A Hot Wife’s First Time 1

A Hot Wife’s First Time

This night was the first time Julie would be having sex with someone since before she married Ronald. She was very nervous, it had been so long since she slept with someone else. She was very excited too, her pussy loved Ronald’s cock but it was greedy, and wanted more.
Best of all after their recent wedding Ronald told her he was not only okay with it, he had encouraged this meetup. Jim seemed nice and he was hot with the texts they had fired back and forth. Between him and her husband the past few weeks her panties always seemed to be damp. She couldn’t wait to see his cock in the hard flesh since he had sent her a picture of it.
His own comments on her pictures were very flattering, 37 with two kids meant she was no longer hard bodied. But her curves could still get a most men going. Her husband was insatiable for her body. 36C tit’s that gravity was just starting to get a hold not quite waspish 30 waist but her ass was 38 and defying gravity and in her own opinion, fucking great.
She was a lot younger looking as well, with mixed heritage very few could guess her ancestry, they just agreed she had a very pretty face with dark eyes and an inviting smile.
This was to be a casual get to fuck each other meeting. So basically she was driving over to his place and it would be clothes off and then Jim having his way with her. Damn her pussy was fired up. Ronald lay on their bed watching her get ready offering advice and soothing her nerves.
“Definitely a lacy bra and strappy g-string” he offered up admiring her naked body, he wished he could ravish it now, but his turn would come.
“Just because you like those doesn’t mean he will” Julie responded back, but she put them on anyway, Ronald was pretty good with his assessments of what to send Jim for pictures. “Anything else you’d like me to wrap myself in for him babe?”
“As sexy as your yoga pants are, jeans make your ass even better and one of those low cleavage shirts to show off your great tits” he replied. “I don’t think much of its going to stay on long.”
“You’re so sure we’re going to fuck?” Julie asked her husband
“You most of all would be sad if you didn’t” he told her, and she knew he was correct, “and if he wants you half as much as his texts indicate I’d wager you’re naked less than 5 minutes past the door.
She put on the rest of her clothes skipping out on socks as she would be wearing flip-flops over to show off her recent manicure, turned around and asked Ronald, “How do I look?”
“If you didn’t have a date I’d fuck you right now,” he told her kissing her deeply, before seeing her to the door. “Have fun babe, I can’t wait for that first

A Hot Wife’s First Time


Cuckolded 11

Making sure she had everything she kissed him once more and noticed how hard his cock was in his shorts. She got into her car and drove off.
On her ride over to Jim’s place, Julie reflected on her good luck. Jim was apparently in an open marriage. He was good looking, appeared to have a nice cock, respected her wishes, and had a vasectomy.
The last item was of particular interest to her cause she really wanted to feel him cum in her pussy, though if she was being honest to herself she couldn’t wait to be fucked by him, cum or not. And to taste his cock, it had been so long and while she loved Ronald’s she would admit to herself she just loved cock, and wanted more.
It wasn’t a long ride to Jim’s place, this was also a bonus, Ronald would not be far if something went off. And she found herself parked in front, jitters in her stomach. Just then she received a text from Ronald “Have fun Babe, I love you lots”
With that she got out of the car and walked up to his front door. Apparently his own wife was out for the evening, the place was for just the two of them. She knocked on the door. Jim answered so quickly she knew he had been waiting on her.
When he opened the door, she had to smile, he was as good looking as the pictures, dark hair, clean shaven, broad of shoulders with a “daddy body”. He smiled back and asked her in, closing the door behind her.
As quickly as the door was closed he had her in his arms, kissing her, and running his hands all over her body. “You’re so hot” he moaned into her mouth as she reciprocated his kisses running her own hands over his body. His cock was hard in his shorts and she could not wait to have it.
Julie quickly found Jim pulling her shirt off, when it was above her head, her arms still caught in it, he pinned her to the wall and kissed her some more, hot and heavy. making his way to her neck behind her ears. he kissed down to the top of the cleavage presented by her bra and finally removed her shirt the rest of the way.


A Hot Wife’s First Time

hugging her up close he slipped his one hand behind her and undid her bra as the other fondled her tits. As he let her bra fall to the ground he took a step back “those are amazing” he complimented her. Julie handed him her phone,
she, Ronald and Jim had agreed there pictures taken through the night and texted back to Ronald. Jim took the first snap and fired it off to Ronald ‘Great tit’s you lucky bastard.’ “Take my shirt off” he told Julie.
Julie quickly grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, she kissed his nipples as they became exposed and had the shirt pulled over his head in short order. He then led her to a couch in the living room where he sat down in the middle. “lose my pants” As Julie knelt down in front of him and started to pull his sweat pants off, he took more pictures to send to Ronald.
Very quickly he just was in his tented boxers, a wet spot where the tip of his cock strained them. When Julie started to pull at his boxers, he told her “not yet, beg me for it.”
Julie started running her hands all over his legs crotch and belly, she licked the head of his cock through his boxers, and sucked on it through the material “may I please suck you cock” she whispered as he filmed her attentions with her phone.
“You can ask better” Jim told her.
Pulling his boxers tight Julie engulfed as much of his cock as she could with his boxers covering it, then when it was out of her mouth once more she looked right at him “I want to suck you cock like a slut please” very clearly.
Jim allowed her to remove his boxers and his cock sprang into view, he quickly went back to taking pictures for Ronald as she engulfed slowly sucked his cock in, the first new cock in many years her pussy felt like it might cum just from the thought of it. ‘Your cock slut’ he texted Ronald with his cock buried in her mouth, her eyes on him.
Julie continued to suck Jim’s cock, lick it and play with his balls. His cock was straining hard at her attentions and he soon had his free hand tight in her hair driving her up and down his shaft. “do you want my cum, slut, do you want to taste it” he asked her, she tried to nod and mumble her desire around his cock. He pulled her off his cock and asked “repeat that slut.”
As he videoed her once more with her phone, Julie begged Jim “I want your cum in my mouth, I need your cum in my mouth, please cum for me, I’m such a good slut.”
“Don’t swallow yet” Jim told her as he let her go back to his cock. Almost immediately Julie was rewarded with a mouth full of his cum, she resisted the urge to swallow it and when she felt him finish, pulled her mouth of his now softening cock with a pop and showed him the load in her mouth.
He snapped a few pictures and then told her to swallow and snapped a picture of her now empty mouth, and some of her licking his cock clean which he sent to Ronald ‘Your hot and hungry cum-slut.’