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A Cuckold Love

“This is my husband, Louis.” Ben said to Harry gesturing to the smaller man tucked under his arm.

“Nice to meet you, Louis…” Harry smirked drawling the name on his tongue while squeezing Louis’ soft hand in his.

“Me too Harry…” Louis said shyly, barely whispering peering up at him from under his long lashes.

Ben grinned at the situation, his plan seemed to be working well. He turned to kiss Louis’ temple lovingly before whispering hotly into his ear. “I want you to get along with him. He’s…”

Louis gasped softly when Ben pinched his bum.

“So, shall we?” Ben said staring at Harry knowingly.


a cuckold love
a cuckold love

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“Like that baby boy?” The scruffed man, Ben, muttered hotly at the blue-eyed beauty who writhed beneath his body.

Louis gripped to the warmth of his skin as he felt the bulbous tip breached into his tight hole.



“O-Oh y-yeah m-more more, Daddy please.”
Louis moaned into the man’s shoulder as he felt his legs drop from pleasure, moaning louder as he felt those calloused warm fingers grip onto his thighs, pushing his legs apart and stretching them wide open, “H-Harder Daddy please!” He screamed, voice was broken and mind was fuzzy.

Their history was, Ben and Louis had been married for two years. He had met Ben at a social event. It was love at first sight, he believed. Through a year of getting to know one another, becoming friends and finally boyfriends, they had tied the knot and had a simple but beautiful wedding. Louis had lived a lavish life thanks to his filthy rich husband, the music producer Ben Winston.

Ben moaned into Louis’ neck as dainty fingers yanked on his hair, he was going at full speed the bed shaking and hitting the wall. Pleasure drowning him as his hard cock thrusted in and out of Louis’ heavenly hole. He was so tight so fucking tight even though he’s been fucked over so many damn times. Louis pulled the man down to his chest, eyes fluttering close as he felt the man’s stubble brush over his perky nipples and chest, mewling to the big cock that penetrated him. He felt so fucking good.

“Ohh- ahh- Daddy yeahh Oh Oh right there!”
He cried his eyes tearing at the edge as their sweaty skins brushed and burned against each other, his untouched leaking dick rubbing against Ben’s stomach.

“You’re so fucking tight baby, haven’t been playing with yourself since I’ve been away?” He muttered, his stubble sending shivers down Louis’ spine as it brushed his ear.

Louis arched his back obscenely as he tossed his head to the side, gathering heavy breaths as he spoke, “N-No Daddy. I’m tight for you only. H-Harder please. Please Daddy please.” He begged even though he was literally pressed into the mattress and headboard killing the walls.

“F-Fuck me so good ohhhh.” Louis moaned to the feeling of a wet tongue licking over his nipples and sucking the hardened pink nub between fine teeth. He was so fucking close but he wanted more.

“I have a surprise for you baby, you think you will like it?” The man whispered biting into Louis’ jaw and their hips clashed as the bed sheets all fell off onto the floor.

“Y-Yeah. I love Daddy’s surprise.” He moaned harder as he gripped and scratched down Ben’s back, his pink manicured nails marking down the tan skin.

“Good. Cause I love to see a smile on your pretty face.” He muttered quickly and then sealed his lips over Louis’ lips licking into his warm mouth as he gave hard shuttering thrusts, their hips pressed together and Louis’ dick pushed between their skins.

Louis pulled away as he screamed his orgasm, head tossed back and caramel strands fanned out, “D-DADDY!” He cried their chests pushed together and the large body pinning heavily over Louis’ as Ben came deep within his ass.

They dropped, losing all feeling and looking right at each other with dirty smiles, “Mmmm you felt so good love.” Ben praised slapping a hand over Louis’ huge bum.

“Daddy.” Louis whined playfully clenching his sore hole around Ben’s cock. “So what’d you get me this time?”

“Louis.” The man hissed. “It’s a surprise. I want you to meet someone and I’m sure you’ll like him.” He rocked his cock gently into Louis’ puffy hole making the cum sloshing out.

