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I’d love to say that my wife bounced back immediately after her breakup with James but, in fact, it was several months before Cheryl started acting like her old self. Even dates with the Gym Guy and Brad failed to rekindle my wife’s spark and it was only when I suggested we take a much-needed vacation that I saw a glimmer of excitement in Cheryl’s eyes. To my surprise, Cheryl wanted to go on a walking tour through Western England that she had read about in the paper. It was organized by a local travel group and the concept was that you would hike from village to village and the tour organizer would drive your luggage between the Inns at which you would be staying. Given our love of hiking, Cheryl thought it would be a good way to see the countryside as well as getting some exercise.

When we booked the trip, Cheryl was as excited as I’d seen her in some time. And rather than shopping for sexy beach or clubwear, my wife visited REI repeatedly picking up various hiking outfits and gear for the trip. It was great to see my wife so enthusiastic about something other than an upcoming date and she even picked up the pace on her workouts, making sure she was tip-top shape for hiking.

We planned to spend several days in London before meeting our group and then following the hiking portion of our trip we would spend two final nights in London before returning home. And when we were packing for the vacation, Cheryl carefully packed two bags, one with her hiking clothes and gear and the second bag with various, sexy outfits for wining and dining in the city.

The first few days in London were spectacular and since we were visiting in June the days were long and the weather perfect. We spent the days sightseeing and the evenings were spent enjoying the burgeoning London restaurant scene. Each night, Cheryl dolled herself as she typically did when going out on a date and I found myself continually thanking my lucky stars I was married to a woman as beautiful and sexy as my wife. And although jetlag played havoc with our sleeping schedules, we did find the time to make love on our last night in London.

The next morning, we packed up our bags and made sure all our hiking clothes were in one bag and all the London clothes in another. We planned to leave our London clothes at the hotel as when we concluded our hike we were returning to the same hotel. I guess my mind was still on the previous evening’s lovemaking when I said, “Honey, I think there’s still some room in our suitcase. Maybe you should bring one of your other outfits in case we want to go out for a romantic dinner in one of the towns.”

Cheryl thought that was a great idea and she then pulled out a short black miniskirt and a black sleeveless turtleneck top and tucked them into the bag. Of course, my wife wasn’t going to wear these clothes with hiking boots or sneakers and so she retrieved a pair of black platform heels along with a package of thigh-high stockings and added them to the suitcase as well. I smiled to myself when I saw my wife pack these sexy items and I looked forward to escorting her into a romantic restaurant at some point on our journey.

We met up with our group at 11:00 that morning and introductions were made all around. There were six couples in all with most of them close to our age, but when Ian, the tour guide, arrived I could tell Cheryl was immediately smitten by his boyish good looks. Ian must have been in his mid-40’s but you would never have known it by looking at him. He was tall, with sandy blond hair and he had a charming, devil may care attitude that even I found charming. Once Ian had given us an overview of the itinerary, we then all piled into the waiting van and were on our way to the countryside.

The drive was longer than I’d expected and for the most part everyone dozed in their seat or watched the countryside pass. And when we eventually pulled into the small village where we were to start our trip there was an audible sigh of relief that we could finally get out of the van. That night we had a group dinner where Ian described in more detail the route we would take, the general rules and other details regarding the journey. All throughout Ian’s presentation, Cheryl couldn’t keep her eyes off him and later when we were back in our room, I kidded her that she had a new crush.


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“He is good looking but I’m not going to try and seduce the tour guide,” laughed my wife as we got ready for bed. She then went on to say that as handsome as Ian was, she wasn’t going to ruin our trip just to enjoy a little fling. That night we both slept well as we looked forward to hiking early the next day.

The next morning, we were supplied with maps, water bottles and a box lunch and Ian outlined the hike and the Inn we were to meet at that evening. Hiking was to be done at our own pace and as we set off, Cheryl and I quickly found that we were in the lead, our pre-hike fitness routines paying off. That day was an incredible experience and we loved seeing the charming villages, green fields, and quaint pubs as we made our way to the next town. Cheryl and I were the first to arrive at the Inn and we treated ourselves to a pint of beer before heading to our room to shower. That evening Cheryl wanted to eat a true English dinner and so we headed to a nearby pub where we ate meat pies along with salads while discussing our day.

