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Another Cuckold Story


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Hello. My name is Jim and my wife’s name is Susan.

A few years ago, I posted a story on Literotica in which I described the first time I allowed another man to fuck my beautiful wife. When it finally happened, I was so anxious that I had trouble sleeping. It took a long time for things to settle down in my head. One of the readers even complained about all my “hand wringing”. You’ll need to read “Cuckold Story” if you want to know the details.

A number of readers asked why I would allow this to happen. They called me “disgusting”, a “scumbag”, a “faggot”, a “sick wimp”, a “loser”, and a person not even worth living. Most of the negative comments were anonymous. All I ask is that you keep your mind open to the idea.

The honest truth is that I enjoy sharing my wife. My pleasure comes from knowing that she is being pleased. The way that I gradually came to grips with my anxiety was by communicating with my wife. I learned that, while my wife may enjoy having sex with another man, I’m the one she loves. By being able to separate the concepts of physical sex from emotional love, I am better able to control my jealousy and to deal with the angst.

Think of it this way. I am only one person. Although my wife has always insisted that she was happy with our sex life, I wondered if she would benefit from experiencing a different cock inside of her once in a while. Maybe she would like to feel a bigger cock than mine or maybe the size doesn’t matter so much but another guy with a different personality is eager to please her. Maybe one guy is young and horny and bangs her hard. Maybe another guy takes his time and the experience is more like making love. Maybe another guy is a better kisser than I am. I think it’s only natural for my wife to want to have these experiences.

Before I go on, let me tell you a little bit about my wife. Susan is thirty-five years old and is attractive with long black straight hair. Her lips are very soft and kissable. She has a cute little petite body with nice breasts. Her feet are little too. She is usually friendly and outgoing, although when she is with a man for the first time, she can be a bit shy at first if that makes sense. If she likes a person, then she can quickly become a playful tiger. She has a nice smile.



David, the guy I wrote about in Cuckold Story, was her first “lover”. We both learned a lot from him. It was because of David that Susan lost her inhibitions. She now likes being fucked by other men. Sometimes she might be passive, letting the guy be in charge. At other times, she might be more assertive, getting on top of him and fucking him that way.

We had met him on a website for swingers and quickly became good friends. Susan let him massage her all over and they had other soft play, but she had always refused to let him have intercourse with her.

One day, I brought up the idea to Susan of letting David fuck her.

She said, “I can’t believe you’re talking about letting David have sex with me! Are you sure you want to let him do that?”

I replied, “Yes. I’ve been thinking about it for some time.”

“I’ve been thinking about it too, but you’re my husband. I would never do anything like that unless you were alright with it.”

“Look. David would need to wear a condom and he would need to be careful that he wasn’t being too rough. And, as soon as he ejaculates, he would need to pull out carefully, making sure that none of his cum gets inside of you. If he does all of that, I think the risk would be very low.”

“Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be jealous? I know I would be if I saw you making love to another woman.”

“No. I’ll be alright.”

“Let me think about it for a while.”


I dropped the subject for a few days until Susan brought it up again.

She said, “If you’re absolutely sure that you won’t get upset or jealous, then you can go ahead and tell David that if he wants to have sex with me, it’ll be okay. He just needs to understand what you said about using a condom.”

A few days later, I called David to let him know what Susan and I had discussed. He really appeared shocked as he wasn’t expecting it.

He said, “Wow! Thank you so much for sharing her with me. You know how much I love you guys. I’m more concerned about making Susan feel good than anything else.”

I replied, “I know you are. My main concern is with the condom tearing.”

“I promise that I’ll be very careful with Susan. I think it’s very unlikely that the condom would tear or that we would have any other problem.”

The next time the three of us got together we didn’t say a word about what we had talked about.

David proceeded to give Susan a nice massage, just like the ones he had given her before. He massaged her back first. Susan was very relaxed by the firm back rub that he gave her. Then he told her to turn over onto her back.