Louis gave a small giggle his eyes closed as he pushed his forehead against Ben’s, “Well I’m anticipating.”

“Hmm sure baby. Anyway your gift is in the red box in the closet. I chose the prettiest for you.” He whispered, “Sleep now, we’ve got a party to go to tomorrow.”

“Love you Daddyyy.”

“Love you too baby.” Ben laughed as he cuddled the warm curvy body into him.

This all started because it was Harry’s idea, really.

He’s always had a fantasy about a gangbang and who was Louis to deny him of anything?

The thought alone made him hard as fuck. The thought of Harry being passed around to different men, being used and fucked till he can’t feel his legs and his hole is stretched – it made Louis unbelievably turned on.

To find people that are willing to participate was the tricky part but Harry is Harry – he’s a beautiful person that any other man would love to get their hands on.

So eventually, Louis found three guys from  a few different places that were willing to try it out.

One of them is a bartender from a pub they go to now and then, his name is Jack and he’s around Louis’ height with blonde hair and hazel eyes.

The other is an ex-colleague of Louis’ from his old work place. Sam has caramel skin and brown eyes and looks like he stepped out of a romance novel.

And lastly was someone named Riley who was their neighbor from a few houses down, who’s also always been intrigued by Harry. Harry is naturally a flirt so, he’d always had a thing for Harry as a result.

His green eyes lit up when Harry and Louis had asked him and he was the quickest one to agree.

Louis has no idea how they got here, three other men in their bedroom, watching as Louis prepares to fuck Harry, excitement sparkles their eyes.

Louis didn’t think he’d get into it because he didn’t really like to share Harry but, like he said, the thought of harry being passed around sounded hotter than he’d ever expected it to.

Louis looks down at Harry who already looks fucked out, with his pink cheeks and swollen red lips, parted open after Louis made out with him.

“All good?” Louis asks Harry, hovering over him.

Harry nods, glancing around Louis to the other side of the room at the other lads who eagerly wait for Louis to begin. They’ll have a nice view from behind.

Louis strokes himself a few times while Harry takes hold of his legs and spreads them opened, hands under his knees.

“Fuck,” Louis curses, seeing Harry’s pink hole wet and dripping from the few minutes of scissoring him opened, “begging for it, aren’t you?”

Harry nods. “Please, daddy,” he whimpers as Louis presses the head of his big cock against Harry’s rim.

He loves the way Harry stretches around him. Louis has a big cock– like really big —  he seemed to have been blessed with an extra long, thick one, 16 inches long when he’s soft and 5 inches wide. And he isn’t complaining. Not when he can see Harry’s stomach bulging so that his little body can accommodate it, the way Harry’s hole leaks out his come after he’s finally done coming inside of his boy.

Slowly, he pushes the head of his cock into Harry’s hole. Harry’s head rolls back, mouth opened in a silent moan. Louis hopes they can all see how Harry’s hole is being stretched right now, wonders how turned on they are.

He wants to look but he also wants to fuck this pretty boy of his until he can’t walk. Louis doesn’t give him time to adjust before he’s pushing into him in one swift motion, his dick being swallowed by Harry’s body like he was made for this.

Harry’s hands shake where they’re holding his legs, the breath getting knocked out of him.

“Look at you taking my cock like a the good girl that you are,” Louis whispers, leaning forward so he can get an angle to start fucking into him.

Louis hooks Harry’s knees over his elbow and leans forward, bending him in half as he begins to fuck into his little body.

Daddy, right there,” Harry gasps, hands now scrambling for the sheets as Louis fucks him hard and fast.

“Yeah? Like being fucked, baby?” Louis grunts, snapping his hips hard against his bum, making sure Harry feels Louis’ cock right up in his abdomen. “Like everyone watching? Wanting to fuck you?”

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Sexwife do rimjob for lover

“Yes, yes, yes,” Harry babbles, “Oh, oh, right there, daddy.”

“Greedy boy want all of them to fuck you until you can’t walk, huh?” Louis grunts out the last few words with a powerful hard, long thrust, moving Harry’s lithe body up and down the bed.