The next several days were much of the same. We were blessed with near perfect weather and the hiking was truly magnificent. We also had a chance to meet the other couples, all of whom were from the Bay Area and most had taken similar trips in the past. All in all, I had to admit Cheryl had been right, a hiking trip truly was the best way to see a country and we both were having a great time.

It was on the fourth day that our innocent hiking vacation turned into something a bit more scandalous. The day had been beautiful, as always, and as we arrived at our hotel, Cheryl and I sat out front and enjoyed a pint of beer in what was now a habit. Cheryl and I had been enjoying dinner on our own except for the first group dinner, but that evening two of the other couples asked if we wanted to join them at a nearby restaurant that was supposed to be excellent. After agreeing to meet them at 8:00 in the lobby, Cheryl and I headed to the room where we washed up and then took a short nap before getting dressed for dinner.

I had a pair of khakis and a polo shirt that I put on, but when Cheryl pulled out her miniskirt and sleeveless turtleneck, I said, “Isn’t that a little too sexy?”

Cheryl pooh-poohed my concerns telling me that she didn’t think she’d get a chance to wear this outfit if she didn’t wear it that night. The towns we had visited so far had been sleepy little villages and this was the first one that seemed like it might be somewhat livelier. Of course, Cheryl always gets her way and as I watched her pull thigh-high stockings up her legs and slip into her platform heels, I couldn’t help but feel my penis spring to life in the hope that maybe tonight my wife would be interested in making love when we returned back to our room.

When we met the other couples in the lobby there was lots of good-natured razzing at how sexy Cheryl had dressed for just a simple dinner. My wife took it all in stride and as we walked to the restaurant, I couldn’t help but be proud of my sexy wife as she walked beside me. As rumored, the restaurant was excellent and after dinner we all decided to have a nightcap at a nearby pub that was already brimming with people.

When we walked in the pub all eyes turned to our group. Three American couples stood out in the neighborly atmosphere of the pub, but we managed to snag four barstools leaving myself and one of the other men standing while we enjoyed our drinks. When we finished our drinks, Cheryl announced she wanted to have another, but the two other women said they wanted to go back to the hotel. That left just Cheryl and I sitting at the bar enjoying another drink as we surveyed the scene around us.

The two seats vacated besides Cheryl and I were not empty for long as two men of around thirty years old immediately sat down and ordered beers while turning to Cheryl and striking up a conversation. They were both from this town and were curious as to what we were doing there and where we were from. It was so loud in the pub and with my wife’s back to me, it was difficult for me to follow the conversation, but Cheryl later told me that they were both smothering her with compliments and telling her she looked “sexy” and “posh.” And when Cheryl finished her white wine, one of the guys bought her another before asking my wife and I if we wanted to play pool.

Now, I’ve never been good at pool and Cheryl is even worse, but my wife was caught up in the moment as she enthusiastically allowed the two guys to escort her to the rear of the pub while I followed behind. Harry and Jack were both very charming in a loutish sort of way and as we played the first game of pool, Cheryl flirted with both guys despite their almost twenty-five-year age difference.

We’d agreed that the games would be Americans versus Brits with the losers buying a round of drinks and not surprisingly, Cheryl and I lost miserably. After lots of razzing, I agreed to go get drinks for everyone and as I headed to the bar to get three beers and another white wine, I glanced back to see Jack move over to my wife and standing next to her he laid his hand directly on her behind and rubbed her ass cheeks. As Cheryl later told me, Jack had flirtatiously asked her if she was wearing “knickers” and she’d teased, “What do you think?” and he’d immediately placed his hand on her ass, running it over her butt cheeks until he felt the waistband of her thong.

I was becoming increasingly uneasy at how Cheryl was flirting and carrying on with these two guys and I hurried to the bar with the hope that we could have this final drink and then excuse ourselves to head back to the hotel. Alas, it took almost ten minutes for me to get the drinks and when I returned with Cheryl’s wine and Harry’s beer, I found my wife sitting on a wooden bench scrunched between the two guys laughing and joking. I quickly made my way back to the bar for the remaining two beers and we then began to play the second game of pool.

