough for him and her husband to grasp and fondle with joy. She elaborated that her husband’s cock was marginally smaller than his stated size, with a length of a little over 5 ½ inches with a girth of about five to 5 ½ inches in size, clean shaved and balls that matched her own smoothness.
Feeling a little excitement building down below, she began seducing him by painting a picture of her clutching his and her husband’s rock-hard cocks as she masturbated them feverishly, causing their pricks to grow with excitement and precum to excrete from their tips, detailing how she would rub the pre-ejaculation against the heads of their cocks while she squeezed them in her hands. As she looked at him with a lustful stare, she confessed that she was rather pleased with the description of his penis, although slightly nervous about its size, she believed it would be an enjoyable amount that she could handle, guaranteeing that he wouldn’t be disappointed if they selected him as their partner. Within months of these lunch dates, the trio began going out together and sharing nights of bowling, dancing, and friendly drinking on the town, aiming to remove the insecurities of sex between strangers and developing a closeness to advance their relationship.
On one of those special evenings, in an attempt to feel a connection that could be carried into the bedroom, she decided to kiss her colleague and acquire a sense if he was the right fit for their love-triangle, something she did with her husband when they were dating that led her to recognize he was the man she would marry. Once her and her work acquaintance lips embraced, she knew immediately he was the right person to join in their threesome experience, feeling the spark of electricity between them and the magic that could be. With the fantastic connection they all three shared from their nights out, and the kiss of spectacular passion that sealed her uncertainties, the ground work for inviting him into their modified sexual dream was already laid out, and his interest in becoming their third was clearly existent. She knew he was the right choice for her and her husband’s cuckold threesome, and would be a respectable candidate for supporting their wishes in pushing the boundaries of their relationship, assisting in achieving a night of incredible euphoria and mind-blowing sexual gratification that she and a “watchful eye” could enjoy.
Because of the deviation from the original threesome proposal, a new lunch date was scheduled between her and her work friend to discuss the likelihood of him fulfilling their modified fantasy, and to set some ground rules if they decided to move forward with their cuckold. She met him at a quiet restaurant and located a table away from the crowd to freely discuss the goals and desires of their potential evening, providing him with details on what her and her husband were attempting to achieve, what exactly a cuckold was, and how her husband had begged to watch her make love to another man, observing all that their sexual connection had to offer in up close detail. She made it clear that this encounter could transition from her husband only watching and somewhat participating, to becoming a part of the experience if she felt they were ready, articulating that the objective of their cuckold was to ease their way into an actual threesome, so the likelihood of her husband joining wholly during this first-time encounter was undecided, but wanted to make certain that he was okay with however the scenario played out. Above all, she wanted to ensure he was comfortable sexually performing with an audience of her husband. She continued to explain that her husband would be allowed to touch her and would get close enough to view the sensations that were occurring between them during their sexual union, possibly masturbating himself or getting a blowjob from her as he watched them caress and eventually copulate.
The man paused and took a moment to ponder the idea of her husband watching him have sex, and with limited hesitation replied that he would be willing and honored to partake in the proposal. He expressed how unbelievably beautiful and attractive she was, and how he had imagined what it would be like to make love to her on several occasions since their first discussion about a threesome, confessing that he had never been with such a stunning and gorgeous ebony goddess such as herself. Her petite body and brown sugar skin were a huge turn-on for him and craved to feel her body against his, and the possibility of this encounter potentially evolving into a threesome was something he had been waiting to experience with them already. Even though having her husband present with minimal participation was slightly awkward, he was completely fixated on the opportunity to experience a sexual connection like the one they were offering, and couldn’t wait for their special night to begin.