He massaged her little feet and then he massaged her legs. Then he moved up higher and started to lick and suck on her pussy lips. By this time, Susan was squirming and moaning from the pleasure.

Then he laid down next to Susan and pulled her onto her side toward him. They were kissing and making out. I wasn’t sure what to think of this as David’s cock was now fully erect and pressing on Susan’s belly. I was concerned that, despite our previous discussions, he was going to have sex with her without using a condom. I watched what was happening very closely and was prepared to stop him if he were to try that.

David asked Susan, “Is it okay if I go down on you?”

Susan answered, almost in a whisper, “Yes. I want you to, but please be gentle.”


That’s when I handed David a single foil package containing a Trojan condom. He stood up for a moment so as to put it on.

I watched as he tore open the foil and took the condom out. With a bit of a flare, he carefully slid the condom over his fully aroused penis, covering almost the entire length of the shaft. His cock was very stiff and excited and was sticking up in the air at almost a ninety-degree angle.

Susan was staring at David as he put on the condom, anticipating what he was about to do to her. Her face and chest were flushed and she was breathing rapidly. I’m sure that she must have been thinking the same thing that I was. What would it feel like to have David’s cock inside of her? Would he take his time with her? She gave me a knowing smile. I think we were both a little nervous.

After putting on the condom, David lay down on top of Susan (but making sure not to put too much weight on her chest and tummy) and started kissing her again. He kissed her on her mouth and neck and then on her mouth again. Susan was kissing him back. At first the kisses were soft, but then they were very hot and passionate. I could tell that Susan was quickly losing any resistance that she might still have had up until then. She squeezed David’s ass, pulling him closer, letting him know that she wanted him to penetrate her.

At first, David carefully penetrated Susan with only the head of his penis and a couple of inches of the shaft, making sure that she felt okay, but then he slowly slid his entire cock deep inside of her until she was completely filled.

Susan couldn’t help but to let out a gasp.


He asked her, “Does that feel okay?”

She smiled and said, “Yes. It feels fine.”

David lay on top of her with his cock all the way inside, but was waiting a few moments before doing too much else, giving her a chance to feel him. He was in ecstasy, having finally penetrated my wife after all this time. They were as intimate as could be. I’m sure that he could feel her wetness inside.

I could tell from Susan’s face that she liked having David’s cock inside of her. She had a small smile on her face and was obviously enjoying what was happening.

That’s when David really began fucking her hard. He thrust his cock in and out, in and out.


You should have seen the look on Susan’s face when he started to do that. She reciprocated by tilting her pelvis upwards, making it easier for David to penetrate her as far as possible.

He fucked her harder and harder. I could see his balls alternately pressing against her pussy, lifting up, and then pressing again as he thrust his cock inside of her pussy faster and faster.

I was a bit taken aback because I thought David would be more gentle. After all, we had discussed the risk of the condom tearing or of some other accident occurring. Obviously, caution had gone by the wayside. They were both fucking with abandon.

Susan was really moaning now.

“Oooh. Don’t stop!”

David pounded her without letting up. He definitely was being rougher than I had expected, but Susan was enjoying it. Whatever I may have been thinking about what was happening, things were now out of my control and I was powerless to stop them.

David continued to fuck Susan hard. She fucked him back by pressing her pelvis against him.

“Ooooh! Don’t you dare stop!”

David continued to fuck Susan, steadily pushing her over the edge, until she suddenly screamed in orgasm.

David kept fucking her, causing her to orgasm again, until he orgasmed too, squirting his cum inside of her (but hopefully catching it inside of the condom). He quickly but carefully pulled out, making sure that the condom did not slip off prematurely.

David lay next to Susan for a minute, catching his breath. Then they kissed some more.

Susan giggled and said, “David, you are a very bad boy!”

And then she kissed him again.

That was the very first time that I had ever allowed another man to fuck my wife. That’s when I had all that anxiety I told you about at the beginning of my story.

Eventually, the relationship with David came to an end. I felt that he was becoming too attached to Susan. Susan agreed that if we continued things could become problematic. We didn’t formally end our friendship with him. We just sought of told him that we were taking a break.