“Yes,” he gasps, eyes squeezed shut, “want it so bad.”

“I know you do. Little slut for daddy, aren’t you?” Louis leans up, sitting on his haunches, Harry’s legs falling to either side of him.

He watches in awe as Harry’s stomach bulges when Louis’ cock goes in him and disappear when he slips out. “Daddys cock too big for your little body, baby?”

“So big,” Harry manages to look down at where Louis is, reaching down with his hand to feel it and whimpers.

What gets Louis even more turned on is the fact that, while Louis’ cock is massive, Harry’s is tiny. Tiny–tiny. Not because Harry’s cock just looks small to Louis’ in comparison but because he’s barely 4 inches long when hard and 1 inch wide.

Harry likes calling it his clit when they get really into sex but he’s not sure Harry would want any of these practically strangers know that right now. That’s for another time. Between just them.

Another fascinating and beautiful thing about Harry is that the boy can come numerous times. Louis is sure he had Harry come twelve times once. Louis said once that Harry comes as many times as a girl and Harry loved it. Loves it when he can moan as high-pitched as possible, rub his clit and come dozens of times from Louis’ cock.

That’s his baby girl.

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Louis feels Harry’s tight walls around his cock and God, he always feel so amazing.

He grunts speeding up his thrusts as Harry’s eyes begin to water, hand still over his stomach where the outline of Louis’ cock is clear as day.

Harry touches his own cock but Louis quickly slaps his hand away. “You’re coming untouched tonight,” he instructs.

Harry meets his eyes, his own wide, nodding slowly. Harry can definitely come untouched. One of the many, many perks and pleasures about Harry.

Louis grips Harry’s thighs and wraps it around his waist, Louis still on his haunches, using that as a grip to fuck even harder into him.

“Uh–Daddy!” he gasps, back arching, changing the angle.

“Good girl for daddy, huh?” Louis thrusts in and out roughly and hard, Harry’s body moving up and down with Louis’ every thrust in and out of him.

“Oh, oh,” Harry’s eyes squeeze shut, jaw dropping as he comes, his little cock dripping out more come than Louis ever could expect. Like always. His balls were bigger than his cock.

Louis’ fingernails dig into the flesh of Harry’s thick thighs dicking into him deep as Harry’s walls tighten around him.

Louis throws his head back with a groan. He can hold off until he fucks Harry again and then comes in him. But for now, Louis wants to give their guests a show.

He pulls out slowly, Harry breathing heavily, blinking at Louis.

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Cuckold records

Louis moves to sit on his bum near the foot of the bed. “Show them how you ride me,” he instructs.

Harry, ever so obedient, sits up shakily, Louis catching sight of his baby’s pink, stretched hole.

Louis gets into position, laying down while Harry hovers over his cock, sitting just above it on Louis’ lap.

“Gonna show them how daddy’s big cock stretches you, baby?” Louis asks, holding Harry’s hips then going to his arse, squeezing it.

Harry squeaks. “Yes,” he gasps.

“Come on then, sit on it. Give them a show,” Louis smirks up at him.

His beautiful baby. Chest flushed and sweaty, abs glistening and tits shining, cheeks red.

Harry whimpers, resting his hands on Louis’ chest, lifting his bum up a bit before Louis’ head catches his rim. Louis holds onto his ass as Harry slides down slowly, hissing along the way.

Harry’s belly bulges almost immediately once Louis is inside of him again. Louis is fascinated by how Harry’s little body fits his big cock.

When they first started having sex, it didn’t used to fit all the way in. And they used to spend a lot more time prepping Harry to get him ready to take Louis’ cock.

Now, after all these years, Harry’s body adjusted to the size of enormous cock.

“Look at them, baby girl,” Louis instructs just as Harry begins bouncing.

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cuckold wife

Harry forces his eyes opened looking at the three men who sat on the couch near the foot of their bed. They all moved there to watch how Louis’ cock went in and out of Harry’s body. Louis hears slick sounds and he knows they’re also now jerking themselves off.