After a glass of wine with dinner and now three glasses at the pub, Cheryl was feeling no pain and she amped up her flirtations with both guys. My wife had let her skirt ride up and now you could see at least two inches of skin above her lacy stocking tops and a peek of her butt cheeks whenever she bent over to shoot. Cheryl’s flirtations were not lost on anyone and the two guys began to take liberties with my wife even though I was right there witnessing everything!

Of course, Cheryl and I were losing once again and when Harry offered to “help” my wife with a shot, he leaned over her from behind, his crotch pressing directly against my wife’s ass as he helped her align her cue stick. When my wife successfully sunk the ball, she jumped up and down in excitement before turning to Harry and giving him a big hug and a kiss. I noted, however, that while helping my wife with her shot, Harry looked to have developed a distinct bulge in his pants and Cheryl later told me that she’d felt his hard cock pressing against her ass while taking her shot.

Jack “helped” Cheryl with her next shot, and he made no effort to hide the fact that he was rubbing his cock against my wife’s shapely behind. And when my wife made this shot, Jack, too, was treated to a grateful hug and a kiss from my increasingly brazen wife.

All this time, I was trying desperately to get through this game and to then hustle my wife back to the hotel. And when Harry eventually sunk the eight-ball ending the game, I was about to suggest that I buy both the guys a beer while Cheryl and I headed back to our hotel. However, before I could make this suggestion, Harry sidled over to Cheryl and placing his hand on her ass, he whispered something in her ear. My wife responded with a big smile and even gave him a hug and a kiss before Harry strode over to me and said, “Eh, Mate. Don’t bother getting more beers, you can just give me a twenty and I’ll pick some up on the way home. Your missus wants to have a drink at our flat.”

What could I say? I’d been watching uncomfortably as Cheryl flirted with these two guys for the past couple of hours and now, she was planning to go home with them? I started to stammer something about us needing to go as we had to get up early, but Harry cut me off, brusquely declaring, “Piss off, Mate! You take your slag out, all tarted up like that and then you just want us to go home and wank off? Your missus’s been acting like she’s on the pull all night so you can piss off if you think we’re not taking her home.”

I was feeling decidedly uncomfortable as Harry had raised his voice so that several of the other patrons, both men and women, heard every word of his outburst. And when I glanced over at Cheryl, she was oblivious to our exchange as she was leaning against the pool table with her skirt hiked up giving everyone in the pub a view of the lacy tops of her stockings and a peek of her g-string panties. Jack was standing between her legs basically dry humping her as they embraced in a passionate kiss, their hands all over each other. I wasn’t the only one seeing this as several of the regulars were also watching my wife act the slut and one of the guys even called out, “That a boy, Jackie! Give it to that posh tart!”

When I looked back at Harry, he had a smirk on his lips a mile wide as he said, “Don’t worry, Mate. We’ll get her back to you by morning.” And with that, Harry strode over to Jack and tapping him on the shoulder, his friend pulled away from Cheryl, giving me a clear view of my wife. When I saw Cheryl’s face, I knew there was no turning back now. My wife had a ravenous, excited look in her eyes that meant only one thing, she was going to fuck both these guys and there wasn’t anything I, or anyone else, could do about it.

Harry then grabbed my wife’s right arm and Jack the other as they escorted Cheryl out of the pub while our small audience snickered amongst themselves. Cheryl didn’t even bother to pull down her skirt and as she walked out of the pub with her two suitors, she treated everyone to the sight of the firm globes of her ass cheeks jiggling with each step. I followed timidly behind and when we reached the sidewalk, I rushed up to the three of them and handed my wife her purse, sheepishly telling her to not forget that we needed to leave by 9:00 the next morning.

It was obvious that Cheryl wasn’t thinking about anything other than getting to the guys’ flat as she curtly replied, “Don’t worry, Mike. I’ll be back by morning,” before turning her attention to Jack, grabbing him, and passionately kissing him while reaching down to run her hand over the bulge in his jeans.

I started to turn to walk back to our hotel when Harry yelled, “Hey, Mate. Don’t forget, you owe me twenty quid.” I was in a haze, not knowing what to do or say but there was a hint of hostility in the way Harry was acting and I instinctively submitted to his request. Turning back to face my antagonist, I pulled out my wallet, fishing through the banknotes until I found a twenty-pound note and I then handed it to Harry. He had shit-eating grin on his lips and as Harry pocketed the money, he shook his head in disbelief and exclaimed, “Fuckin’ Wanker.” Harry then joined Jack and Cheryl and the guys began escorting my wife back to their flat, my petite wife teetering on her high heels between her two, soon-to-be, lovers.