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Finding a Good Match

The problem with finding a good match on the swinger’s website is that most of the guys are so heavily into “the lifestyle”. They are promiscuous and only want one thing (David was somewhat of an exception) and many of them are cheating on their wives. I get that. It’s a website for people who want sex. But my wife and I were looking for something more. Something safer and more intimate.

Ideally, this is what my wife wanted to see in a man:

Someone her age or a few years younger

Someone well-hung and with a nice ass

Someone good looking

Someone who is intelligent

Someone who is not conceited

Someone who is willing to respect her limits

Someone who is more concerned about pleasing her than he is with pleasing himself

Someone who can carry on a conversation

Someone who is willing to practice safe sex

Someone who will not become too emotionally attached

Someone who is discreet

Someone who is not so much into “the lifestyle”

Someone who she could become friends with and who would not be in the relationship just for sex

Where could we find someone like that?

We decided against becoming involved with long-time friends, people we work with, or neighbors. There are just too many problems with any of that.
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Nudist Club

I hope I don’t lose you here as the next few pages have to do with our experiences in the nudist lifestyle and how that played a role in finding potential sex partners for my wife. My wife and I really are nudists and we have enjoyed being nude in public since long before we ever considered swinging.

When Susan and I were first married, we would go to a farm where we could lay out nude. (She was twenty-five years old at the time and I was thirty-one.) The place was about an hour and a half from where we lived. There were at most a dozen other people, not including the owner and his wife. It wasn’t a swinger’s club, but it was rather laid back. You can read more about the farm in my story “My Wife Likes to Sunbathe Nude”, also posted on Literotica.

Please understand that we were not swingers at the time and, although our experience being nude at the farm was quite a turn on for both of us, we kept the sex just between the two of us. One time we even had sex outdoors at the farm in a grassy field where there was a possibility that someone could see us. We really took a chance that day!

I never got jealous even though my wife would be completely nude in front of other men. I did get annoyed once when the owner had an older male buddy over who kept all his clothes on while he gawked at my pretty young wife. If he hadn’t gawked, I wouldn’t have had a problem.

I liked the idea that other men could see my wife naked. One time she told me about an incident that happened when she was sunbathing on the wooden deck in the middle of the pond with a young man. His name was Josh and he was about twenty-two years old. She told me that he got a big erection that he didn’t bother to conceal. She giggled when she told me that. I wasn’t angry at all.

Then there was the couple we met at the farm who wanted to swap partners with us. We were really shocked when they asked us. That’s how naïve we were. Somehow, we managed to decline their offer without offending them. We just weren’t ready to be swingers yet.

If only we could go back in time.

Now, ten years later, Susan and I were looking for someone who could be a good match for her. The farm that we used to go to had long ago closed to nudists after the owner died.

Fortunately, we learned through the Internet that there was a “non-landed” nudist club not far from where we lived. It was a family-oriented club, NOT A SEX CLUB, and it was associated with a national well-respected nudist organization.

Each month during the winter, the club would hold nude swims in a recreational facility. Sometimes they would also have small gatherings in members’ homes including a Halloween party or chocolate party around Valentine’s Day. We found that there were a lot of nice people who attended these events.

We didn’t go there just to find someone for sex. We wanted to make friends. But, if there happened to be a good-liking single guy who my wife happened to find attractive, maybe it could lead to something.

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Bob was twenty-four years old. He lived nearly an hour and a half from our house and from where the swims were held. During the winter it can be very unsafe driving at night, especially when it’s snowing and the roads are icy. Since we lived only a short distance from the swim, we invited him to stay with us. The three of us would travel to the swim in one car. It was a lot of fun and it gave us an opportunity to get to know Bob better.

He told us that he had a little boy who he would see on the weekends or on his days off. He was on good terms with the mother (his ex-girlfriend) and he wanted to make right concerning the child. Bob was a sincere, kind-hearted person. It didn’t hurt that Susan thought that he had a nice body with muscular arms and legs, a big cock, and a firm ass.