Harry’s eyes darken, thighs shaking as he begins bouncing, Louis’ cock appearing and disappearing in Harry’s stomach.

“So big, daddy,” Harry moans, his hair sweaty and matted to his forehead.

Louis thrusts up, using the grip on Harry’s arse as leverage.

Harry’s rhythm falters, falling forward a bit, eyes squeezing shut.

Louis delivers a hard slap to his left bum cheek. Harry gasps. “I said look at them, baby,” Louis slaps his arse again.

Harry forces his eyes opened once again and Louis knows he struggles. “They probably love watching you getting fucked like this, don’t they?” Louis grunts, thrusting up into him again.

“Oh shit–fuck,” Harry’s mouth hangs in pleasure, visibly struggling to keep his eyes opened and look at the men.

“Show them how well you take daddy’s cock, angel,” Louis slaps his bum again, Harry whimpering.

He adjusts his hands on Louis’ chest as he swivels his hips and begins to find a rhythm again.

Harry lets out little ‘uh uhs’ as his little cock bounces, slapping against his stomach where the outline of Louis’ cock is with every move, fully hard again.

“They can see how daddy’s cock stretches your little body to fit me huh,” Louis says huskily, slapping his bum again.

Harry moans, back arching, eyes squeezed shut again. Louis slaps his bum again, the sound echoing across the room, accompanied by the wet sounds of the other three jerking themselves off.

“Come on, you can come for me again, princess,” Louis whispers, spanking him again.

Harry’s bouncing continues, pace quickening, his walls nice and warm and still tight enough around Louis’ cock.

When Louis delivers another slap to his bum, Harry cries out and comes again, his cock leaking out even more than last time. His nails dig into Louis’ chest as he comes.

Louis hisses, using his lithe body to thrust into while Harry whimpers, chasing his own orgasm.

“Daddy,” Harry breathes out, eyes opened and looking utterly fucked out.

Louis thrusts up into him roughly, finally coming in him, holding Harry down firmly on his cock while he fills him up.

“Watch them while daddy fills your hole, baby,” Louis breathes out, eyes shutting briefly as he fills Harry up with his come.

It takes him a bit of time to come and finish completely because he has a lot of it in him.

Harry mewls, looking at them again, playing with his nipples Louis comes, feeling his liquid start to leak out of Harry’s hole, some dribbling down to his own balls.

“Shit,” Louis curses.

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Slut wife sucks BBC and fucks in hotel

Harry is giving them a proper show as Louis’ cock softens, still bulging his belly.

“Proper little slut, aren’t you?” Louis grunts, pushing into Harry again.

Harry moans, his cock fully hard again.

Louis knows he can get Harry to come again from just this but he holds back. He has a lot planned for his baby tonight and they’re not even close to done yet.

Once he’s finally finished coming, filling Harry, Louis pulls out in one swift motion, causing Harry to whimper.

He pulls Harry off his lap, shifting to get onto his knees. Harry watches him curiously, lips cherry red matching his cheeks.

“Get daddy hard again by sucking him off while they all take turns to fuck you,” Louis says.

Harry’s eyes widen. His cock twitches as he nods eagerly. Harry gets onto his hands and kness, face in front of Louis’ cock, already getting hard again too.

“Alright whoever wants to go first- come and fuck him,” Louis says out loud.

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An exciting cuckold vacation

He hears them scramble while Louis grips Harry’s hair, pushing him down to his cock. “Start sucking,” he commands.

“Yes, daddy,” Harry says quickly getting his mouth around Louis’ tip, already stretched opened from the size.

Riley appears behind Harry suddenly, completely naked, eyes dark, on his knees, hands coming to Harry’s arse, spreading Harry’s cheeks.

“Holy shit,” Riley says in wonder, looking at his hole, “he’s dripping wet.”

“You don’t need to prep just fuck him,” Louis says to Riley. Riley grins, actually licking his lips, cock hard against his stomach.

He’s a decent size, Louis thinks as he grabs his cock and enters Harry.

Harry, who’s slowly taken more of Louis’ cock into his mouth, chokes a bit as Riley pushes in all the way.