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I took my time getting back to the hotel as I was still stunned by what had just transpired. But by the time I got back to the hotel, I was already sporting an erection. Even though I’d been thoroughly humiliated, I couldn’t help but be aroused at having witnessed my wife’s brazen behavior. Harry was right, Cheryl had been “on the pull” and right now she was getting just what she’d been wanting all night. And as I pictured my wife, her skirt bunched around her waist as Harry and Jack spit-roasted her between them, I lay back on the bed and unzipped my pants, pulling out my dick. Cheryl hadn’t forbidden me to masturbate and so I began running my hand over my stiff penis, stroking myself for no more than a minute or so before I began to come, my semen spurting out all over my hand, shirt, and khakis.

As is often the case, now that I’d come, I began to develop all sorts of worries. I’d let my wife leave with two guys that we’d just met, and I had no idea whatsoever where they’d taken her. What kind of husband, cuckold or not, is so neglectful of his wife’s safety? At the very least, I should have followed them to their flat. I know Cheryl wouldn’t have let me watch, but at a minimum I could have at least waited in the living room or even outside on the sidewalk just to make sure she was safe. All these thoughts and self-recriminations filled my head as I picked up my phone and did something I’d never done before. I texted Cheryl a brief note reading, “Please text me to let me know everything’s okay. I love you.”

As I lay there in our hotel room I waited impatiently for a response from my wife. All sorts of terrible visions flashed before my eyes and after almost an hour passed with no response, I began to think I needed to contact the police to help search for Cheryl. Finally, however I heard my phone chime and when I picked it up, I saw a picture that was obviously taken by Jack as it showed Harry fucking Cheryl doggy style and he was looking directly at the camera while flipping me off.

A second text followed soon thereafter that read, “Everything’s fine Honey. Sorry about the pic, the guys made me send that one. See you tomorrow.”

Hearing that my wife was okay, I immediately felt a profound sense of relief. Sure, my wife was spending the night with two horny brits, but that was just Cheryl being Cheryl and now that I knew she was fine, I could feel my penis starting to stir to life again. In fact, I reached down and began to fondle myself as I picked up my phone and looked at the picture my wife had sent. Cheryl was kneeling on the bed, still wearing her stockings and heels while Harry was behind her, his cock embedded to the hilt in her sweet pussy. I tried not to look at Harry, his middle finger extended and an arrogant smirk on his face, but instead I concentrated my attention on Cheryl.

My wife looked so beautiful and radiant as she welcomed Harry’s cock into her body that I couldn’t help but begin to pump my dick in a frenzy. And as I pulled my penis and gazed at my wife’s face, I began to come for the second time that night, my body shuddering in orgasm.

Once I’d cleaned up after having masturbated twice, I decided I needed to get some sleep. And now that I knew my wife was okay, it was much easier to relax and before long I fell asleep. I must admit I awoke several times over the course of the night, but each time I was able to fall back asleep and by morning I was reasonably well-rested, considering the circumstances. Breakfast was served at eight and so I was hopeful that Cheryl would be back before then but as the hours ticked by, I began to get more and more concerned that she was going to be late. What’s more, we needed to have our bags packed and in the lobby by nine at the latest so that they could be transported to the next Inn in the van!

At eight-o-clock, I picked up my phone and called Cheryl. My first two attempts rang and rang with the calls eventually going to voicemail. But on the third attempt, after several rings, the phone was answered but rather than Cheryl’s sweet voice it was Jack’s, shouting, “Bloody Sod! What do you want?”

“Uh, can I please speak to Cheryl? This is her husband, Mike,” I stammered.

“She’s busy,” snickerred Jack and I then heard in the background my wife squealing in obvious pleasure along with the rhythmic squeak of bedsprings.

“Uh, okay. But can you remind her that we need to leave by nine?”

“Yeah, no problem Mate, I’ll tell her,” laughed Jack as he hung up the phone.

