An exciting cuckold vacation 2023

An exciting cuckold vacation. A true cuckold story of Amanda and Felix.

Felix and Amanda have been happily married for over 8 years. But lately Felix had to work a lot and unfortunately didn’t have much time for his wife.

Amanda knew that Felix is under enormous professional pressure, so she didn’t want to put him under more pressure with her unsatisfying sex life. She loves him more than anything, but feels that she is no longer perceived as a woman.


An exciting cuckold vacation
An exciting cuckold vacation
Very many wives masturbate secretly without their husband.
Very many wives masturbate secretly without their husband.

Felix was also unhappy with the situation, but was too exhausted to concentrate on other things outside of work.

Amanda liked to spend her lonely evenings lately, daydreaming and having sexual fantasies with strange men. She pictured herself being picked on hard and used as a sex object by several guys during group sex.

Amanda masturbated secretly, watched kinky porn on her notebook and bought various vibrators and dildos of different sizes and colors to satisfy herself.

But still… It just couldn’t go on like this! To finally spend time together again, the two decided to book a vacation together. The couple did not even begin to guess what forbidden surprise was waiting for them there! This vacation will be the subject of this cuckold story.

Caught full while masturbating…

One Monday Felix came home earlier than expected. He found his wife in the bedroom moaning on the bed. She fucked her horny, soaking wet pussy very hard with a very thick dildo. On her notebook was running a porno, where a woman was just fucked hard by five men.

Panic-stricken, she slammed the notebook shut and was deeply frightened. Felix looked deep into his wife’s eyes… He hadn’t looked at Amanda like that for a long time. Her sweaty body sparkled in the afternoon sun, her eyes were shining and her face was completely flushed.

Felix was speechless, he didn’t know how to react. Amanda’s look was apologetic. He smiled at her and took off his pants. His cock became rock hard… It had been a long time since he was this aroused. He pulled the dildo out of his pussy and looked at the huge, pussy-juiced dildo.

Grinning, he kissed his wife, spread her thighs and plunged his penis into the slippery pussy. Very hard and fast, he fucked Amanda through. Both moaned loudly with pleasure, and a huge load of cum splashed into the pussy.

Felix’s cum coming out

Wordlessly, Felix knelt between Amanda’s legs in a flash after his orgasm. He saved the running creampie with his tongue and placed it on the pubic mound. Now he could lick the abundantly inseminated sperm pussy very thoroughly clean in peace. The sweet smell and the horny taste were overwhelming. Amanda hardly believed what she saw.…

Felix had been very interested in his cum since he was a teenager. He always liked to cum in his own mouth and liked to lick up his drops of desire. When Amanda wasn’t home, he secretly enjoyed his cum at a car fellatio or squirted with pleasure on cookies, cakes and pizza for many years. But he was very embarrassed about his inclination and always did not know how to tell his wife.

Husband licks his cum clean from his inseminated wife after fucking (Creampie cleanup)
Husband licks his cum clean from his inseminated wife after fucking (Creampie cleanup)

But after seeing her masturbating, he didn’t want to keep his secret either! He licked Amanda very thoroughly and persistently until orgasm. When he lay down next to her, she kissed him passionately.

Both were relieved that their sexual secrets were no longer hidden, and talked half the night about their sexual fantasies and desires.

When Felix dared to say how horny he found cum, he was surprised how open-minded Amanda was. He could not believe his ears, what horny (and partly already extreme) fantasies she has with strange men. They had not heard of wifesharing and cuckolding at this point.

Both agreed that something had to change in their sex life. They vowed not to hide any more thoughts, no matter how perverse, and firmly resolved to live out their horny desires and fantasies together.

Vacation times differently

The next day, both decided at breakfast that they needed more time together and arranged to meet in the afternoon at the travel agency. They booked a fourteen-day vacation to Turkey. Both were very excited and full of anticipation.

While packing their suitcases, Felix said with a grin that Amanda should not forget her favorite dildos. When she opened her hidden sex toy box, he was surprised how big her toy collection was. He was looking forward to trying them out together.

Good sex toys are a MUST for cuckold couples
Good sex toys are a MUST for cuckold couples

On the day of arrival, they were very excited to see if the sex toys would catch their eye during check-in at the airport or customs in Turkey. Fortunately, they were spared an embarrassing unpacking and even the flight went by faster than expected.