“Shit, he feels good even after being stretched out like that by your cock,” Riley says, hands still on Harry’s arse cheeks as he uses them, gripping, hips snapping against Harry’s bum.

Wet sounds fill the air as Riley fucks into Harry’s come filled hole, groaning. Louis looks down, Harry’s eyebrows furrowed as his mouth stretches around Louis’ big cock. He moans helplessly against Louis’ cock as Riley snaps his hips hard and fast.

“Like that, baby?” Louis grips his hair tighter, knowing he likes his hair being pulled. “Like us filling your every hole?”

Harry makes a garbled sound around Louis’ cock. He hasnt even taken Louis all the way yet but he will. Louis pushes his head down a bit to take more of his cock. Harry makes a noise, eyes beginning to water.

“Greedy, cock slut, aren’t you?” Louis thrusts into his mouth in one motion, Harry chocking.

Louis sees Riley throw his head back in pleasure, holding Harry’s hips close to his probably as he comes inside of harry.

When Harry scrunches his brows again and loosens his lips around Louis’ cock, Louis knows Harry has come too.

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White Cuckold

Louis hisses, Harry bobbing his head a bit, trying not to come off completely but still not fitting all of Louis’ cock into his little mouth either way.

Sam comes in next after Riley moves off. He has the same dark lust in his eyes as he looks down at Harry’s bum.

“Filled with come,” Sam laughs a bit, stroking himself.

“Fuck him,” Louis instructs. Harry’s hole must be stretched and sore but he likes it rough.

Harry whimpers around Louis’ cock, popping off, gasping as Sam enters him from behind. He’s bigger than Riley and thicker – nowhere near Louis’ size – but enough for Harry to know the difference. To feel it.

“Did I say you could stop sucking my cock?” Louis grits out, looking down at Harry’s flushed face.

“N-no, Daddy,” he stutters out.

Louis grips his hair harder and pushes Harry’s face back down, lips stretching around his cock. “Give him a few spanks for me,” Louis tells sam, hissing as Harry bobs his head up and down.

Sam smirks, he pulls Harry’s flush against him as his right hand hits Harry’s bum. Harry makes a noise around Louis’ cock as Sam does it again.

“Fuck,” Louis curses suddenly drunk on lust. He has a good grip on Harry’s hair so he wastes no time, fucking into Harry’s mouth.

Harry chokes again but he takes it. Louis knows he always does.

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Cuckold husband

“Filled at every hole. Dirty girl,” Louis thrusts in and out of Harry’s wet mouth, Harry whining around him while Sam fucks in and out of his hole.

“Come slut,” Louis reaches down to feel his cock against Harry’s cheek. He feels his face soaked with tears from the stretch of Louis’ cock.

“All of them fucking you but daddy’s cock is the biggest, huh?” Louis grunts out, thrusts speeding up as Harry chokes more.

“Fuck how is he still so tight?” Sam groans. Louis can hear the filthy sound of Harry’s wet hole every time sam fucks in and out of him.

Louis bites his lip, moaning a bit. He wants to tell Harry that it sounds just like a girl getting fucked with how wet he is.

He refrains. Instead he speeds up his thrusts while his baby continues to suck him off. He whines loudly against Louis’ cock and Louis knows he’s come, again.

“Fucking shit,” Sam curses, probably feeling Harry’s walls tightening around him.

He throws his head back, face scrunched up as he comes inside of harry too.

Jack is left. Riley and Sam are sitting down again probably recovering and hopefully getting hard again because he’s not done with his baby yet.

Jack matches the expressions of the other two when looking down at Harry’s abused hole.

“Gaping out come,” he visibly swallows then looks at Louis.

Louis moans. He can picture it, Harry’s hole fluttering, come from three men, almost four, leaking out of him.

“On his balls and everything. Jack moves a bit, cock bouncing as he reaches down for Harry’s cock, probably already hard again.

“Tiny isn’t he?” Jack asks with a fascinated smile.

Harry moans around Louis.

“God you’re a lucky bastard,” Jack says, holding onto Harry’s arse as he pushes in.