The first couple of times he stayed with us, Susan and I kept things strictly friendly with no hint of anything sexual.

What happened was that she would flirt with him at the swims. For example, she might pause to look at him when he first got naked in the locker room. When they were sitting together on the edge of the pool talking, she might touch his arm. Before we left a swim, she might rinse off in the shower while he was in the one right next to her. One time when he had soap all over himself, she playfully commented, “Don’t you think you’re using a lot of soap?” It was little things like that.

Occasionally, Susan’s flirting might be more obvious. For example, when the three of us were in the sauna, she would position herself on the bench so that Bob had a nice view of her breasts and pussy. She would just smile at him innocent-like as if she didn’t know what she was doing. If anyone else happened to come in, she would immediately reposition herself so as to appear more modest.

When we got home from the swims, the three of us would usually share some wine. Susan would typically change into her night shirt to get comfortable. We would chat for a while before going to sleep.

As we got to know Bob better, Susan and I discussed the possibility of her having sex with him.

I said, “I know that you like him. Do you want me to say anything to him?”

“No, it might be kind of awkward if you did that.”

A couple of weeks later, Bob was at our place after the swim. Susan had gone upstairs to our bedroom. She was taking longer than expected to come back down so I wondered what was going on. She suddenly came into the living room completely nude. I also noticed that she had put red nail polish on her fingers and red lipstick on her lips.

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I asked, “What happened to your night shirt?”

She exclaimed, “I decided to do without it! Is there a problem?”

I laughed, “No. Of course not. I just wasn’t expecting you to be naked!”

I guess there really wasn’t much unusual about that as Bob had just seen her nude at the swim. But this was different, being in our own home. Here she could be less inhibited, knowing that she wouldn’t get into any trouble. The red lipstick and nail polish suggested to me that she was in a playful mood.

She sat next to me on the sofa while we chatted with Bob. We talked about a number of things. I could tell that Susan was enjoying being naked in front of us two guys. I should mention that Bob and I still had our clothes on.

We talked about the other members of the club. Naturally, the topic turned to nudity. We told Bob about that nudist farm that we used to go to.

I said, “It’s too bad that there’s no place close by where we can sunbathe naked.”

He replied, “Actually, there’s a county park near me where I sometimes lay out nude. It’s kind of secluded. You have to hike down a steep path.”

“Have you seen any people there?”

“Not too many. Sometimes there might be one or two people. If they have clothes on, then I keep mine on too. It all depends.

If I ‘m there by myself, I’ll go nude. But if I see someone coming, I’ll quickly put my swim trunks on. It really isn’t a problem.

One time there was this couple. The guy was nude but the woman had her clothes on. He was wading in the creek while fishing. I think the reason why she had her clothes on was that she was nervous that they might get caught.

When I saw them, I decided that I would get naked too, but I made a point of keeping a fair distance from them as I didn’t want to intrude. I just sought of watched them while I lay in the sun. After a while, the guy came over to me and offered me a beer. I grabbed my things and sat next to them.

The woman kept her clothes on the whole time. I don’t think she minded me being naked though.”

Susan commented, “I’m sure that she must have felt safe with her husband or boyfriend being there. Besides, you don’t look very threatening!”

Bob just laughed.

Susan took a break to go in the kitchen That’s when I suggested to Bob that he and I surprise her by getting naked. So, we took our clothes off and laid them on the carpet out of the way.

When she returned and saw that we were nude, she had a big smile on her face.

She said, “Alright! I’m glad you boys decided to strip. After all, we ARE nudists, you know.”

I noticed that Susan had finished her glass of wine so I refilled it.

Bob continued, “One time when I was at that park, a young couple arrived after I did. They must have been in their early twenties. As soon as I saw them coming, I put my swim trunks on. They sat a distance away from me but not too far. What surprised me was when they both took their clothes off. She looked just beautiful with long blond hair.”