The resort hotel was a dream. It was located right by the sea and had three pools as well as a great garden landscape. The hotel room was also very comfortable and tastefully decorated.

Felix’s stress level dropped rapidly, and the couple enjoyed their time away together.

The main topic of conversation for the two was, of course, sex. Together, they embellished each other’s fantasies. Felix was permanently turned on by Amanda’s depraved thoughts and constant sexual innuendos.

Every morning he woke up with a hard latte and fucked his wife hard before the extensive breakfast. Also during the day the couple disappeared for a horny quickie. They did it standing up in the bathroom in front of the mirror, on a big couch stool, on a table and on the floor. The creampie cleaning after sex belonged in the meantime as if it had always been completely normal.

Unconscious cuckold games

Amanda bought a very skimpy bikini especially for the vacation, wherein her horny ass and breasts were extra accentuated. She was followed by strange men at every step at the pool and at the bar, and often you could see their excitement.

Wifesharing story on vacation: wife provokes in the pool with skimpy bikini

When she lay on the lounger, she spread her legs extra so that the men saw her barely covered pussy. The bartender’s constant glances were especially noticeable. He followed Amanda at every turn.

Amanda was aware of this and bent extra over the bar when he served her. Felix, to his surprise, always got very horny from this. When she “accidentally” touched the bartender, or she flirted with other men, Felix’s cock immediately became hard, and he could hardly contain his lust.

When they sat at the bar on the last evening of the vacation, Felix said – she should tell the bartender her room number. At first, Amanda was wide-eyed… After all, they were only fantasies so far… but her pussy immediately became wet at the thought and a shiver of excitement twitched

through her body. Amanda grabbed the coaster, wrote the couple’s room number on it and handed it to the bartender before her courage would leave her.
Wifesharing story on vacation: wife provokes in the pool with skimpy bikini

The horny stranger fuck with the bartender on vacation

Amanda and Felix went to their room at 11pm. Neither of them knew whether the bartender actually came. This one let himself namely purely nothing notice.

A frequently implemented cuckolding story: Husband lets his wife be fucked by the hotel staff while on vacation
A frequently implemented cuckolding story: Husband lets his wife be fucked by the hotel staff while on vacation

At 24 o’clock there was a knock at the door! Felix opened the door and sure enough, the bartender was standing in front of them.

He looked at Amanda, who was lying on the bed naked and in a seductive pose. Without much of a greeting, he entered our room, opened his pants and took off all his clothes.

Amanda looked at Felix, who smiled encouragingly at her. He watched excitedly from his chair.

The strange man presented his horny cock to Amanda. Wordlessly, she caressed it until it was huge and rock hard. Finally, he pushed the wife on the bed, pulled her close to him and pushed her legs apart. Without a condom or foreplay, he penetrated her hard and fast with his blatantly veined giant penis. Amanda moaned loudly.

The bartender fucked the marital mare hard and violently fast at an impressive pace as well as unimaginable hardness and stamina

Felix came a little closer and held the hand of his loudly moaning wife. Lovingly he stroked her beautiful face. Amanda looked at him with a love that was meant only for him

In this cuckold story, the husband watches his wife in the hotel having sex with strangers while jerking off.
In this cuckold story, the husband watches his wife in the hotel having sex with strangers while jerking off.

The strange man was sucking hard on the stiff nipples of her breasts and grunting with excitement. Their bodies were pressed very close together

Felix was spellbound! Again and again he had to jerk his hard cock fast and hard — but was careful not to cum to orgasm.

The mattress of the bed was not the best and gave way with every thrust. To be able to fuck the marital mare even harder, the stranger indicated that they should continue fucking on the floor.

The bartender literally fucked the brains out of the hotwife on the floor! Felix has rarely seen his wife moan so loudly and scream so lustfully. She wrapped her sweaty body tightly around the bartender to feel him even more intensely

Amanda was so into it that she even had to kiss the stud wildly and passionately with her tongue. Felix was extremely turned on and fascinated to watch his wife fuck strangers

After a good ten minutes, the bartender set to his finale and mobilized all his forces moaning loudly! He squirted his huge load of cum in several spurts on and deep into the soaking wet fucked pussy of Felix’s unbridled wife whore

Felix had to watch out beastly at the sight of the extremely horny sight of the fremdbesamten sperm cunt while jerking off accidentally not to cum.