Louis continues to fuck into Harry’s mouth, spit dribbling down his chin and jaw, wetting the bed as he tries to take Louis.

Jack fucks him the fastest, also sounding the wettest. Louis feels absolutely turned on but he really doesn’t want to come again yet. As much as he can manage more than one orgasm, he can’t manage more than two and he wants to try something else first.

Harry’s mouth feels so wet and warm though that it gets harder and harder to resist. He’s taking almost all 16 inches of Louis into his mouth, gagging and choking as Jack fucks him hard and fast from behind.

“So good for me, angel,” Louis says, looking down at him, “gonna show them how you can come again from just cock?”

Harry whimpers around him. Jack’s thrusts speed up, his chest red.

“Fucking hell,” Jack groans, his fingers digging into the meat of Harry’s arse as he fills his baby up again.

Harry sputters around Louis’ cock as he comes again too. Jack rides out his orgasm before pulling away, getting off the bed.

Louis pulls Harry by his hair, popping him off his cock. Harry whimpers as Louis guides him to match Louis’ position to stand on their knees, facing each other.

Harry looks absolutely positively fucked out. He’s five orgasms in but Louis knows he can come more.

“Good, baby?” Louis asks him, brushing some of his sweaty hair out of his face.

Louis’ pre-come messes his lip. “‘M good,” Harry nods, breathless.

His eyes are glossy and he looks so angelic with his pink lips and cheeks. Louis wants to fuck him senseless then cuddle him to death.

“Ready for more?” Louis asks.

Harry swallows. “More?”

“Yeah. Trust me, right?” Louis asks.

Harry nods immediately.

“Okay, good girl,” Louis kisses him softly.

Then Louis looks around to find Riley. He’s hard again and wanking himself. Louis smirks.

“Up for more?”

All three of them nod eagerly.

“Can any one of you lay down next to us? Gonna get Harry to ride you,” Louis says then faces Harry again.

Harry’s breathing heavily, watching them. Riley gets up quickly again and lays down, dick bouncing as he gets comfortable. Harry looks at his dick, eyes filled with desire.

“Cock slut,” Louis says, reaching around to smack his bum.

Harry gasps.

“Go on then. Sit on his cock,” Louis says to Harry.

Harry nods, crawling over to Riley and spreading his legs on either side of him. In that position, while Harry is still on his hands and knees, Louis can see the come dripping out of his hole. And My God it’s a fucking load dripping out of his stretched gaping hole. Sam was right, it dripped onto his balls and to the back of his thighs too.

Shit fuck that was hot. He’s filled up with four people’s come. Fucking hell. Louis’ cock twitches and Harry seats himself down on Rileys cock in one quick motion. He’s already fucking wet and stretched so it isn’t hard to but Harry moans anyway, swiveling his hips.

“Look at that little cock,” Riley reaches forward and pulls at it with his thumb and forefinger.

Oh,” Harry gasps, instantly coming.

“Holy fucking shit,” Riley watches, eyes wide as Harry’s come messes his tummy.

“Cock is very sensitive,” Louis explains.

“No shit,” Riley chuckles, thrusting up into him.

“Don’t come yet,” Louis tells him.

Riley nods, eyes focused on Harry who’s moaning above him, trying to ride him.

Louis looks at the other two boys. “One of you get behind Harry and the other just behind Rileys head.”

Sam and Jack look at each other and so do Harry and Riley.

Louis bites his lip. Sam and Jack do as they’re told, Sam behind Harry, legs spread on either side of Riley and Jack behind Rileys head, knees spread on either side.

“Riley, pull him to your chest and hold his arse open,” Louis instructs, stroking himself with anticipation because he knows what’s going to come.

Riley, still confused, does just that. He pulls Harry by his back until their chests are pressed together and they’re face-to-face.

“Sam, shove your cock inside of him with Riley,” Louis says.

All of their eyes widen. “You guys all comfortable with that?”

Harry turns his face to Louis and nods. Then the others do too.

Sam holds onto his cock and pushes it in above Rileys. “Fuck that’s tigbt as hell,” he says in a hiss.