I sat there in the hotel room wondering what I should do. At best, Cheryl was going to miss breakfast, but what about making sure our bags were ready to be sent to the next hotel? I decided that I’d better put aside my wife’s hiking clothes and, worst case, we could carry her clothes from last night in our day packs. And at nine, I brought down our luggage and placed it in the lobby while leaving my wife’s hiking gear up in the room. Our tour guide, Ian had just started to fill us in on the itinerary for the day and was going over the map when Cheryl came waltzing into the lobby. This was exactly what I’d dreaded all morning long and as my wife strutted in, her short skirt, skintight top and platform heels made it obvious that she’d spent the night elsewhere.

I could feel my stomach tighten in a knot with the eyes of our fellow hikers fixed on Cheryl and me. But my wife seemed oblivious to the awkwardness of the situation as she sauntered up to me and kissed me on the cheek, whispering, “Sorry, Honey. I guess I’m a little late.” You could hear a pin drop as Cheryl then turned and headed up the stairs, all eyes on her butt cheeks jiggling beneath her miniskirt as she headed up to our room to change.

I could feel my face reddening in shame as everyone turned to me to gauge my reaction to my wife’s blatant infidelity. But to my relief, Ian gracefully took control of the situation by resuming his speech describing the sights that we’d see on today’s walk. When Ian finally finished his talk, the other couples headed out while I quickly made my way upstairs to our room to find my wife in the shower.

As I sat on the bed waiting for Cheryl to emerge from the bathroom, I pondered what I should say. She had not only thoroughly embarrassed me at the pub the previous night, but now all the other couples on our trip knew she’d cuckolded me. I could feel my anger building but when a couple of minutes later Cheryl emerged from the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her, I couldn’t help but take her in my arms, holding her close and saying, “I was worried about you last night. Are you okay?”

Cheryl returned my hug enthusiastically as she giggled, “I guess I kind of got carried away. You’re not mad, are you?”

“No, No, it’s okay,” I lied before asking, “Did you have a good time?”

Cheryl gushed, “I had a great time! Those guys were so much fun! I’m sorry they were kind of mean to you, but we won’t be seeing them again anyway.”

It’s always amazing to me how cavalier my wife can be after spending the night with a man, much less two of them. But I must admit, Cheryl’s ability to shrug off sexual encounters without any sort of remorse is one of the reasons I can put up with her infidelities. Yes, there are times she has become emotionally attached to her lovers, but for the most part Cheryl can compartmentalize her feelings and enjoy a no-holds-barred sexual adventure without any feelings of guilt or regret.

As my wife and I were still embracing, we heard a soft knock on the door. And when I opened it a crack, it was Ian, our tour guide, who asked, “Uh, Mike, Cheryl. We’re about to leave with the van and I just want to make sure everything’s okay before we go.”

Oh, yeah. Everything’s fine. We’ll see you at the hotel,” I answered while starting to close the door.

Just then, however, Cheryl spoke up. “Oh wait, Ian! Can you be a Sweetheart and put some of my clothes in our bag before you leave? I don’t want to have to carry them around all day.”

When Ian said “Yes,” Cheryl pushed past me and opened the door to usher Ian into our room where she handed him her skirt, top and platform shoes. Ian couldn’t help but ogle my wife as she was clad in nothing more than a towel and when he took Cheryl’s clothes and shoes, he gave her a big smile and said, “I’ll make sure these get in your bag.”

Cheryl smiled one of her trademark winning smiles before pausing and then bending over giving Ian and I a flash of her butt cheeks and a peek of her shaved pussy as she picked up her g-string panties that were still laying on the floor. Then in an overtly flirtatious tone, my wife said, “I guess you better take these too. I wouldn’t want to have to go without,” as she seductively handed the skimpy garment to Ian.

My God! I couldn’t believe my wife was flirting with our tour guide no more than an hour after taking on Jack and Harry at their flat! For the second time that day, I turned beet red and when Cheryl gave Ian a sexy wink, I thought I’d die of embarrassment. But Ian was the perfect gentleman, merely replying, “All right, I’ll put everything in your bag. We’ll see you this afternoon.”

“Thanks Ian, you’re such a Sweetheart,” cooed my wife as Ian headed toward the door.