After the Baarkeeper got air again, he gave Amanda to understand that she should clean lick his XXL fuck cock refined with pussy juice and sperm. Regularly greedy she licked the foreign penis thoroughly. Then he dressed hastily, looked apologetically at his wristwatch several times, said goodbye politely in English and disappeared.

Object of desire of every cuckold: The foreign inseminated cunt of his wife, or life partner

Pure lust and horny memories of the foreign insemination

Felix and Amanda slipped under the warm blanket and snuggled close together. Both were speechless and stunned by what they experienced before. The horny sex scent floated under the blanket and caressed the noses of the newly cuckold couple.

Fucking in the inseminated creampie pussy is the greatest happiness for wifesharers and cuckolds!
Fucking in the inseminated creampie pussy is the greatest happiness for wifesharers and cuckolds!

Felix was the first to say how horny the sight was — watching his wife get fucked so uninhibited and hard. Amanda was still extremely aroused, fingering and stroking her slippery cum pussy and begging for her husband to fuck her

Felix’s cock was still hard. He fucked the stranger man’s cum-filled pussy hard and passionately. With every thrust he pressed some foreign sperm out of the horny fuck hole of his sweet wife whore. Quickly his cock was completely wetted with the love juices of the two.

The feeling of happiness, the foreign sperm in the sore fucked pussy of his wife was simply overwhelming for Felix. He gave again really “gas” and fucked her as fast as he could! He tried not to be inferior to the bartender in anything… and yet… he came (as always) way too early to orgasm and also squirted plenty of cum into the stranger-inseminated pussy

Amanda didn’t give Felix much time to recover. She threw him on his back and squatted over him. Wordlessly she fixed his head between her thighs so he couldn’t escape. While she tightened her pelvic floor a bit, she held his chin like a vice.

Felix offered no resistance and willingly opened his mouth wide. As the massive creampie spilled into his mouth, he was surprised to find that the foreign sperm didn’t bother him at all. Skillfully and almost greedily he licked the already leaking horny sperm cocktail clean.

Husband licks stranger cum cunt clean (Creampie cleanup cuckold)
Husband licks stranger cum cunt clean (Creampie cleanup cuckold)

Amanda loved Felix’s powerful tongue. Moaning loudly and twitching uncontrollably, she watched her husband lick her clean and finally got her longed-for and well-deserved orgasm.

But Felix did not swallow everything. He wanted to surprise his dream girl and then spit the creampie directly into Amanda’s mouth while kissing. Amanda acknowledged the sperm mess with a lustful moan. After a seemingly endless cum kiss, the couple happily fell asleep arm in arm.…

As you can imagine, dear reader, in the morning Amanda’s pussy smelled incredibly horny after sperm and pussy juice! Felix was the first to wake up. He dived with his head between the legs of his wife and licked Amanda to the morning greeting until orgasm. After that he fuck you again…

So fully sprayed they drove a few hours later with the shuttle bus to the airport and flew back home. Both were happy at home about the horny smelling souvenir from the Turkey vacation: A horny full cum slip with Amanda’s pussy juice, Felix’s cum and the foreign sperm of an unknown man…

Conclusion: Completely thrilled by the cuckolding

The couple was surprised what an invigorating effect the joint stranger fucking on vacation had on their marriage. Even many weeks after the horny vacation, the two still remembered the joint stranger-fucking of the wife. Never before had they had sex so frequently, often and so exuberantly.

To quench Amanda’s thirst for satisfaction, sex toys, powerful vibrators and big dildos were used together every evening. Watching porn together provided for massive blossoming of their already so kinky, sexual fantasies

Secret taboos had both partners now finally no more. Every wish, no matter how small or big, found the ear of the other and made their joint journey through sexual adventures all the more creative

Since then, the cuckold couple goes to sex parties and enjoys horny sex vacations on bridge days. In addition, the two are planning a big gangbang for Amanda’s fortieth birthday. But that is to be written in another story.

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An exciting cuckold vacation
An exciting cuckold vacation