“Oh, fuck,” Harry drops his head, eyes squeezed shut, “so big, daddy.”

“I know but you can take it can’t you, princess?” Louis asks sweetly.

Harry whimpers but nods anyways. As Sam and Riley begin to fuck into Harry, Louis looks at jack who’s sitting on knees just above Rileys head.

“Fuck his mouth,” Louis tells him.

Jack smiles, wasting no time and shoving his cock into Harry’s already opened mouth.

Riley and Sam can’t fit all the way but they thrust into Harry fast and hard, moving him so that he’s sucking on Jack’s cock from just the movement of their powerful thrusts.

Louis gets a better look and watches as his baby gets used, fucked by two men at once and sucking off another. He can’t help but stroke himself faster.

Sam changes the angle a bit, bending over Harry so that his front is pressed to Harry’s back, making Harry’s completely sandwiched between the two men.

Fucking shit that’s so hot. Harry moans repeatedly around Jack’s cock as Jack fucks into his mouth, tears streaking down Harry’s face.

Harry let’s out a high pitched moan and Louis knows hes come again.

Harry pulls off Jack’s cock looking absolutely spent as the two men use him and fuck into, pace relentless, Harry’s body there for them to use.

Jack pushes his cock back into Harry’s mouth. Louis watches just immensely turned on and trying not to come. He’s not done yet either.

“Love having all your holes filled, huh?” Louis asks huskily. “Love the way you take cock, baby. Like your life depends on it.”

Harry moans around Jack’s cock, Riley and Sam still moving inside of him. They can’t pull out and thrust in completely like they could if it was just one of them. They just move inside of him with shallow snaps of their hips.

It’s enough to move Harry’s little body  up and down though.

Louis feels jealous, now. He wants some of it too.

Drunk on the feeling and the view of Harry’s hole being stretched by two cocks., Louis makes his way behind Sam.

“Gonna take Daddys cock now too, baby,” Louis says. He moves forward on his knees and holds onto his cock, pushing in between Riley and Sam.

“Fuck your cock is huge,” Sam breathes out, “What the fuck?”

Harry screams out. Literally screams. “You going to take daddy’s cock too, yes?” Louis asks him.

He cant see Harry which is hard but then Harry squeaks out a yes and it’s enough to encourage Louis to push his cock in even further.

It’s already a tight fit with just Louis fucking him so this is tight as a vice. Louis actually hisses from how much he has to squeeze between the two other cocks.

“You feel amazing,” Louis whispers. Sam and Riley have stopped moving, their cocks filling Harry up still.

Louis holds the base of his own, pulling out and then sliding back in. He hears the sound of Harry’s wet mouth on Jack’s dick again and repeats his movements into and out of harry slowly, gripping his dick.

Harry’s hole is stretched to the brim, taking three cocks inside of him, come dripping out the sides, red at the rim.

Louis pushes in quickly as much as he can making them all hiss. Harry cries out which means he came. Again.

God he really is a cock slut.

Jack groans which means he’s also come. That gives Harry the liberty to start moaning and whimpering again. Louis does it a few times, going in and out of his girl, squeezed between two other cocks.

It’s really a sight to see. Louis should have fucking recorded this.

“You should see how stretched you are right now, baby. Taking all three cocks so well,” Louis breathes out.

He stops inside of harry, their cocks filling him to the brim. Harry chokes on a moan.

“Fuck him,” Louis says to Sam, holding his own cock in place so it doesn’t slip out and fucks into him the way he was with Riley earlier.

“Oh, ah,” Harry moans, “uh-uh, daddy!”

He’s high-pitched and unabashed now, sounding like a girl the way he normally does with Louis.

“Taking it like he’s desperate for it,” Sam grunts, “so hot.”

“Yes, yes,” Harry chants.

Sam finishes quickly, coming again inside of Harry. His come messing Louis’ cock too. What surprises Louis is that Riley finishes too with a shout.

Louis curses, the feeling warm and hot, come dripping onto his cock. Sam pulls out first, dropping to the side of the bed then Riley does the same, moving Harry off his cock.