When Ian left, Cheryl burst out laughing telling me she thought I was going to have a heart attack I looked so shocked when she handed Ian her panties. I wanted to argue, to tell my wife that she shouldn’t embarrass me like that, but we needed to get going and so I encouraged Cheryl to get dressed and within thirty minutes or so, we were out on the trail to the next Inn.

Over the course of the day, Cheryl filled me in on her night with Jack and Harry. It seems that as soon as they got to the guys’ flat, my wife was stripped of her skirt, top and panties and from that point on it was a sexual free-for-all. Both guys fucked Cheryl several times over the course of the night and as my wife was telling me the story she quipped, “Oh my God, young guys are the best! They could go all night.”

Despite having masturbated twice the night before, my wife’s naughty stories had my dick pressing against the front of my pants almost the entire day. And to this day, I don’t really remember any of the sights we saw that day, Cheryl’s escapades completely overshadowing the sights of quaint churches and rustic farms. When we arrived at the Inn, Cheryl and I opted to forgo our ritual pint of beer and, instead, headed up to the room where we lay down and took a brief nap.

That night, Cheryl said she was tired and so instead of eating at one of the many restaurants in the village, we picked up some take-out fish and chips. We then bought a couple of beers from the hotel bar and ate our dinner in front of the television before turning in early. It was only next morning that I was reminded that the other guests in our group were well-aware of my wife’s wanton ways.

As we sat down to breakfast that morning, I could hear the hushed conversations from the other tables and when I glanced around, I noted the withering glares from the women and the lecherous stares from the men. Cheryl didn’t seem bothered in the slightest by the disapproval of the other guests and when we headed out on our final day of hiking, she cheerfully wished all the other hikers well.

When we arrived at our final destination that afternoon, Cheryl and I did elect to have a beer on the Inn’s deck and as each couple arrived, my wife would call out, “Congratulations, you made it!” The plan for that evening was for a group dinner at the Inn and although I tried to talk Cheryl out of attending, she was insistent we go. To be honest, the dinner was kind of fun and to my relief nobody mentioned anything about my wife’s walk of shame two days earlier.

After dinner, everyone sat around enjoying a post-dinner cocktail and over time, couples began peeling off and heading to their rooms. Eventually, it was just Cheryl, Ian and I, and Ian suggested that we check out a music club no more than a couple of blocks from the Inn. Not surprisingly, Cheryl was all for it and although I was a little unsure of Ian’s motives, I agreed that it might be fun. Cheryl instantly said she wanted to change into something more appropriate for a club but when I said I’d wait in the lobby with Ian, she insisted I accompany her to our room, telling me that she needed my help with something.

When we got to our room, however, Cheryl immediately turned to face me, grasping my shoulders and looking directly up into my eyes, she said, “Honey, do you mind if I go out with Ian on my own?”

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This question hit me like a ton of bricks! Not only had my wife cuckolded me with Jack and Harry, it appeared she wanted to do the same with Ian! But as I gazed into my wife’s big brown eyes, excitement and desire written all over her, I couldn’t help but reply, “Yes, sure. You can go out with Ian. I’ll stay here.”

You’d think I’d just given Cheryl a ten-carat diamond. She squealed in delight and after thanking me profusely she hurriedly pulled out the same clothes she’d worn two nights earlier. My wife had left her stockings at Harry and Jack’s, but her miniskirt and top were in relatively good shape as the guys had stripped Cheryl minutes after she’d entered their flat. I watched with a growing erection as my wife quickly dressed and when she asked me to help her with her heels, I knelt before Cheryl and placed the tall platform shoes on her feet, buckling the straps as she busied herself applying a thick coat of pink lipstick to her lips.

That morning, my wife had asked me to shave her pussy and I ‘d readily done so thinking that we might make love tonight, but as it turned out, it looked like Ian might be the beneficiary of my handiwork. But even so, I was glad that my wife would look her best. There’s a certain pride that I think every cuckold must feel when their wife is headed out on a date with another man and I’m no exception. If Cheryl was successful in bedding Ian, I wanted him to think that my wife was the sexiest, most desirable woman he’d ever met. And as I watched my wife primping in the mirror, carefully applying her makeup and perfume I was confident that Ian would not find her wanting.