Harry’s hole flutters with their come dripping out, absolutely stretched. So stretched that Louis makes a mental note to rub some lotion onto his bum and soothe for him later.

Harry can’t really move so Louis manhandles him pulling Harry’s back against his chest while Riley gets off the bed, looking tired as hell.

Louis notices that Jack has his boxers back on, looking just as tired.

About Cuckolding
About Cuckolding

Louis kisses Harry’s neck then his cheek. “Lean down, arse up. Let daddy finish,” Louis says softly.

“O-okay,” Harry shakily leans down, his body flat on the mattress then pushes his arse up.

Louis thrusts into him easily. He fucks into harry while Harry lays still, letting Louis use him, only moaning shakily.

He does, however, come again. Even though Louis is fucking into his sore, used and abused and stretched hole, he comes again while his walls tighten around Louis’ dick and he comes with a curse and groan. leaning over Harry and kissing the back of his neck, his come pumping through him.

Harry whimpers beneath him, probably just as tired as the others look, except more because he’s the one who got fucked thoroughly.

He pushes against Louis, bum meeting his hips. There’s so much of come in him right now. If he were a girl there would be, like, a 99% chance he will be pregnant after this.

Louis makes a mental note to tell Harry that later. He’ll love the sound of that.

They’ve role-played that a few times; Harry being pregnant and Louis fucking him. They’ve done a lot with each other and to each other, actually.

“Louis, mate, we should go,” Sam swallows, looking at where Harry and Louis are still joined, Louis still coming and Harry still whimpering.

“Shit, yeah,” Louis exhales, thrusting into Harry twice so that he can ride out his orgasim quicker.

“Daddy,” Hardy whines, “sore.”

“Sorry, angel,” Louis kisses his back and finally pulls out.

He pulls back watching his come leak out of harry again. It’s always such a fucking sight. Louis will never get tired of this.

“Yeah, before we get turned on again,” Jack laughs.

Louis nods, trying to catch his breath. He gets off the bed, Harry still laying down on his front, looking out of it.

He’s in his space. Shit. Louis can’t leave him.

“You guys can show yourselves out, yeah?” Louis asks, sitting next to Harry’s face and running a hand through his curls. Harry leans into the touch. “He’s in subspace – I can’t leave him alone.”

They look at each other then nod. “Yeah, uh, fuck. Thanks, I guess?” Riley laughs awkwardly, dressed again.

Harry and Louis are the only ones still naked. Louis smiles. “Yeah no problem. Hope you guys had fun.”

“Oh more than fun,” Jack winks, “uh, tell him thanks when he’s out of it too?”

“Yeah  I will,” Louis says, wanting them to leave already so that he can take care of his baby.

They give Louis one last nod before walking out of the room.

Finally, Louis can focus on Harry. He looks down where Harry is opening and closing his eyes, drooping, as if he’s going to fall asleep.

“Baby, let me clean you up first,” Louis says softly, reaching down to kiss his head.

Louis walks to their dresser and pulls out the wet wipes. “Lou?”

“I’m here, love,” Louis quickly walks back. He grabs hold onto Harry’s hand, sitting next to him again, wiping at his sentstive hole.

Harry whimpers. Louis apologizes. The sex was hot as fuck but Harry’s arse must be fucking sore as hell.

Once all of the come is wiped out, Louis reaches into the nightstand for the lotion and rubs some gently on his bum, where it’s bright red from the spanking.

“Hmm, nice,” Harry mumbles.

Louis smiles. He’s getting out of it slowly.

Louis puts the lotion back and reaches for the water bottle on the nightstand this time. He let’s go of Harry’s hand to help the boy up, sitting.

Louis pulls Harry against his chest while Harry whines at the movement.

With his back to Louis’ chest, Louis feeds him some of the water from the bottle. Harry drinks slowly then turns his head away.

He lolls his head to the side, eyes drifting shut.

“I’ve got you, baby,” Louis says, kissing the top of his head.

He’s always got his baby, no matter what.