I still hadn’t seen Cheryl pull on her panties and when I jokingly asked about that, she giggled, “You know how I kidded Ian about that the other day? I thought it would kind of fun to surprise him.”

I swear my dick felt like it was going to burst through my pants at that statement and when Cheryl saw my predicament, she giggled, “I guess I should have brought your little chastity thingee.”

When I agreed that I was going to have a tough time keeping my hands off my dick, Cheryl cooed, “That’s okay, Honey. You should play with yourself if you want. It’s only fair.”

By this time, it was time for Cheryl to go and after several last-minutes glances in the full-length mirror she announced she was leaving. “Wish me luck, Honey,” chirped my wife as she proffered her cheek for a simple goodbye kiss. And after I kissed my wife, she then scampered off, her heels clicking provocatively on the wooden stairs as she headed down to meet Ian.

Once Cheryl was gone, I vainly tried to hold off from masturbating, but it was impossible. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the sexy vision of my wife out of my head. From the sleeveless turtleneck top that fit my wife like a glove and outlined her perky breasts, nipples and all, to the miniskirt that barely covered Cheryl’s ass cheeks and displayed her shapely legs in all their glory, my wife was dressed to attract the maximum amount of male attention. And as I thought about Cheryl at the club, hanging on Ian’s arm, I couldn’t resist whipping out my dick and engaging in a feverish masturbation session culminating in me spewing my load into the underwear I’d worn earlier that day.

As it turned out, Cheryl and Ian spent no more than an hour at the club, enjoying a single drink while listening to the music. Ian was a little nervous as they talked and eventually blurted out that he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that I passively accepted her infidelities. He then asked my wife whether we were swingers, but she told him in no uncertain terms that no, we weren’t swingers since I wasn’t allowed to be with other women. Cheryl then went on to tell Ian, in a chat that my wife could now do in her sleep, that my sexual skills and attributes were not up to snuff and that we had an arrangement whereby she could sleep with other men whenever she wished.


Cheryl told me later that Ian had looked somewhat unsure of her explanation, but when my wife leaned over and kissed him while reaching down to caress his cock through his jeans, he seemed to get over any misgivings he might have had. And within minutes, Ian was escorting my wife up to his room. Once there, Ian and my wife fucked twice with Cheryl later telling me that Ian was a skilled and thoughtful lover who was able to coax several incredible orgasms from my wayward wife,

I only learned of this later and after my initial masturbation session, I dozed off, only awaking at around two-o-clock when I heard my wife slipping into the room. Even in the dim light I could tell my wife had been well fucked and when she slipped into bed next to me, and reached down to feel my penis, she was met with a rock-hard erection. “Didn’t you play with yourself, Baby?” whispered Cheryl as I think she was surprised to find that I could still be hard after presumably spending the entire time she was gone with my dick in my hand. After assuring my wife that I did, indeed, “play with myself” while she was gone, Cheryl cooed, “Honey, can you lick me for a little bit?”

That was a request I wasn’t about to ignore as I turned around in bed so that my face was between my wife’s legs. With Harry and Jack my wife had used condoms, but she felt safe going bare with Ian and so there was a large dollop of come oozing from between my wife’s fleshy lips. I immediately scooped Ian’s semen up with my tongue and swallowed it before diving in and burying my tongue in my wife’s used pussy, eager to cleanse it of all traces of her encounter.

In the position I was in, my hard penis was directly in front of Cheryl’s face. But rather than suck my dick, or even fondle it with her hands, my wife enjoyed watching it twitch helplessly as I lapped up her lover’s sperm. And it was only after Cheryl was assured that I had thoroughly cleaned her pussy did she tell me to turn around and lie beside her, instructing me to masturbate while she looked on.

With the taste of Ian’s come and my wife’s juices still fresh in my mouth, I began to run my hand up and down my penis. In the dim light I could see Cheryl’s mischievous smile and as I masturbated, she began whispering in my ear, describing all the naughty things she’d done with Ian.

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of hearing about my wife’s sexual encounters and that night was no different. And as I pulled my dick listening to Cheryl describe how Ian had flipped her over and begun fucking her roughly from behind, I couldn’t hold off and my penis started spurting and sputtering, my semen splattering all over my hand and stomach. It was a fitting end to the evening and after I cleaned up, I slipped into bed with my wife and cuddling up behind her I told her that I loved her with all my heart.

The next morning our group was to take the van back to London where we would be dropped off at our hotel. Cheryl and I ate breakfast together and to my relief, we didn’t see Ian until we’d finished and were headed back to our room. Ian and Cheryl didn’t make it obvious that they’d hooked up last night, but I did catch them making eyes at each other and Ian went out of his way to avoid speaking with me.

The remainder of the morning was uneventful, and we were soon seated in the van making our way back to London. Given that she’d been up rather late the night before, Cheryl dozed for the bulk of the trip back and by late afternoon we arrived at our hotel.

Once our luggage was unloaded, we said our goodbyes to the other couples some of whom were headed straight to the airport to catch a flight home. Cheryl had mentioned earlier that she wanted to get together with Ian at least once more before we left for home and so I made myself scarce, taking our luggage up to our room while my wife chatted with her new lover, presumably making plans for later. I had been up in our room for almost twenty minutes wondering what was taking Cheryl so long when I received a text. It was from my wife and it read, “Honey, can Ian and I have the room for a little bit?”

Obviously, Cheryl wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a simple date with Ian over the next two days. And as humiliating as it was to be asked to leave our hotel room to give my wife and her boytoy a place to fuck, I had to admire Cheryl’s chutzpah. My wife was the ultimate hotwife, single-minded when it came to quenching the fire between her legs. It was with these thoughts that I replied, “Sure, Sweetie. Just give me a second.”

I then quickly put away the luggage containing our hiking clothes and opened the suitcase that the hotel had stored for us while we were on our hike. In it, were several sexy outfits and rummaging through the clothes, I pulled out a skimpy lace teddy that always looked incredible on Cheryl. I laid the teddy on the bed and then fished out my wife’s tall black, patent leather pumps and placed them next to the teddy, an obvious suggestion that Cheryl might want to dress appropriately to entertain her lover.

As I made my way back down to the lobby, I was careful not to run into Ian and Cheryl. In fact, I exited the hotel from the rear entrance and only when I was out on the sidewalk that I texted Cheryl that the room was all hers. I then waited several minutes more before I re-entered the hotel and confident that Ian and my wife were already in the room, I headed to the bar where I asked that a bottle of champagne be delivered to our room with explicit instruction to just knock on the door and to leave the bottle and two glasses outside in the hall.

I was feeling pretty good about myself as I headed out to take a long stroll through London. I’d not only relinquished our hotel room to my wife and her lover without complaint, but I’d made every effort to make their tryst as enjoyable as possible. I hoped my wife would appreciate my efforts and as I walked through the city, I couldn’t help but smile at how I was definitely the model cuckold husband.

It was almost eight-o-clock when I received a text from my wife telling me it was okay to return to the room. I suppose it was partially my fault for sending up the Champagne, but Cheryl and Ian had spent a total of three hours together and I was starting to wonder whether I might be forced to find another room for the night. But when I received my wife’s text, I rushed back to the hotel and when I opened the door to our room, there was my wife lying in the center of the unkempt bed, wearing the teddy and high heel pumps I’d picked out. Cheryl had the most beautiful smile on her lips and before I could ask how everything had gone, she exclaimed, “Oh my God, Mike. That was so sweet of you to send us Champagne!”

I blushed at my wife’s compliment and when she motioned for me to join her, I tore off my clothes and immediately climbed up on the bed. As I made my way to the bed, my stiff penis bobbed in the air with every step and my wife smiled mischievously at my obvious arousal. Once on the bed, I instantly embraced Cheryl and kissed her passionately as she lay back and allowed me to move on top of her. We kissed for several minutes, my tongue darting in and out of my wife’s mouth. In this position, my dick was between my wife’s legs and I instinctively began to move my hips, perhaps thinking that Cheryl might want to make love. But when my wife felt my penis nudging her vagina, she pushed me up, wagging her finger and playfully scolding, “Nuh, uh, that’s not for you.” Cheryl then placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down while spreading her legs wide and pulling the gusset of her teddy to the side. I was face to face with my wife’s well fucked pussy when she cooed, “Lick me. C’mon, lick your naughty wife.”